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Social media has changed the world and has become a hugely important communication and marketing tool for businesses across the spectrum. Social media specialists who can unlock the potential of the different platforms by understanding how audiences interact with them are in increasing demand. These roles are highly competitive so any social media cover letter needs to be on point.

The below sample cover letter for a social media specialists is a good starting point. Start your own letter after reading our example social media specialist cover letter:

Free Social Media Cover Letter Template

social media cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for social media. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Social Media Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Josh Leaper

Address: xxxxxxxxx

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mark,

I am a successful Social Media Specialist and saw your job alert for your new social media role with great interest. I am perfect for the role and let me explain why.

I have been working directly in social media management and campaigns across both B2B and B2C for the last four years with great success. Recently, I have been working for a large youth marketing agency providing strategy and support on social media activity and campaigns both in-house and for the company's marketing clients.

Success in the house has resulted in a 40% increase in social media followers across all platforms, and a 35% increase in active engagement, in this case, clicks through to the company's websites. In the B2B field, I have increased subscribers to our feeds by 42% and seen a 15% increase in direct sales leads coming from the activity on social media activities.

My deep understanding of audience needs and interactions, alongside an active practical knowledge of how to best use all the major platforms, means I can both plan and react to the needs of all clients. As someone who actively follows social media developments, I have been perfectly placed to be an early adopter of new technology as well as someone ahead of trends to make sure we were prepared to take advantage of them.

Even though your company is targeted at a different demographic I believe that my skills and experience can be easily applied to what you do to achieve the goals set out in your job advertisement. I admire your innovative and early-adoption approach to new technology to benefit your clients, as it fits into my own working ethos. I would be excited to join such an exciting working culture.

I would relish the chance to tell you more about my career so far and how I would be perfect for your role. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time,

Kind regards,
Josh Leaper

Tips for Writing a Social Media Cover Letter

Social media roles are highly competitive, with a lot of applicants for each role! The above social media specialist cover letter example is a great starting point to writing your own social media cover letter. The bellow tips and advice will explain further what is in the sample and how you can apply them to your own writing.

  • Writing is a key part of any social media role. Understanding how to form concise and meaningful posts is essential. Your cover letter should reflect this writing style. It also needs to be presented professionally, so make sure a formal letter template is used for your cover letter.
  • Employers take just eight seconds to decide whether to read a cover letter properly! Start by simply telling them why you are writing and why they need to write on. This person is experienced in the field and wants the social media position.
  • With the employer's attention gained reel them in with more job-related hooks. Elaborate on your experience and career profile. This candidate explains the length of time they have been working as a social media specialist, the type of employer they currently work for and the fact they have experience across both B2B and B2C social media activity. Don't give away the whole story, you want the employer to get in touch with more questions.
  • Now, you need to add some color to your experience with some specific examples of your successes. This candidate gives some good statistical data to back up the growth in the audience their work has caused for their employer. This shows very specific, practical results from social media activity something that is not always easy shown in social media activities. Again, don't provide too much information, so the employers need to contact you for more information.
  • Don't just sell yourself in terms of your own skills, show that you have thought about your potential place in the new company. After some research explain what you like about how they work and their culture and, in particular, how you would be beneficial to that. Make them feel like you are serious about being part of their team.
  • End your social media cover letter by explaining how much you would like the opportunity to discuss the position and your skills further. Leave the employer with little doubt they should get in contact with you.
  • Mistakes in social media posts can be catastrophic for companies, so any mistakes in your social media cover letter will have the same result for your job chances. Ensure you have proofread the letter fully before you send it off, and if possible, get someone else to read through it as well.
  • Be personal with your letter! Make sure you find out who you need to address the letter to and address it to that person. This extra effort and personal touch could be the difference between your cover letter getting read or rejected. Don't lose the employer's interest at this early stage.
  • Open by explaining, quickly, why you are sending the letter. For example, you are applying for the position and you believe you are perfect for the job.
  • Next, explain your experience and skills that make you good for the role in question. In this case, the candidate explains her current role, academic qualifications and other experience in the field. Don't give away the whole story, you want the employer to get in touch with more questions.
  • Expand your experience and successes with some specific examples. This candidate uses statistics to show their work has increased customer satisfaction and increased customer referrals. Again, provide enough information so it interests the employer but leaves some questions unanswered, so they want to discuss this with you further.
  • You also need to explain what working for the company will mean to you. Research the company and explain what you like about how they work and their culture. Explain how you can be of benefit to the company and will bring them. This research will show that you are serious about the role and have heavily considered why you wanted to apply.
  • Drive home the message that you are perfect for the role and that the employer should get in touch with you.
  • Don't send your letter off yet! Before you send off your event coordinator cover letter make sure you proofread it thoroughly. If your cover letter is full of mistakes and typos you won't get the job. If it is possible ask someone else to have a look over the cover letter as well in case you have missed anything.

How to Edit Social Media Cover Letter Template

A PDF cover letter with beautiful design will attract the attention of the employers quickly. If you want to edit the PDF cover letter template in our post, just free download it and edit it with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor. With it, you can customize the contents, images, signatures and any other elements easily.

social media cover letter

Step 1. Open the Social Media Cover Letter Template

social media specialist cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for social media specialist

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Social Media Cover Letter

social media cover letter
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