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With a project coordinator cover letter, you can transform your chances of being invited to an in-person discussion of the job. The following project coordinator cover letter example and tips can help you get started right away. If the job ad hasn't explicitly said you shouldn't submit any cover letter, always craft a cover letter for the project coordinator position to get ahead of the queue.

Free Project Coordinator Cover Letter Template

Project Coordinator Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Mike Davis
21 Main Street, Green City, ND 9652
Home: 543-552-0220
Cell: (555)-345-0320


March 17, 2018
Ms. Ginger Maples
Cardigan Ankles Corporation
22 Main Street, Green City, ND 1203

Dear Ms. Maples,

After seeing your Project Coordinator job posting at onlinehrs.com I believe my professionalism, administrative, coordinative and analytical skills will bring the desired Cardigan Ankles Corporation projects to fruition. I believe my excellent skills, great work ethic and engaging personality will be an asset in your company and projects.

In my 8 years as a project coordinator and tens of projects later, I have helped develop diverse databases, operation enhancement programs, and software and eradicated process redundancies. I have helped coordinate charity activities, meetings, intergovernmental events to enhance county efficiency, improved productivity and promoted smooth transitions.

In cases of adversity, variance of opinion and conflict I always employ my advanced conflict management, rational, sound judgment and advanced analytical capabilities to offer solutions while resolving challenges as timely as possible. My business skills and knowhow has enabled me fit in any business environment to meet project coordination needs. My commendation as indicated in the enclosed resume from past employers and as confirmed by enclosed references indicates my ability to get the job done and ensure projects are efficiently and professionally completed. I look forward to bringing my professionalism, skills and experience to the Project Coordinator position at Cardigan Ankles Corporation.

You can get in touch with me through my phone number or email address at your earliest convenience to discuss the position and my candidacy. Thank you so much for your consideration and patience.

Mike Davis
Cell: (555)-345-0320

Tips for Writing Project Coordinator Cover Letter

  • Keep the project coordinator cover letter's tone professional as you detail and display specific experience relevant to the open position. It must be written with the job requirements and candidacy in mind.
  • The flow of the cover letter is very important due to the competitiveness of the project coordinator position. Use project coordinator cover letter example to help you move smoothly and effectively from one point to the other maintaining the interest of the reader. It allows the screener to find the information and specifics they want without trying.
  • Use action verbs in the cover letter for the project coordinator position. The hiring manager expects to hear certain keywords such as planned, coordinated, planned, developed, analyzed, and processed among others.
  • In the cover ensure certain qualifications are showcased and well demonstrated. This includes performance management, supervisory and leadership skills, staffing and delegation, problem-solving abilities, decision making and multi-tasking, IT skills and capacity to build effective teams among others.
  • Don't make abstract statements. Offer details and be very specific ensuring they're memorable, significant and impressive.
  • Focus on the reason for the cover letter. Staying on point helps you always remember as you write that the focus is showing the reader why you're the best candidate for the open position.
  • Keep things as clear-cut and short as you can. Rambling on without end and writing too long hardly makes the kind of impression you've in mind.
  • Always tailor every cover letter sample for project coordinator to the specific job being applied for. If applying to more than one, customize each project coordinator cover letter to each position.
  • Include industry-specific skills. For instance, a project coordinator must have organizational skills to help complete open projects keeping the entire team together. Working with a team, directing and explaining information and ideas require good communication skills. To remain focused and working on the aim of the project self-motivation is important. Project coordinator should also be adaptable considering things always change or fresh details emerge changing the course of the work.
  • Highlight professional affiliations and organizations you're associated with if any. Project coordinators for specific projects could be required to have certain certifications. If you've accomplished any highlight it in a cover letter for project coordinator.
  • Personal projects completed should not be ignored. If you've taken a personal project that required management and project coordination skills to complete need to be highlighted. This is especially for entry-level project coordinator cover letters. Such information helps improve the document.
  • Technical skills are also important. Some project coordination positions require competences in specific software or tools in the wider project management industry. If you've experienced in any of them or currently learning any indicate so in the cover letter.
  • Read and revise your work to avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and incoherency. Recheck the name of the company, employer or hiring manager and that you've got it right. Use project coordinator cover letter sample to get all the details, information and format right.

How to Edit Project Coordinator Cover Letter Template

In order to make modifications to PDF cover letter templates smoothly, you should use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the most powerful but easy-to-use PDF editor. The editing features in this tool will help you change the text, images, graphic-based objects, form fields in the templates.

cover letter sample for project coordinator

Step 1. Open the Project Coordinator Cover Letter Template

cover letter for project coordinator position

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

project coordinator cover letter example

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Project Coordinator Cover Letter

project coordinator cover letter
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