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How to Use Adobe User Management

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

As a large organization, harnessing the creativity and productivity of a large number of staff you will need to introduce Adobe Creative Suite products across many teams to many individuals. With this you will need to control exactly who is using what software, at what time and where. Managing licenses and users on this kind of scale can be a huge task and poor management can lead to huge fines and a loss of productivity. Adobe User Management is the tool to overcome this issue.

What is Adobe User Management?

The Adobe User Management API provides programmatic access to users, groups and entitlements across your business for Adobe products and services. Adobe Enterprise customers, using the API, can automatically provision users, grant and remove access to Adobe products and synchronize user directories from one central management application.
The Adobe User Management API works on conjunction with the Adobe Admin Console, that it provides programmatic access to, to allow Enterprise organisations to automate the creation of user accounts and manage product assignments centrally.
As a new coding solution Adobe has also introduced the User Sync Tool, to enable Enterprise organisations to manage their Adobe user base and Adobe product access via Active Directory or open LDAP.
Adobe User Management, as part of your Enterprise tool box, is a powerful tool to maintain complete control of your Adobe product users.

Features and benefits of Adobe User Management

Adobe User Management has a range of features that will help you manage your Adobe users from within your Adobe Enterprise functionality:

  • Programmatic access to the Adobe Admin Console: The API allows open access to the Admin Console to automate the creation of user accounts and manage all product assignments centrally. This access allows organizations to open-up the full capability of the Admin Console for your user management needs.
  • No coding, User Sync Tool: The powerful User Sync Toolallows management access via Active Directory or LDAP without the need for expert coding knowledge. This means you can manage an Adobe user base and Adobe product access more simply.
  • Adobe User Sync Tool on Github: Harness the power of Github’s community of 20 million developers for Adobe’s open source User synchronization tool for openLDAP and Active Directory. Get releases for Windows, Mac and popular Linux platforms for installation.
  • User management Python client: If you are a Python developer you can get up and running with integration using Adobe’s open source User Management Python client.
  • Collaboration community: Access Adobe’s Developer community for collaboration and to discover how like-minded customers are leveraging the API for their needs.
  • Fit the Admin Console to your specific user management needs: The tools and support available through the User Management API will allow your company admins and developers to harness the full power of the Admin Console to find new ways to successfully manage Adobe users within your business.

The Adobe User Management API is the key to unlocking the full capabilities of user management for Enterprise organizations from within the Adobe Admin Console, allowing you to use the experience and knowledge of Adobe and millions of developers to find the right solutions to your user management needs.

How to use Adobe User Management

This short guide will take you through the steps to get started with Adobe User Management:

  • Connecting to the User Management API:  To connect to a secure user-management session, you will need to create a JSON Web Token (JWT) covering your identity information and exchange it for an IMA access token. All the prerequisites and criteria are available in Abobe’s Getting Started Guide and also follow the full official documentation for full instructions.
    Access tokens tend to be valid for 24 hours after it is issues, and you can request multiple tokens.
    Each call to the User Management API endpoints must be authorized with your access token in the ‘Authorization’ hearer, along with the API key for your client.
  • User Management API calls: To access Adobe users and manage their identities, an application can work with the User Management API. Your organization can then create and remove user accounts, modify access rights and modify personal information of users. All user-management requests need to be addressed to the UM API server: https://usermanagement.adobe.io/v2/usermanagement/...
  • Create and add users: Identity management systems are used by Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud and Document Cloud apps and services to determine the entitlements of end users. Users are recognized based on their identity. Within this the User Management API can be used to create and manage all types of Adobe user identities. Check the supported types online and read Adobe’s official ‘Manage Identity Types’ documentation in the Enterprise help hub.
  • Update users: Using the POST action API and the update command in the request body, you can update the personal information of users with an Enterprise of Federated ID. For the full list of commands within the API read the ‘API Actions Reference’ before starting work of this kind.
  • Remove users: Remove a user using the UM API, or from a trusted domain using the POST action API. A user is removed from the organization and any product profiles and user groups using the removeFromOrg command.

This simple guide is intended as a basic guide introducing you to the processes of the Adobe User Management API and is not intended as a comprehensive guide. For full instructions please access the full Adobe official documentation.

adobe user management

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