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Review of Adobe for Business and Its Best Alternative

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2024-04-08 10:55:13 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Small and big businesses alike gravitate towards Adobe for Business. It is a well-known PDF solution, so they are certain it is reliable. But how good is it, really? And is it the right software for your business? We will try to answer these questions through this Adobe for Business Review. Aside from that, this article will introduce you to Wondershare PDFelement. This sophisticated but affordable PDF editor is your best other option.

Part 1. Adobe Acrobat for Business Overview

adobe question

Adobe Acrobat is a popular PDF solution. It is not surprising that the Business version of the software also has many users. The tool offers basic PDF editing plus advanced extra features. Its reliability has made its name very well-known in the industry. So it is often the first PDF solution that pops into the minds of business people looking for one.

There is no doubt that Adobe for Business can solve any PDF-related problem. But whether it is the best choice for your business or not is not certain. To help you decide, here are Adobe for Business' key features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Key Features:

  • Adobe Acrobat for Business offers powerful tools for creating, editing, and commenting on PDFs.
  • It has an OCR function that makes scanned documents editable and searchable.
  • It allows you to streamline license management with a centralized license dashboard.
  • Adobe for Business offers E-Signature support. You can sign documents or collect signatures easily.
  • This tool integrates with Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Users can share and work on documents in real time, no matter where they are.
  • You can stay secure with features like encryption, digital IDs for signatures, watermarks, and more.
  • Adobe for Business supports features for PDF automation.


  • Adobe for Business is a feature-rich tool.
  • It provides hybrid teams with a better way to work with its collaboration features.
  • It lets you leverage low-code document automation services connected to the applications your teams are already using


  • Adobe for Business is a bit expensive since it uses subscription-based pricing.
  • Adobe Standard for Teams does not allow you to redact information or help you collect e-signatures.


  • The pricing for Adobe Standard for Teams starts at $14.99 per month per license (billed monthly).
  • The Pro version subscription starts at $23.99 per month per license.
  • Please contact them for the pricing of the Enterprise version.

Part 2. Wondershare PDFelement: Adobe Acrobat’s Number 1 Alternative

wondershare pdfelement on different platforms

If you do not think adopting Adobe for Business is the right call, you should check out Wondershare PDFelement. It may not be as feature-rich or advanced as Adobe Acrobat, but it still has an impressive array of useful features. Additionally, Wondershare PDFelement is praised worldwide for its intuitive interface.

Indeed, Wondershare PDFelement can rival Adobe Acrobat for Business. In fact, many companies that were using Adobe Acrobat have switched to PDFelement. We will check on that later. For now, let us look at the key features of Wondershare PDFelement for Businesses.

Key Features of PDFelement for Business Users

These are the features that will help businesses grow and become successful.

  • E-Sign - Wondershare PDFelement allows you to sign digital documents with certified digital signatures. Furthermore, it allows you to send documents to multiple signees and track whether or not those documents have been signed.
  • PDF Editing - Wondershare PDFelement allows you to edit PDF documents like Word.
  • PDF Converter - This tool lets you convert from or to PDF.
  • Smart PDF Form Creator - It lets you fill or create interactive PDF forms. Also, you can sign documents with certified digital signatures.
  • Share PDFs - Wondershare PDFelement lets you share documents using shareable links or QR codes. You can also send them as email attachments without leaving the PDFelement interface.
  • Recognize Text - It has an OCR that supports over 20 languages. This lets you extract text from scanned documents to make them editable.
  • Ease of Deployment - Wondershare PDFelement supports MSI through GPO, Windows SCCM, Windows Terminal Server™, Citrix™, etc.

Part 3. Why These Enterprises Switched to PDFelement

Here are the stories of some businesses that switched to PDFelement.

1. Bose Automotive - Reduced Costs by 70%

adobe acrobat for business

Bose Automotive is an audio product manufacturing company founded in Massachusetts, USA. They have been providing quality products for commercial and consumer use since 1964.

The world-famous audio product manufacturer used Adobe Acrobat for Business in the past. However, Adobe's licensing was a problem. Due to budget constraints, only a few employees can use it.

They have switched to Wondershare PDFelement. Since then, they have reduced costs by 70% and software management time by 30%.

