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How to Perform Adobe Sign PDF Online? The Ultimate Guide for You!

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Signing your scanned document is among the most essential things in the professional world. It increases the integrity, authenticity, and responsibility of your document. With the rapid development of online signature tools, signing a PDF has become much easier than traditional methods. And when it comes to PDF-related work, you cannot skip Adobe.

With Adobe Sign PDF Online service, you can easily sign your document. However, we've got your back if you’re unaware of how to use Adobe PDF signature online. In this article, you’ll discover the finest way to sign, request a signature, and create signatures with Adobe, along with its alternatives. Let’s get into the details!

adobe sign pdf online

Part 1. Is It Possible to Use Adobe to Sign PDF Online?

Yes, it is possible to use Adobe to sign your PDF online. Adobe provides a Fill & Sign tool that allows you to sign the PDF without complication. It is a comprehensive tool that you can use to create signature fields, create a digital signature and then sign the PDF with ease.

Adobe also has a Request Signature that enables you to send your PDF to someone to get it signed. You can create a signature field and specify the name and email address of the recipient. It also lets you preview the PDF before sending it.

Moreover, the signatures you create using Acrobat Sign are valid and legally binding. They conform to international electronic signature regulations and can handle the closest inspection.

Part 2. How to Create, Manage, Add and Request PDF Signature with Adobe PDF Online Signature

If you wish to create and manage, add or request a signature on your PDF online using Adobe, this is the section for you! Find out how to create and manage, add, or request a signature on your PDF down below:

1. How to Create and Manage Signature using Adobe PDF Signature

Adobe provides online tools to perform PDF-related tasks, and one of those tools is Fill & Sign. Using this tool, you can create and manage signatures with ease.

To understand how to create a PDF signature via Adobe Online PDF Signature, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Go to Adobe Fill & Sign on your preferred browser.

Step 2 Click on Select a File, navigate to the PDF you wish to get signed and click on it to upload.

click on send a file

Step 3 Now, go to the Sign section from the left menu and click on Add a Signature. Click on the area where you wish to add a signature field.

Step 4 Next, click on the signature field you just added. Now, you can create your signature. You can create a signature by typing, drawing, using an image, or using a mobile.

create your signature

Note: You can also upload the image of your signature using the image option in the Signature field.

2. How to Add Signature to PDF using Adobe Online PDF Signature

Wondering how you can add a signature to a PDF using Adobe Online PDF Signature? You’ll get the answer here! With Adobe’s Fill & Sign feature, you can add a signature by following these steps:

Step 1 Visit Adobe Fill & Sign site on your browser and click on Select a File to upload the PDF you wish to add a sign-on.

click on send a file

Step 2 Click on Add Signature button in the Sign section and click on the document where you wish to add a sign.

click on add signature

Step 3 A signature window will appear; you can create your signature in four ways, i.e., draw, image, text, and mobile. Also, you can use the existing signatures (if you’re not signing a PDF with Adobe for the first time) by selecting the ID and signing into it.

Step 4 Once you’re done selecting the signature, click Apply, and the signature will be added to the PDF.

Note: You can share the PDF by clicking on the Share button after adding the signature. For that, you will have to specify the email address and name of the recipient.

3. How to Request Signature on PDF Using Adobe Signature Online

Looking for a way to request a signature on your PDF? Adobe’s Request e-signature tool is your best bet! With Adobe’s Request e-signature tool, you can send your PDF for signature to your colleagues, friends, and family by specifying their name and email address.

To understand how to send your PDF for signature using Adobe sign PDF free, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Open Adobe Request Signature on your preferred web browser.

Step 2 Click on Request e-signatures to select the PDF you wish to send for signature.

click on request e-signatures

Step 3 Add the recipient’s name and signature in the required fields. After that, write the mail description to specify the purpose of your mail and click on Specify Where to Sign.

click on specify where to sign

Step 4 Add the signature field to the PDF by clicking on the document. Once done, click on Send to send your PDF for signature.


• You can add more than one signature field.

• It allows you to send the PDF for signature to more than one person.

• You can also send more than one PDF for signatures using this tool.

