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The Ultimate How-To Guide: Adobe Sign Online and Its Alternatives

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Signature Online • Proven solutions

In today's digital world, signing PDF documents online is super important. It saves time, paper, and hassle. One popular tool for this is Adobe Sign. With Adobe Sign, you can sign documents quickly and easily on your computer or phone. But Adobe Sign isn't the only option out there. There are other great tools, too.

In this guide, we'll explore Adobe Sign online and its alternatives. You'll learn how to easily sign documents and choose the right tool for your needs. So, let's dive in and simplify your signature workflow!

Part 1. Signing PDF Online With Adobe Sign Online

In the past, signing important documents was quite a hassle. You had to print them, grab a pen, find a mailbox or fax machine, and wait for the documents to travel back and forth. It wasted time, paper, and often led to frustration.

But with the advent of digital solutions, things have become much simpler and faster. Adobe Sign Online is one such solution that has made signing PDF documents a breeze.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to sign a PDF using Adobe Sign Online:

Step 1: Click the "Select a file" button or drag and drop your document into the special box.

select a file

Step 2: Choose the document you want to get signed.

Step 3: Adobe does its thing and uploads your file. Now, sign in to your account.

Step 4: Fill out the PDF form by adding texts, numbers, etc., on the required field.

fill out pdf form

Step 5: Click the "Add signature +" button on the left panel.

adobe add signature

Step 6: Add your signature. You can type your signature, draw it, or just upload a picture of it.

add your signature

Step 7: Drag the signature to its respective field. Click "Download" to save your signed PDF document.

save document

Adobe Sign Online streamlines the entire process, making it easy to sign documents digitally. No more waiting for documents to be mailed or faxed, and no more struggling with printing and scanning. Plus, it's eco-friendly as it reduces the need for paper.

Whether you're signing a contract, an agreement, or any other important document, Adobe Sign Online provides a secure and efficient way to get it done in minutes. So why not embrace the simplicity and convenience of online signatures with Adobe Sign Online?

So, there you have it - Adobe Sign Online, your trusty sidekick for hassle-free, speedy e-signatures. Say goodbye to paper and hello to digital magic!

Part 2. HiPDF as an Adobe Sign Online Alternative Tool

Looking for an alternative to Adobe Sign Online? Meet HiPDF, a fantastic choice!

Why should you give HiPDF a go? Well, it's super user-friendly. You don't need to be a tech guru. Plus, it's fast and efficient, just like Adobe Sign.

HiPDF is great for online PDF signatures because it's all about simplicity. You can easily upload your document, add signatures, and send it off quickly. No need for fancy tech skills or downloads. And the best part? HiPDF offers a bunch of handy tools for free. You can sign your PDFs without spending a dime.

So, if you're looking for an Adobe Sign Online alternative that's easy-peasy and budget-friendly, HiPDF is your answer. Give it a shot and see how it streamlines your signature game!

Signing PDFs Online With HiPDF

Ready to sign PDFs online with HiPDF? Let's make it simple:

Step 1: Start by dragging and dropping your PDF document into HiPDF's Sign PDF webpage.

hipdf esign

Step 2: HiPDF works its magic, quickly and reliably uploading your file.

hipdf upload pdf

Step 3: Next, create your electronic signature. If you have one handy, you can type, draw, or even upload a signature image.

hipdf create signature

Step 4: Place your signature exactly where it needs to be in the document.

hipdf place signature

Step 5: When everything looks perfect, just click "Apply" to get your signed PDF document. Click "Download" to download the document.

hipdf download

Now, what makes HiPDF special? It's all about ease and speed. You don't need to be a tech wizard. HiPDF simplifies the whole process, making it accessible to everyone.

Plus, it's super handy because you can create your signature on the platform. No need to mess with external tools or software. And guess what? It's all free! You can sign your PDFs without opening your wallet.

So, if you're looking for a hassle-free, user-friendly way to sign PDFs online, HiPDF has your back. Try it out, and you'll see how it takes the stress out of getting those important documents signed and sealed.

Part 3. PDFelement as an Offline Alternative to Adobe Sign Online

When it comes to offline PDF signing, PDFelement is a solid choice. PDFelement is like your trusty pen and paper in the digital world. It works offline, so you don't need an internet connection.

What's great about PDFelement is that it lets you add both digital and handwritten signatures. So, it covers whether you prefer typing your name or scribbling your signature with a stylus.

This user-friendly tool doesn't require you to be a tech whiz. It's perfect for those who want to handle PDF signatures offline and have the flexibility to choose between digital and handwritten signatures.

So, suppose you're looking for an alternative to Adobe Sign Online that works seamlessly offline and allows you to sign PDFs your way. In that case, PDFelement is the way to go. It brings the simplicity of pen and paper to your digital documents.

Adding Digital Signatures With PDFelement

Now, why go digital? Digital signatures are super secure and tamper-proof. They ensure that your document hasn't been altered after you signed it. They're also much faster than printing, signing, and scanning.

When might you prefer digital signatures? If you need to sign loads of documents quickly or work remotely, digital signatures are a lifesaver. Plus, they're eco-friendly, saving paper and ink.

Adding digital signatures with PDFelement is so basic. Here's how:

Step 1: Open your PDF document that already has a Signature field. Click "Protect" > "Sign Document."


Step 2: Choose your digital ID to sign the document. Your digital ID contains your information and a private key for secure signing. Keep it safe.

pdfelement sign field

Step 3: If you don't have a digital ID yet, click "New ID." Then, choose "I want to create a new digital ID" and follow the prompts.

pdfelement new digital id

Step 4: Save your digital ID as a PKCS#12 file (.pfx on Windows, .p12 on Mac) or in the Windows Certificate Store.

pdfelement save options

Step 5: To check if the signatures are valid, click "Protect" > "Manage Signatures" > "Validate All Signatures." A message will pop up telling you if everything's good.

pdfelement check progress

Step 6: If you ever need to remove digital signatures, click "Protect" > "Manage Signatures" > "Clear All Signatures." This is handy if you make a mistake or need to update the document.

So, there you have it – a quick and secure way to sign PDFs using digital signatures with PDFelement. It's fast, eco-friendly, and protects your documents from prying eyes.

Adding Handwritten Signatures With PDFelement

Now, when might you prefer handwritten signatures? Well, sometimes it's just personal. Adding your signature can make it more heartfelt for birthday cards or handwritten letters in digital format.

In business, handwritten signatures might be needed when dealing with legal documents or contracts that require a personal touch. It can add an extra layer of authenticity and trust.

Adding handwritten signatures with PDFelement is a piece of cake. Here's how:

Step 1: Click on "Comment" > "Signature," and then tap the "+ Create" button to make your handwritten signature.

pdfelement create signature

Step 2: You've got three options: "Upload," "Draw," or "Type."

  • For "Upload," go to the "Upload" tab and click "Choose Image" to pick an image of your signature from your computer. After you've chosen the image, hit "OK."
pdfelement upload signature
  • For "Draw," you can sketch your signature under the "Draw" tab. You can even choose the color you like.
pdfelement draw signature
  • And for "Type," click "Type," enter your signature, choose a font and color from the list, and then click "OK."
pdfelement type signature


Adobe Sign Online simplifies e-signatures, making them fast and secure. HiPDF offers a user-friendly, budget-friendly way to sign PDFs online. PDFelement, on the other hand, is your go-to for offline, handwritten signatures. The choice is yours, depending on your needs. So explore and make your digital signature journey a breeze!

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