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DS-11 Form
Tips for Filling the Template

1. Using a black pen, complete the first page of your application. Write in your full name, date of birth, gender, email address, social security number, contact number, complete address, place of birth, and other important personal details the page is asking you to write.

2. Place your passport photo to the appropriate spot on the first page of your ds 11 form.

3. Again, using the black pen complete the two other pages. After writing your full name and birth date on top of the page, complete sections 11 up to section 22. Give all the details asked on the ds 11 passport form like your weight, height, eye color, hair color, job, employer, or school for sections 11 up to section 15. For section 16, write one or more other contact numbers. In section 17, write the permanent address.

Give more information in section 18, this asks the name and the contact information of a person who will not be traveling with you this usually your parent's or spouse’s name. Write in your planned travel dates, the duration of your trip, and the countries you are planning to visit. In section 19 you will be asked to write your marriage information, including the name of your spouse, their address, and date of birth. In section 20 you have to put the date of your marriage and information about any other previous marriages if applicable. In section 21, you have to give the information about your previous passport, and in section 22, you are required to put more details about the passport you are trying o obtain.

4. Give your application form to a passport acceptance agent at a passport acceptance facility and sign the bottom of page one upon request. The State Department provides a list of passport acceptance facilities on its website.

What is DS-11 Form
Passport DS 11 Form is an application document that has to be submitted by a U.S. citizen to obtain a passport; either it is a first-time passport, a replacement for a lost passport, renewal of an expired passport, or a passport issued to children 15 years old below.
How to Apply For A US Passport for the First Time

1. Fill out the DS-11 online: application form for a U.S. Passport.

2. Submit the DS-11: application form for a U.S. Passport personally.

It is important to submit the DS-11 fillable form personally at a passport agency or official passport application acceptance facility.

3. Submit Proof of U.S. Citizenship

All the documents submitted as citizenship proof will be returned to you via mail. Most likely, these documents will be sent with your newly issued U.S. passport.

4. Show Identification

When applying for a U.S. passport personally, you must have identification with a picture with you, like a driving license, school ID, etc.

5. Present a Photocopy of the Identification Documents You Have

6. Pay the Applicable Fee

There are some fees you have to pay for in processing your U.S. passport.

7. Provide a Passport Photo

You have to provide a passport photo together with your application form.

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