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Applying for a hair stylist job soon? The following hair stylist cover letter can help you get started. With a hair stylist cover letter sample you're sure to get ahead of the queue and noticed fast. cover letter hair stylist tips will ensure you put your best leg forward.

Free Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template

hair stylist cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for hair stylist. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Hair Stylist Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Cynthia Perry
Scuttle, NC 45438
Phone: 555-777-4468

May 8, 2018

Ms. Jackie Missy
Hiring Manager
Quick-Up Beauty Salon
33 Westhair Ave.
Scuttle, NC 43978

Re: Hair Stylist Position

Dear Ms. Missy,

I am writing in response to your Hair Stylist position ad appearing on hrstyle.org. I have been the top hair stylist at Bonzo Beauty and Barber Salon and bring a focused mind, great service, hardworking attributes and great customer oriented acumen into the role.

My current position involves managing a busy schedule with an always full appointment routine of our consistent clients for styling, coloring, cutting and other beauty services. I am called to handle all manner of problems with both clients and coworkers and able to work under minimum oversight, independently and in a high intensive environment. I learn fast, a team player and apt mentor to young stylists.

As a self-starter, I am great in customer service, hair styling customization and dozens of other hair treatments. With five years' experience in a higher-end busy salon I understand all that's required to run a top salon and internalize new styles, procedures and trendy cuts. As a part of the hairstylist team at Quick-Up Beauty and Barber Salon, I believe I will increase your customer base, boost your business with quality referrals and a sure client base.

Attached are my references and resume. Do contact me at your earliest convenience by mail or phone to discuss your hairstylist needs further.

Cynthia Perry

Tips for Writing a Hair Stylist Cover Letter

  • Do keep hair stylist cover letter relevant. Ensure you've stuck to information critical and related to the hairstylist industry. Include famous or well-known personalities you might have worked with before including products you've experience in handling.
  • Don't overstuff cover letter. Just like a salon is a friendly, happy and easy place to be in ensure your words are not overstuffed without being too informal.
  • Fluff is to be shunned. Ensure the cover letter remains short, to the point and sharp. Try not to go beyond 250 words for easier reading, sweet to the ears and easy on the eyes.
  • Don't overdo the cover letter. Whatever you write about yourself ensure you remain real, honest and truthful with anything you put across. Do display enthusiasm as much as you can and show your hairstylist talents. However, avoid going overboard and including too many unnecessary adjectives.
  • Do try other presentation formats. It's almost given the salon you're applying for a job is a modern one. Hairstyling has everything to do with presentation. Try other visual ways of presenting your cover letter as much as you can.
  • Reader friendly. Do make the hairstylist cover letter as easy to read as possible perhaps through bullet points wherever you can.
  • Stick to a single page. As mentioned, keeping it short at only 250 words or so allows you to write a sharp, sweet and to the point hairstylist cover unless you've lots of experience.
  • Personal pronouns. While it might not be possible to completely shun personal pronouns, do avoid overusing them. Keep the use of ‘me', ‘my' and ‘I' to a bare minimum.
  • Accomplishments not responsibilities. On the cover letter hair stylist focus as much as you can on accomplishments and little on job responsibilities as you work on previous experience.
  • References. Note that references are never to be included in a cover letter.
  • Hairstyling techniques. Chances are you're highly effective and knowledgeable in specific and unique hairstyles apart from basic hair cutting and washing. In case of special styles in hair styling, please indicate them preferably after the first cover letter paragraph. The more the special skills the valuable an individual you're to the new establishment.
  • Show you can sell if you can. Over 10 percent of revenue of a salon comes from selling hair products. Do flaunt your sales acumen and how you raised hair products sales in your previous employment.
  • Use hair stylist cover letter examples. To ensure you don't leave critical details and important parts in your cover letter do use a sample. Hair stylist cover letter sample will help you keep things into perspective.
  • Read, revise and edit your cover letter. If writing the hairstylist cover letter yourself ask another person to read it and highlight grammatical and spelling errors. You can also read aloud to easily identify areas that need improvement.

How to Edit Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template

PDF cover letter can help you get attention from the hiring manager quickly and you can easily get your own PDF cover letter for hair stylist position with even no experience here. Just download the free PDF cover letter template in this page and change the content with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor. You can get your own unique cover letter.

cover letter hair stylist

Step 1. Open the Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template

hair stylist cover letter examples

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

hair stylist cover letter sample

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Hair Stylist Cover Letter

hair stylist cover letter
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