2. 105 Publishing - Seamless Workflow

105 Publishing is a team that helps authors create their best work. They talk to authors about their ideas and how they want the book to be. Then, the team helps bring that idea to life. Another task is to talk to designers to inform them about the ideas so they can incorporate them into the book covers.

Patricia Jones, co-owner of 105 Publishing, was looking for tools they could use to create a friction-free workflow. That is when she found Wondershare PDFelement. And PDFelement's features were a perfect fit for their needs.

PDFelement allowed them to easily reorder PDF pages to ensure they were in the correct order for review or printing. Furthermore, PDFelement's OCR feature allowed 105 Publishing to extract image-based text from foreign language PDFs. Besides that, Wondershare PDFelement also allowed them to add watermarks to illustration drafts for copyright security. The batch-processing feature allowed the team to add watermarks to many illustrations in a short time.

3. CITIC Europe - Increased Performance & Time Savings

adobe business plan

CITIC Europe and its partners all look for business opportunities in the CEE region and Europe. They used Adobe Acrobat for Business as their PDF solution. However, the tool has a high operating cost and learning curve. In the end, they decided to switch to Wondershare PDFelement.

The changing of software created a boost in performance and productivity. CITIC Europe saved time through easy installation, account management, and license allocation. And the employees are pleased with how easy to use Wondershare PDFelement is.

"Adobe is not a cheap solution and we were looking for an alternative that would offer the same or similar functionality and be cheaper," said Petr Mrhálek, an IT Manager. "We chose Wondershare PDF Element software and saved about 50% of the cost," he added.

4. The Trans Global Projects Group (TGP) - Reduce Expenses & Maintaining Effective Work Tools

adobe business login

With a 30-year experience, TGP has established itself as one of the world's leading providers of project logistics management. They now have a strong global presence, with offices across six continents.

Employees at TGP work with PDF every day. They have to submit supporting documents to their clients. These documents come from different sources, but TGP has to submit them in one PDF.

They were doing OK with Adobe Acrobat. However, as the business grew, so did the number of users. That is when the licensing cost became a problem.

TGP switched to Wondershare PDFelement, and they were pleased with the results. They were able to simplify workflows for logistics management across all offices. And the user-friendliness of PDFelement allowed them to increase engagement between clients and employees. Most importantly, they were able to reduce overall expenses without reducing work tools.

5. Dubai Police Force - Affordability and Feature-Rich Capabilities

adobe business account

The Dubai Police Force works with PDFs every day. They use these files for official announcements and internal communication. In their search for a feature-rich but affordable PDF solution, they found Wondershare PDFelement.

The tool allowed the Dubai Police Force to easily digitize documents, which reduced costs for physical file management. They reduced it by 70%. Wondershare PDFelement also provided them with all the PDF features they needed. With that, it allowed them to streamline processes during the COVID-19 pandemic and the post-pandemic era.

Mohammad, an IT Manager in the Dubai Police Force, said he was searching for a tool that can merge, convert, and edit PDFs. He tried PDFelement and thought it was excellent. Now, he recommends PDFelement to others.

6. LGMS - Comprehensive Features & User-Friendliness

Adobe for business

LGMS is the largest cyber security firm in Malaysia; its client pool consists of local and international multi-billion dollar companies. The company relies so much on documents that they decided to standardize on a single PDF software. They tried many options but stuck with Wondershare PDFelement.

Senior Cyber Security Consultant Kenneth Shak explained the decision. They chose PDFelement because it offered the best features, scalability, and ease of use. Furthermore, Wondershare PDFelement has a flexible licensing model that LGMS needs.

Part 4. Comparison Table Between Adobe Acrobat & Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement
Adobe for Business
Ease of Use 8.9 8.7
Ease of Setup 9.2 8.8
Ease of Admin 9.0 8.7
Quality of Support 8.6 8.3
Effectiveness as a business tool 8.9 8.7
Meets Requirements 9.0 9.2
Product Direction (% positive) 9.0 8.1

(The ratings on this table came from G2.)


Adobe Acrobat for Business is an amazing tool. It would not be as well-known as today if it was not. But it is not perfect. Some may find it a little difficult to use or expensive. Don't worry. There are amazing alternatives like Wondershare PDFelement. It is a feature-rich PDF solution with an affordable price tag. Many enterprises have tried this PDF solution, and they loved it. It is now their go-to PDF software.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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