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Tips on How to Celebrate Lunar New Year

lunar new year

Lunar New Year is China's most important festival with a meaning of a time for families to get together. Lunar New Year 2023 is on Sunday, January 22, 2023. This year is a year of Ox, the symbol of diligence, persistence, and honesty. Lunar New Year festivities start with the first new moon and ends on the lunar year calendar's first full moon after fifteen days with lighting traditional red lanterns.

Part 1. 30 Messages to Greet Lunar New Year 2023

1. May this Lunar New Year bring you many opportunities to enjoy the joy of life.
2. Lunar New Year 2023 may bring a smile to your face, love in your heart, and good thoughts in your mind.
3. Wishing you joy, prosperity, success, and wealth on this Lunar New Year and always.
4. Light up the lanterns with new hope and aspirations.
5. I wish you discover new roads to success as you step into this Lunar New Year.
6. May this Lunar New Year bring you lasting prosperity and good health.
7. This new year moves on with the dreams, and Let's go off the demons.
8. My heartfelt best wishes are with you and your loving family.
9. Gong Xi Fa Cai! I hope all your dreams come true this Lunar New Year.
10. May the light of the new moon illuminate your path and guide you to success.
11. Enjoy this festive season to the fullest and celebrate for making it into another year.
12. I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year 2023! May this year fill your life with happiness.
13. With the arrival of Lunar New Year 2023, start your life fresh and achieve your goals.
14. May this new year bring you many opportunities and turning all your dreams into reality.
15. Let the honesty and persistence of Ox reflect your life and guide you to fulfill all your goals.
16. We're the passenger of the boat heading towards an unknown future. May Lunar New Year 2023 guide you in the path of success.
17. Happy Lunar New Year 2023! I wish god gives you the strength to overcome all of your challenges and navigate the path of success.
18. Let us leave behind the bad memories of last year and enjoy the festivities for the new year. Have a great year ahead.
19. I hope the new year's rising sun brings you a lot of joy, luck, and happiness.
20. May you find endless happiness, humor, and success this New Year.
21. This Ox year is going to be lucky for all. So enjoy this year to the fullest. Happy Chinese New Year 2023!
22. Having a colleague like you has been quite a blessing. May the new year bring you more success.
23. Thanks for being the role model. I hope your achievements reach new heights this new year.
24. I hope our organization keeps growing in this new year with your vision and hard work.
25. You have been an excellent example for people at work. May this new year bring you the highest accolade.
26. I hope you see the zenith of your personal and professional life this new year.
27. Looking forward to another year with a passion for succeeding at work, I wish you have more success and joyful life ahead.
28. May you receive red envelopes filled with lots of wealth! Have a great year ahead.
29. Cheers! Let's raise a toast to welcome the lunar new year 2023.
30. May this new year bring you warmth of love, comfort, and joy.

Part 2. 5 Ways on How to Celebrate Lunar New Year Traditionally

Go to the Lunar New Year market: People usually buy new clothes, household goods, decoration items from open-air markets. Outdoor markets are buzzing with activity during the holiday season. Street markets are also overflowing with decorations, flowers, and potted plants. These markets are a way to embrace the holiday spirit, similar to the Christmas markets in Europe.
New Year decorations: Street, buildings, and the houses are all decorated with red Lanterns, couplets, Fu character posters, paper cuts, and New Year posters with images of Chinese zodiac signs. Red is the primary color for festive decorations, as it is believed to an auspicious color.
Enjoy family time: Lunar New Year is a time for families to stay together. Lunar New Year is the most exciting time of year when people are expected to remain at home with their families. New Year's Eve dinner, also called 'reunion dinner', is the most important meal of the year. New Year food emphasizes lucky symbolic meanings, and the luckiest foods are fish, dumplings, and rice cake.
Share red packets: The red packets are gifted to children and unmarried adults. It means share wealth with the people you want to wish for. These red packets are cash gifts, ranging from a few dollars to quite substantial amounts, which depends on the recipient's relationship. Employer’s gift red packets to unmarried employees as a sign of gratitude.
Pray at the temple: People season typically visit the temple on the first day of the Lunar new year. People pray at the temple to light incense and pray to deities for blessings and good luck. Many temples will also organize festive dragon and lion dances in the courtyard.

The lunar new year is not complete without fireworks. The belief is that the firecrackers' loud noise serves to scare Nian, the lion-like monster. Nian mythology plays out during lion dances across new year festivities.

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