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IRS W-9 Form
What Is IRS W-9 Form

Form W-9 is a file that a third party who have to provide into the United States income tax system. IRS form W 9 requests the taxpayer's name, taxpayer identification information and the taxpayer's address. If you have your own business, an independent consultant or an independent contractor, consultant or another self-employed worker, you need to provide your W 9 form. If you or your company contracted to offer service to another business, you will be asked to complete W-9 tax form.

Tips for Filling An IRS Form W-9

Commonly, the business or financial institutions will give you a blank W-9, and you can complete it directly. Or if you or your business is asked to provide a fillable w 9 form to independent contractors, you can download the w 9 form directly from the IRS website. Here are some W 9 instructions:

1. Make sure the W 9 form you got is the right one.

2. If you are an employee, your employer will offer you the form. Any client who hires a freelance or independent contractor to work as a guest needs to provide the W-9.

3. To fill Form W-9 is pretty simple. Your Social Security number, your name. The name of the businesses and their employer identification number are already left on the form.

4. To submit Form W-9, you must certify to provide your accurate and correct tax ID number to the IRS.

5. To deliver the completed form W 9, please ensure that it is delivered in a secure manner, like mail, hand delivery, or attach to an email with an encrypted file.

IRS W-9 Format
W 9 Form is a commonly used IRS form. It is used to provide taxpayer identification numbers and certifications. Entities and individuals use this form to offer taxpayer identification numbers to entities that pay their income during the tax year. The company will use your W-9 form for accounting purposes but will not send to the IRS. This information will be used to prepare the 1099-MISC form at the year of the end. If you are an independent contractor or self-employed worker, customers may ask you to provide W-9 form so that they are able to accurately report their payment which they have paid to you.
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