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One step closer to an interview for a property management job is preparing an effective property management cover letter. You can use property management cover letter examples to get it right. With the following free property management cover letter sample and tips package your skills and experience in the most definitive cover letter possible.

Property Management Cover Letter Template

property management cover letter

This is a free property management cover letter template. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Property Management Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Elsa Jackson
Hollywood, AC 93211
Phone: 333-111-6547
Email: elsja@dfman.com

June 22, 2019

Mr. Mickey O'Keeffe
Jump Properties Ltd
32 Downtown Third Ave.
Hollywood, AC 78272

Re: Property Manager Position

Dear Mr. O'Keeffe,

This is a show of interest for the Property Manager Position for Jump Properties Ltd as advertised in hrrealtor.com. I have been in property management for the last 7 years and a holder of Business Management degree from LA Cummins University and Customer Care and Housing Management certifications. In my current Property Manager position for Fagin and Comanche Properties, I have been managing over 204 apartment complex units dealing with diverse things from maintenance management and oversight tenant approval.

I have also been involved in community management activities and administration of high-end and luxury residential homes and over 20 condos across the state. I am skilled in making and conjuring marketing strategies, staff management and provision of excellent customer experience to both property owners and tenants.

Other key accomplishments include:

  • Five-year management of Elston assets worth $18 million with over 800 units
  • Successful managed rehabilitation and sale of a Tamco project converting 400 units into high-end luxurious apartments and exceeded projected profit forecasts by 70%
  • Set up key strategies for Marimoto Community Downtown reducing wastage by 30% and increasing tenancy by 10%
  • Managed and trained over 10 communities around Lincoln Minor area to be compliant with state and government bodies

I welcome the challenge to join the Jump Properties Ltd team and make a positive and immediate impact, especially at this time you are venturing into big-budget high-end luxury condos.

Do get in touch via email or phone to set up an interview to discuss your needs and the open position. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Elsa Jackson
Phone: 333-111-6547
Email: elsja@dfman.com

Tips for Writing a Property Management Cover Letter

  • Use bullet points: Make the most of the bullet points to capture the eye of the hiring manager right away. With a property management cover letter acting as the highlight of the resume, you need to grab the attention of the reader immediately by including 3-5 bullet points with easy to read interesting information or facts. Use bullet points to recap key career achievements over the years, including awards gained.
  • Don't summarize your resume: Avoid summarizing your resume in the cover letter. The letter is a highlight of your resume and extra information your resume might not have captured. It doesn't make sense repeating and borrowing directly what appears in the resume.
  • Cover letter is a conversation with a person: Whether the property cover letter ends on the table of a recruiter or employer, it will be read by a human being. It's thus important to relay the information as if you are conversing with a person in a professional way without being too formal or using any form of slang. Use a tone of familiarity easily rather than a mechanical distant one. As a result, avoid using address lines with such phrases as “to who it may concern” or “dear sir/madam”. Rather, find the name of the hiring manager and address him or her.
  • Highlight what you know about the company: Do weave in the cover letter some detail about your potential employers such as new development or any other attention-grabbing fact. Carry out some research on the company and read press releases, social media profiles and online reviews and updates to get some critical eye-catching pieces of info about them.
  • Confident ending: Whatever you do ensure you close your cover letter for a rental property with a dose of confidence without any hesitation. Make the most of actionable statements to end with a strong conviction that you and company recruiters have unfinished businesses that requires a future interview and it will persuade them to think the same.
  • Use property management cover letter sample: Use property management cover letter examples to get the format, structure and details right throughout. The last thing you want is to miss anything or use a wrong font that doesn't work on the recruiter's computer. Samples ensure you also don't overstep by writing a short, concise and sweet cover letter the reader will love getting their eyes on.
  • Edit and revise: Do read through the intellectual property cover letter to correct grammatical errors, typos and misspellings. Have another person read through or simply read aloud to rectify any error.

How to Edit Property Management Cover Letter Template

If you want to write the property management cover letter easier, you can edit the template in this page with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.. This tool is the best PDF editor that can help you make modifications to the PDF template smoothly.

property management cover letter

Step 1. Open the Property Management Cover Letter Template

property management cover letter sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

property management cover letter examples

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Property Management Cover Letter

property cover letter
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