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How to Edit Job Description Template

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Tips for Filling the Template

The procedure to write a job description is in fact moderately easy and simple but requires having a clear understanding of the job's duties and responsibilities. It is not as difficult as it seems and the following steps will help in creating a good job description template for use.

1. The job description template can be created using any text editor programs on your computer but, using Microsoft word will help in finishing the task perfectly.

2. Open a new document in Microsoft word and create a table. The first paragraph should include the job title, the department where the candidate will be working and the manager he will be reporting to. This section will give the applicant a clear idea of where the profession fits within the organization and whom he can expect to work with.

3. The next section provides details about the job function. Write the next paragraph and reserve space at the top to mention key role in one or two sentences.

4. Under the same paragraph create a table to list each and every responsibility and desired outcome of the job. This list will provide a broad description of the job and desired outcome from the applicant.

5. Create another paragraph below and provide it a heading, “Minimum qualifications”. Now make a list of qualifications required for the job. Minimum qualifications list can increase the efficiency in targeting competent candidates for a job.

6. Create the last paragraph and provide it a “Personal specification” heading. List all the essential skills and attributes separately. This list will provide an indication about the skills and attributes an applicant must possess in order to complete the job function smoothly.

7. Your job description is complete. Review all the items included and add or replace any element if necessary.

What is Job Description
Hiring employees is the primary function of the human resources department of an organization. They do it by posting job vacancies. The job description is the primary requirement for a job embedded within the job vacancy post. Job description as the name indicates is simply the description of a job title. An organization usually describes a vacant position using a job description to attract competent job candidates. The sole purpose of a job description is to recognize the duties, essential functions and qualifications required to fulfill a position. Job description forms the basis for many significant processes for recruiting an employee. It is used by the human resources department of an organization for job postings, staffing, selection, setting future expectations, compensation, benefits, training and also performance management. A good job description will encourage a competent candidate and at the same time it will discourage incompetent candidates.
Job Description template Basic Format
There a different types of job description format available on the internet. Most of the elements used to describe the job are common in all formats. It starts with the naming the job title and the department of job. The next part describes the key role of the job and a categorically lists the key responsibilities and expected outcomes. The basic format of a job description should include a brief picture of the educational qualifications required for the position to attract competent job candidates. There are many templates that mention the working conditions also for a specific job. The last part contains the required personal skills and attributes to fulfill the position.
More Tips about Job Description

1. Before creating a job description you must consult with the senior officials and get an in depth knowledge about the job. This will help you include every aspect related to the specific job.

2. Remember the primary focus of a job description is to encourage competent candidates and discourage incompetent candidates. This will reduce the organization’s efforts to shortlist qualified applicants

3. It is not mandatory to mention the working conditions, but in case of many jobs it is necessary to mention it. This will assure the applicants regarding the working conditions and avoid confusion during the interview.

4. While writing the personal specification column you must remember that the skills are not the only thing that makes an applicant the right employee. The skills can be learned, but personal qualities required for the job can’t be learned.

5. There are lots of job description temples available, but it is not mandatory to exactly follow them you can modify it to fulfill your desired requirement.

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