Part 3. Other Free Online Solutions for Adding Signature to PDF

If you wish to find online tools for adding a signature to a PDF other than Adobe, this section has your back. Although several online tools for adding a signature to a PDF are available, not all of them are free and reliable. To help you, we’ve reviewed some of the finest online tools to add a signature on PDF for free, which include:

1. Sejda

Built in 2010, Sejda is amongst the best free online tools to add a signature on PDF for free. It has a Sign PDF feature that allows you to sign a PDF easily. It allows you to create a PDF using three different ways, i.e., through text, drawing, or uploading a picture of your signature.

sejda interface

Additionally, Sejda is available in approximately 20 different languages, which individuals from all over the world highly value. With Sejda, people looking for a free high-quality PDF editor need not look any further. This editor has a roll-back feature that allows users to undo their most recent edits.

2. ILovePDF

Another tool on our list is IlovePDF. It is amongst the best free online tools because of its intuitive and simple-to-use interface. You don’t need to be an expert to sign a PDF using this tool. It allows you to upload a PDF from your device, Dropbox, and Google Drive to sign on to it. You can also invite others to sign your PDFs using this tool.

ilovepdf interface

Moreover, iLovePDF also works as a PDF editor. With its built-in PDF editor, you can split your PDFs into different files. It allows you to compress and convert PDF into different file formats. Besides that, it can also merge multiple PDF files into one.

3. HiPDF

HiPDF is another free online tool for adding signatures on PDFs in our list. It uses a sign PDF API that allows you to sign a PDF quickly and easily. You can create your own signature using three ways, i.e., by handwriting, typing, or uploading a picture of your signature.

hipdf interface

Since HiPDF is a cross-platform tool, you can sign your PDF on any device using this tool. Besides signing a PDF, HiPDF is also a famous PDF editor. It can edit, split, merge, convert, compress, and many more on your PDFs. Moreover, the tool is SSL encrypted to protect your essential files.

Part 4. A Quick Comparison of Our Top Ways

Language It Supports 20 25 21
Signature Types Image, Handwritten, and text Handwritten and text Image, Handwritten and Text
Cross-Platform Yes Yes Yes
SSL Encryption No Yes Yes

Part 5. [Bonus] PDFelement – Easiest Tool to Add a PDF Signature on Windows/iOS/Android

Looking for the easiest tool to add a signature on your PDF? No matter what kind of device you have, PDFelement is your best bet! PDFelement is a Wondershare product, essentially used for PDF editing, and allows you to add a digital signature to PDF. Using this tool, you can either create a signature or use an existing signature to add on your PDF.

Besides adding a signature to your PDF, PDFelement allows you to edit PDF using the built-in PDF editor. You can add comments, highlight important text, split PDF into different files, convert PDF to other file formats, etc., using this tool.

Moreover, it features a built-in OCR tool that lets you extract the text from PDF, making it editable and searchable. The user interface of PDFelement is quite intuitive and supports 20 different languages.

To understand how to add a signature on PDF using PDFelement, follow the steps below:

Step 1 First, install PDFelement on your PC from the official site and launch the tool.

Step 2 You can either click the + button or drag and drop the PDF your wish to add a sign-on.

click on + icon

Step 3 Click on Protect on the menu bar and select Sign Document from the appeared submenu. After that, click on the document where you wish to add a signature to open a Sign Document window.

Step 4 If you’re signing the PDF via PDFelement for the first time, click on New ID and create your signature. However, if you already have an account, enter your credentials, and select the signature you wish to add to the PDF.

click on new id

Step 5 After selecting the signature, click on Sign to add a signature to your PDF.

click on sign

Part 6. People Also Ask

1. Is eSignature free in Adobe?

No, eSignature is not free in Adobe. However, Adobe does offer a 14-day free trial that you can use to sign your PDF. But after the free trial expiration, you need to buy a premium plan to add a signature to your PDF using Adobe.

2. xxIs it safe to sign a PDF online?x

If you’re using an unreliable tool, it is not safe to sign a PDF online since it can result in compromising your privacy. However, with a reliable tools, such as HiPDF, Sejda, and iLovePDF discussed in this article, it is definitely safe to sign a PDF online.


Adobe is amongst the best service providers when it comes to PDF-related issues. With its Fill & Sign and Request e-Signature features, you can sign or request a signature on PDF. And we hope that you know how to use Adobe Sign PDF Online after reading this article. Moreover, if you need a one-stop solution to add a signature and perform other PDF-related tasks, we recommend using Wondershare PDFelement.

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