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DS-5525 form
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Tips for Filling the Template

1. Download and Study the Form

Every legal request form can be a bit tricky which is why completely knowing what and where to write is a good start. Go through the internet since there is a downloadable file that can be found there. Be sure to download the official form from the state.

2. Complete the Form

The applying guardian or parent should write the needed information with his/her best answer. Having supporting papers of the minor while filling out is a great idea since the form will be asking for the minor’s personal information such as birthdates, birthplace, and so on. As well as the contact and information of the non-applying parent are needed here so it is best to gather all the information ahead of time. The last part of the form is more of an explanation of why this form is being used by the applicant, there should be enough details to support this and in order to be granted. If the applying parent had tried to contact the non-applying parent, he/she must prepare some documentation for it is also needed.

3. Submission of the Form

When an appointment has been made, show up and bring all the necessary documents to support the filing of the form.

What DS-5525 Form Is
DS-5525 Form or also known as Statement of Special Family Circumstances is a kind of form statement when applying for a minor’s passport. This can be a little bit complicated since this form is connected with other forms while doing the process. This form consists of two pages, the first is more of an explanation on who can apply for this and how, the second page is where the fillable blanks are, to be filled out for the applying guardian. The statement that will be given in this form shall explain why the written and notarized consent of the legal guardian of the minor is cannot be obtained during the process. It will be only qualified if the reason behind it is considered a special case. The applicant can be the sole guardian or the applying parent. If the Department of State has seen any suspicious details or documents, legal action would be sought and the applicant might also face penalties, and if proven that the statement form and the documents are not enough the application may be turned down.
More tips for DS-5525 Form

1. Gathering all the supporting documents. Be sure to complete all the necessary papers to support the form request ahead of time. These documents may include the following:

US Citizenship proof can be the birth certificate of the applying parent.

Parental Relationship can be a divorce paper.

Parental Consent, judicial declaration, or court order.

Identification cards with photos and of course the form itself. Do not forget to include DS-11 Form along with these papers.

2. Travel Itinerary. This may speed up the process if the applicant may be able to present it.

3. Explanation. In the section of the form where the applying parent needs to explain why the passport shall be granted, make sure to state incomplete details. The applicant may send in some documents on the times that he/she attempted to have contact with the non-applying parent. It is also helpful to include the reasons what is the purpose of the outside of the country trip.

4. Submission. It is important for the first-time-minor-applicant to be present along with applying parent during the submission of the form.

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