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OPM 71 Form
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Tips for Filling the Template

An OPM Form 71 has lots of components which help the request to be detailed and eventually help to the clarification of the reason that the applying employee may have. There are several boxes that are needed to be checked and answered likewise long spaces to provide some statement. Here is the step by step procedure on filling up the form:

1. Once the form is handed which can be handed by any officer in charge for employee’s benefit and rights, start by reading each details needed to avoid mistakes when filling up. Having the knowledge on what and where to write makes the filing easier.

2. Start by providing the applicant’s name on the first box starting with the last name making way through until box 2 which asks for the employee’s social security number. Now an employee must have this even before taking the job. Write the said identification details correctly for it will help to pertain who is the applying employee.

3. In box 3, write down the organization that the employee may be in.

4. Under box 4 is more on stating the type of leave that the employee is requesting for. This includes the purpose of leave which should be valid; there are checkboxes where the applicant may choose from. If the reason of leave has something to do with a family member, there are some choices to be checked as well on box number 5 and a statement authorizing that type of leave. Also on that part is the date and time to be accumulated during the said leave or absence. Most employees are entitled to have a maximum of 240 hours of leave so take note on that or whatever that the applicant and employer has dealt upon.

5. The bottom part is the certification process of the request form which should be read carefully by the applying employee. It should be signed and dated by the applicant and person in charge for approving. If the request has been disapproved this is also the part wherein the applicant may see the reason why.

What OPM 71 Form is
Being absent in a long time doesn’t really work for an individual worker. It may cause lost of job or maybe even a fine. In order for them to successfully obtain a vacation or a leave they must submit and have signed a so called OPM 71 Form. This form is also known as Request for Leave or Approved Absence form, it means taking a long absence in a work doesn’t mean by just asking through verbal communication. It has to be done formally using this form if and only if entitled to obtain. This is more of a request statement but the applicant would be supplying some of information about his identification, work field, reasons, and categorization in a filling up manner. As well as the target date of starting the leave and the time that it would accumulate. In this way, it’ll be somewhat easier to request the purpose of the form. Indicating the type of leave that the employee would like to obtain and reasons of it may help the request to be granted and approved.
Warnings and tips for OPM 71 Form

1. Only take leave or absence once a year or as what the employee and employer has signed. Know the rights and benefits first to successfully achieve them.

2. When filling up the form, be sure to write legibly and neatly. Be aware of that OPM Forms may be filled up now electronically. It means browsing and finding the official form on the internet is possible and acceptable.

3. Upon submission make sure that the reason can be valid so it will be approved without any doubts.

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