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Enhance your chances of getting called for an interview with a program manager cover letter. Sample cover letter for program manager ensures all details are captured and you've put your best leg forward. The following sample and tips will help you craft the best cover letter for the program manager position.

Free Program Manager Cover Letter Template

program manager cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for the program manager. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Program Manager Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Marvin Williams
21 Glinting St.
Metown, CA 45533
Phone: (555) 000-3456
Email: marvw@exaample.com
March 21, 2018
Mr. Kef Michaels
Hiring Manager
Downtown Ventures Ltd
21 Godown Av.
Metown, CA 45533

Dear Mr. Michaels,

I was highly excited to find Downtown Ventures Ltd LinkedIn posting for a Program Manager. I offer 8 years of extensive experience in project delivery for strategic multimillion client projects in customer service, development of ERP systems, e-commerce web development and IU design, payment processing and order fulfillment, logistics, and transportation including system interface deployment and design.

Some of my recent accomplishments at FABA Ltd include:

  • Cost savings running into $21.2M leading the IT framework and development in a strategic yearly approach for better decision making
  • Increased revenue by 20% every month through the management of business store applications and enterprise-wide enhancement leading to facilitation of supply chain strategies, enhancement of store configurations, boosting promotional sales and improved customer satisfaction
  • Introduced and managed ORACLE ERP and AFAM OCT complex integrations without business operation interruptions

I hold a BS in Software Management, Project Control and Extensions from Mannington College and an MBA from Dale County College. My program management credentials include Project Management Certification (PMC) and multiple certifications in PMI Certified Sigma Practitioner (PMI-CSP).

I blend management skills, customer service experience, technical knowledge and business detailed competencies to offer needed solutions. I look forward to your call or email at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and the job further.

Thank you for your time.

Marvin Williams
Phone: (555) 000-3456
Email: marvw@exaample.com

Tips for Writing Program Manager Cover Letter

  • Show your competency. The program manager cover letter is a chance to show off your varied skills and how you've accomplished in program management previously.
  • Personalize the application. You're definitely up against the formidable competition. You must personalize each cover letter by closely tailoring your letter to meet the needs of the potential employer. Don't just show you look forward to working in such an organization but actually let the reader see how working with you will be a great experience.
  • Show how your skills affected the previous project. Obviously you've worked in different programs and had great results, such as boosting company production or increasing profit margin. Don't fail to show how your program management efforts made the previous employer successful.
  • Don't rehash your resume. Most people forget the cover letter for the program manager position is a chance to market yourself and convince the reader to peruse the resume further. It's not a word for word repetition of the resume. Repetition dulls the letter and takes away its punch.
  • Don't overuse personal pronouns. You might forget and use too much of 'I' and 'me' and 'my' that the cover letter reads like an autobiography. Ensure the draft is actually about how your abilities and experience meet the needs of your employer.
  • Use cover sample cover letter for program manager. Getting every detail right, including the structure is everything.
  • Make the most of the job description. If job description has mentioned specific competencies that you hold stress on them on the cover letter program manager draft. Go ahead and demonstrate to the screener how these skills will transform their company.
  • Don't ignore soft skills. Offer extra details in relation to your soft skills. Extend on them, such as communication skills. Give a little more on these skills and how you've used communication ability to accomplish a number of things.
  • Let your potential shine through. Throughout the letter, you must be telling the potential employer your desire to join their team and demonstrate what you're bringing on the table. Take a step further and research the company to understand their practices and products, including projects the company has been working on in the recent past. Then show how your skill set will be an asset to the company. Let them know how you will be helping accomplish their goals if employed.
  • Revise your cover letter. Check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Ensure it reads well and all names from the hiring manager to the company are well captured. Do use a program manager cover letter sample to get the structure right.

How to Edit Program Manager Cover Letter Template

A beautiful PDF cover letter will help you get an interview call easily. Free download one of the professional templates in this article and edit it with a professional PDF editor, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, and you will get a unique and strong PDF cover letter for the program manager.

cover letter program manager

Step 1. Open the Program Manager Cover Letter Template

cover letter for program manager position

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

sample cover letter for program manager

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Program Manager Cover Letter

program manager cover letter
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