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CutePDF Editor and Its Best Alternative in 2024

Using cloud-based editing tools such as CutePDF Editor allows you to make simple changes to your documents in a fast and efficient way. You can also sign, secure, and share your PDFs to easily distribute to your colleagues or clients.

Using other great alternatives, such as PDFelement, on the other hand, brings your PDF editing to the next level, especially if you’re editing PDFs on a daily basis. To learn more about CutePDF Editor and its best alternatives, simply follow our guide below.


What is CutePDF Editor?

CutePDF Editor was developed by Acro Software to provide high-quality and easy-to-use PDF utilities and solutions since 1998. CutePDF Editor is completely free and doesn’t require any sign-up, so there is nothing to install or maintain. This cloud-based PDF application works through all major web browsers and looks and feels like your usual desktop software, so you start editing PDFs right away.

We’ll list CutePDF by Acro Software for multiple operating systems you can use and its detailed information in the handy charts below.

Supported OS: While CutePDF Editor is a cloud-based application, you can also try out CutePDF Pro if you’re on Windows.

Pricing: CutePDF Editor is free online. CutePDF Pro starts at $49.95 for single license.

Key Features

Here are some CutePDF Editor features you can take advantage of.

• Equipped with an advanced tool to edit PDFs. It allows you to move pages, extract, reorder, or even remove selected PDFs.

• You can resize and/or crop PDFs.

• Add passwords and set security options to secure your PDFs.

• Add headers and footers with a specific date, time, page numbers, and more.

• Convert scanned image files into PDFs.

Pros and Cons

Here are the several Pros and Cons of using CutePDF Editor.


You can use CutePDF Editor across all major browsers available today, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

Using CutePDF Editor requires no sign-up, so there is no personally identifiable information while using the service.

It can open PDF files for up to 300 pages.

CutePDF Editor uses the latest SSL technology, making all your activities encrypted.


PDF files are limited to 10 MB only when using CutePDF Editor.

A lot of features are missing on the free version, such as converting PDFs to other file formats.

The menu layout looks quite dated compared to other online PDF editing tools.

What is the Best CutePDF Alternative?

If you’re only converting files to PDF, then CutePDF Editor should work just fine. However, once you start converting to other file formats such as Word, PPT, RTF, JPG, PNG, and more, then you’ll need a more robust PDF editor like Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. Using PDFelement boosts your productivity and saves precious time with its heavy-duty features you can use from the get-go.

cutepdf alternative

PDFelement gets a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and above across all platforms simply for the ease with which you can take apart your PDFs. You can quickly redesign and put them back together, even if you’re a basic or an advanced user. Simply put, using PDFelement is super easy. It’s fully customizable and works much better than other PDF editing software’s currently available on the market.

Features of PDFelement

Here are some of the top-notch features you can immediately take advantage of using PDFelement.

• Edit PDFs like your using Word because of its familiar-looking user interface.

• Immediately convert single or multiple PDFs at the same time to other file formats, including Word, Excel, PNG, JPG, RTF, and more, and vice versa.

• Make image files searchable and editable with OCR functionality.

• Optimize and compress PDFs with the touch of a button.

• Sure sensitive information with Digital and Electronic Signatures.

PDFelement is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

To learn more about PDFelement’s key features, such as editing text on your PDFs, simply refer to the following quick video tutorial.

CutePDF Editor and CutePDF Pro Direct Comparison

If you like CutePDF Editor more and want to learn further about it, here we go.

CutePDF Editor streamlines your workflows by allowing you to merge, split, reorder, and insert pages to your documents with a few clicks. It has a good user interface, but it’s not as shiny as other PDF editing tools you’re probably used to, as it looks pretty dated if you compare it with other more robust PDF tools available today.

Factoring in its ease of use, features, value for money, and customer support, we’re rating CutePDF a 4 out of 5. Using the free tool is highly recommended if you’re in a hurry and on a tight budget, as it’s a very serviceable PDF editing tool considering it’s completely free and doesn’t require any sign-up or installation on your computer.

Here’s a quick chart comparing Acro Software’s free tool with its pro version when it comes to its important features.

CutePDF Editor
CutePDF Pro

Convert image files into PDFs.

Rearrange, split, or combine PDFs.

Add headers, footers, time, page numbers, and more.

Convert image files into PDFs and vice versa.

Available commenting tools to add annotations to your PDFs.

Locally save PDFs as well as import and export form data.

Rearrange, split, combine, overlay, and optimize PDFs.

Secure PDFs with Digital Signatures.

cutepdf for windows

If you’re interested in trying out CutePDF Pro, simply click on this link and click the Try First button for a free trial or Buy Now to get a limited-time discount.

How to Edit a PDF with CutePDF Editor Free Online

To start editing PDFs with CutePDF Editor, follow this handy guide below.

Step 1: Go to CutePDF Editor.

cutepdf review

Step 2: Click Open File or drop your PDFs in the main program window.

Step 3: Edit your PDF as usual. Once done, click Download and Save File to save your edited PDF to your computer.

Tip: Once you’re done editing your PDFs, click Close File to delete your uploaded documents immediately. This releases resources from Acro Software’s server to secure your files.

Can I Convert Files to and from PDFs with CutePDF?

Using CutePDF Editor allows you to save image files into PDF with the touch of a button. However, you will not be able to convert PDFs into other file formats as the free version doesn’t have this capability. If you want to convert PDFs into other formats, such as image files, then you have to purchase CutePDF Pro instead.

Alternatively, you can use other great alternatives to edit your PDFs, such as PDFelement.

PDFelement vs. CutePDF Editor: Which PDF Tool for Your Needs?

If you’re still on the fence between PDFelement and CutePDF Editor, here’s a handy comparison chart between the two products to decide which is right for you.

CutePDF Editor

Works for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

The beginner-friendly interface looks exactly like Word, so you can start editing right away

It has a wide range of converting formats available from the get-go.

Allows password protection to secure sensitive information when sharing PDFs online.

Completely free to use without any sign-in or installation required.

Ready to use across all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

It can open up to 300 pages of PDF files in one go.

Uses the latest SSL technology to encrypt everything you do while on the cloud-based platform.


The free trial is only available for 14 days, so you need to subscribe sooner than later.

The cost of a team subscription is expensive.

OCR can sometimes distort scanned PDFs rendering them unreadable.

You can only convert to PDF and not the other way around.

File sizes are limited to 10MB only.

The user interface is quite simple and really looks dated when compared to other free online tools available today.

Pricing and Comments

When it comes to pricing, CutePDF Editor is totally free, which means you can use it right away. You’re limited to its cloud-based service, though, as CutePDF Editor only works on internet browsers. On the other hand, PDFelement is available across all major platforms, so its versatility makes it ideal for people on the go. You can use PDFelement on desktop or mobile anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing your progress when editing PDFs.


Using cloud-based PDF tools such as CutePDF Editor allows you to make simple changes to your documents in a fast and efficient way. However, if you want to bring your PDFs to the next level, getting an advanced PDF tool such as PDFelement ensures your PDFs are always ready and high-quality wherever you go.