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Don't just send a resume while applying for an acting job. Use an acting cover letter to improve your chances. An actor cover letter allows you to improve on your resume by hitting hard on the desired requirements and showing why you're a perfect fit. Most importantly, the following acting cover letter sample and tips will help you write a quality magnetic draft.

Free Acting Cover Letter Template

Acting Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Lee Michaels
111 Acting Drive
Jollywood, BA 998689

March 19, 2018

Ms. Ann Peters,
Performance Talent Agency
098 Acting Dreams Highway
Jollywood, BA 87590

Dear Ms. Peters,

I am a new actor in Jollywood interested in commercial, film and theatrical productions. I saw the acting call for different roles in the upcoming Hapzilla film posted on your website. My friend Fried Johnson had recommended you highly and indicated you had worked together in the 'Walking Fuzzies' film. In mentioning he reminded me that your company had actually sponsored our school play in 2011 up to the federal level of which I was one of the casts.

Enclosed in the resume is a detailed list of my recent work including my guest starring role in the teen comedy sitcom 'High School Feelings' airing next Wednesday on ABCTV, 8pm CST. I also had a role in a film released in the noir thread of the Downtown Independent Performance Festival last week. Perhaps you should also know I will be taking a new role in four months' time in an off-Broadway theatrical production known as 'Jolly the Cat Fire'.

Thank you for your patient and kind consideration. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss the upcoming film. Feel free to email or call me at your earliest convenience.

Lee Michaels

Tips for Writing Acting Cover Letter

  • Study the job requirement. It's important to structure and customize your acting cover letter in accordance with the open job requirements. In the process, highlight and stress your experience and skills.
  • Avoid generic greetings. You really don't need to use 'dear sir/madam' or 'hiring manager' or 'to whom it may concern'. Take some time to research the name and title behind the hiring manager and address her or him and use an acting cover letter sample.
  • Show your creativity in your actor cover letter. You're an artist and in theater or film creativity is the currency of operation. Experiment on diverse cover letter formats, paragraph structures and words until you get what you believe to be what you need.
  • Maintain your cool. Most acting cover letters have applicants showing their enthusiasm and sheer excitement. Avoid the temptation to do this to avoid sounding artificial and unclear in whom you really are.
  • Do praise yourself. As you feature your accomplishments, experience and competences you're really showing the potential employer your value and worth. Avoid wasting too much on the responsibilities but really connect your abilities to the job posting.
  • Actors cover letter need to be sharp. With only a few seconds to look at every cover letter, you need the hiring manager to be hooked in and take a few more minutes on your cover letter and resume.
  • Be truthful throughout the cover letter. Actors could be compelled to exaggerate themselves and their abilities to go ahead of the queue. However, no matter the competitiveness don't be compelled to lie. Make an assumption that every little fact you state will be looked into.
  • Keep the cover letter short. You need to get right onto the point immediately without wasting words on what's already obvious. For instance, you don't have to start with your name and state you're an actor. Such info is already there and obvious.
  • Add some personality. Firstly, an acting job is very different from any in the corporate world. Avoid sounding a lot like you work in an executive office as an accountant by being yourself. Rather, use words that you would use as you speak to a person. Make use of personal expressions that show your own style even in an acting cover letter sample for beginners.
  • Showcase your qualifications. Even as you craft the cover letter note that specific qualifications need to come out very clearly right form the beginning. Highlight acting skills, interpersonal and communication skills, among others.
  • Don't just submit the cover letter. Perhaps after writing the document you might end up feeling like the job is done and you've actually crafted a quality one. Take some time to reread your draft. You can get a friend to read it through or simply read aloud to hear what you've written and rectify grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Above all make the most of acting cover letter examples to capture everything.

How to Edit Acting Cover Letter Template

To edit the PDF cover letter for acting template, you need Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, an amazing PDF editor. This tool can help you make any modifications to the PDF cover letter templates. It can also help you turn scanned PDF templates into editable texts with the advanced OCR feature.

actors cover letter

Step 1. Open the Acting Cover Letter Template

acting cover letter sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

actor cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Acting Cover Letter

acting cover letter
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