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One of the best ways of getting the most out of your electrician job application is writing a quality electrician cover letter. With an electrician helper cover letter you can actually get all the details right and capture the attention of the reader. The following sample electrician cover letter and tips can help you do this effortlessly.

Free Electrician Cover Letter Template

electrician cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for electrician. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Electrician Cover Letter Sample (Text)

George Grant
Madison, MD 43270
Phone: 555-999-5787
Email: geogra@mdman.com

May 28, 2018

Mrs. Beth Jerkins
Hiring Manager
Maketic Industrial Ltd.
43 Marketing Ave.
Madison, MD 55371

Re: Electrician Position

Dear Mrs. Jerkins,

I understand from electrichr.me you are in search of a highly qualified, driven and dynamic electrician for Maketic Industrial Ltd. As a certified and highly experienced electrician with six years' experience in the industry, I believe I have what it takes to carry out different tasks in your prestigious company. Together with this application is my resume attached.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and dully completed my federal electrical certification level I, II and III. I am currently working in Neds Industrial LLC in Maryland, where I have been for the last 5 years. Before Neds I spent one year in GTC Ltd. in rural Maryland.

In my current Industrial electrician my responsibilities include:

  • Multi-faceted panel wiring
  • Interns training and junior electricians hiring
  • Management of inventory
  • Electrical scale training and methods appraisal for all electricians in the firm
  • Fault finding and rectification
  • Project managers and ground team collaboration

In addition, I have significant PLC and SIMpro experience and industrial electrical programming. I consistently enhance my skill sets whenever possible with certification programs in and outside my company such as Management and New Wave Electrician programs.

As a committed leader I am also motivated and highly organized and have successfully complete complex projects. My commitment has led to delivery of top-quality work in all personally supervised electrical projects. Given the chance I will bring this commitment to duty and experience to Maketic Industrial Ltd.

Do find more in my attached resume including my references. I will be highly grateful if you call or email me at your soonest convenience to meet in person and discuss about your needs and the open position.

George Grant
Phone: 555-999-5787
Email: geogra@mdman.com

Tips for Writing an Electrician Cover Letter

  • Mention capabilities: In the electrician cover letter ensure you've mentioned your capability in the performance of diverse tasks related to job description in relation to skills that you have. It might come out as bragging but it helps the recruiter know you're indeed able to fill the position perfectly and do jobs as expected.
  • Careful with experiences: Some experiences shouldn't be mentioned or elaborated even in electrician helper cover letter. They are unnecessary and simply take too much space and keep you from expressing yourself and impressing the recruiter comprehensively. For instance, your plumbing experience might not really do you any good in electrical jobs.
  • Personalize: Don't just address an invisible, amorphous and generic individual. Learn the name of the manager or recruiter and address them. Personalizing makes you sound interested and sincere.
  • Be authentic: The reader need to be convinced you're authentic and honest as you sound. Don't overdo it though as it might elicit the opposite reaction and rather, remain as professional as you can throughout.
  • Include the right components: Each cover letter must include required components that help the reader make up their mind fast and also know who you are. These include contact info such as phone, email, state and city where you live, name, education and experience.
  • Use sample electrician cover letter: For most people writing a cover letter doesn't come naturally. Just knowing what to include and what not to can be demanding in itself; avoid this by using a sample cover letter electrician guide. Even an apprentice electrician cover letter sample can help you nail the required details, information, and format and ensure nothing of importance has been left out.
  • Proofread the document: Even with the strongest of credentials, experience and having used cover letter sample electrician you can still waste your chances by not being thorough. Writing a cover letter might take a while that you're persuaded to just submit the way it is. Since it's usually the last to write after the resume, you could be compelled to just attach it without proofreading. Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Ask a friend to read it for you or just read it loudly. Always send a well written cover letter.

How to Edit Electrician Cover Letter Template

It is essential to send your cover letter in PDF format, as PDF format is more and more popular in daily work. You can make changes to the PDF cover letter template in this page and make it be your own unique cover letter. To do this, you can use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor to help you. It will give you the best experience on PDF editing, creating, converting etc.

cover letter sample electrician

Step 1. Open the Electrician Cover Letter Template

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Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

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Step 3. Complete and Save Your Electrician Cover Letter

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