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DS-3053 Form
Tips for Filling the Template

During the filing process, filling out the form ds 3053 should be taken care of accurately. One should give all the necessary supporting documents in order for the statement to be approved.

1. Print and Complete: In the ds 3053 fillable form you will see tables 1 and 2, the person applying should fill out these ds 3053 fillable tables accordingly and as much as possible refer to the child’s birth certificate so all the information in these tables will be unified with the other supporting documents and will become an accurate detail.

2. Statement of Consent Table: Now this is one of the most sensitive parts of the passport form ds 3053. A non-applying parent should fill this out. It is like declaring and giving permits to the one who applies for the minor’s passport, so only the said parent should take care of this. She/he should provide a valid government ID (photocopied front and back) along with this consent; it can be a driver’s license, a passport, a military ID, and so on. It is also recommended to sign this in presence of a Certified Notary Public and a witness. When done, this should be notarized and signed by a legal authority for much more effectiveness of the note. Remember that the consent must no longer be older than 90 days.

3. Submit form DS-3053 form along with the DS-11 form

Once all detail filling and its entirety were done, the person shall now proceed to submission of the form in person and both parents and guardians should appear with the child.

The applicant also needs some of the following documents along with the DS-11 form, which is for application for a U.S. passport:

a. Proof of the minor’s citizenship

b. Parental consent

c. Passport Application Form

d. Passport fees

e. Photo

f. Proof of relationship to the non-applying parent

What Is DS-3053 Form
Parents must be always there during many kinds of events in our lives, especially for our kids. A DS-3053 Form, also known as Statement of Consent or Parental Consent is one of the requirements that play a big role upon getting a passport for a minor and can be used during special circumstances. This document is needed if one or both of the biological guardian or legal guardian of a child cannot be present at the processing moment. It is a conjunction of the passport application form which is normally given first and what usually was handled to adults. When applying for a minor’s passport, it can take so much time since the kid cannot be the one who states every detail in it and is not liable for filling them out. Filing this kind of form must be given enough time and concern, and must go under a legal process.
DS-3053 Format
The DS-3053 Form is a one-page form consent statement, mainly for children under the age of 16. When they are applying for a US passport, they need the permission of their parents or guardian. If the parents or guardian cannot be present for the appointment of the application personally, they will need to fill out the DS- 3053 form, in which the complete instructions on how to fill out the form are included. The signature on the ds-3053 form should be witnessed and notarized by a notary public, and the notary must provide a copy of the front and back of the government-issued legal ID. The form is valid for 90 days. If the validity period is exceeded, you will need to re-take the new form from the State Department website.
More Tips for DS-3053 Form

Accuracy on Details

1. The person applying for the minor’s passport should only give true details upon filing it up.

If proven that it was a false detailed form, the application can be denied and it will be hard to file it again.

If proven that the details given in the form were not true and the person tried to make it look like it is true with some fake supporting documents, there might be some fine to be paid and the person might face some punishments by the law.

2. One should submit the Original Form instead of a ds 3053 printable form. That is why it is best to have it hand in to the person directly from the Authorized distributor.

3. Being prepared makes everything a little bit easy. The applicant should make sure that all the supporting documents are all present and unified so that the process wouldn’t take so long.

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