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The cover letter for research position is an effective way to make your job application. With a well written research cover letter you will easily grab the attention of the hiring manager and compel them to want to read your resume. With the following research associate cover letter sample and tips you can persuade the screener that you deserve an interview.

Research Position Cover Letter Template

research job cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for research job. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Cover Letter for Research Position Sample (Text)

Roger Bailey
12 Stock Road, Mitchell,, SD 82030
Cell: (555) 098-09876

May 14, 2018

Dr. Reginald Corke
Technical Health University Fanning
3 Hakstaton Road
Mitchell, SD 82434

Dear Dr. Corke,

I am writing to express interest in the Research Assistant advertised on Technical Health University Fanning's website.

I have recently concluded my PhD at the South Dakota University in “Technical Health and the Impact of Health Classes on Care Outcomes”. My PhD revolved around primary technical care research with health educators and patients culminating on diverse recommendations for county health educators. Prior to that I had completed Masters in Technical Health at Yale University and left with distinction.

The Research Assistant position is a great blend of my technical health evaluating abilities in teaching areas through statistical modeling and care commissioning criteria.

I have held three research assistant positions in county government and academia making me suited for the open position focusing on interface between technical health, educators and care givers. My unique evaluating experience on the impact of technical health in care giving on local groups at the county government has accorded me a unique understanding on practical technical health applications and policy on health educations among people. I was also able to comprehend advanced research and data analysis tools and techniques from ATLAS-Ti to SPSS while investigating the correlation between technical health structures, care and teaching outcomes.

At the county government health department I was a part of a team of collaborating researchers drawn from all nationalities, races and disciplines. This has deepened my confidence in intercultural skills and communicating my recommendations from my research. I also worked as the PhD liaison staff student for the department at South Dakota University where I learnt how to solve problems as they rise, deepen collaboration, build relationships, offer solutions and negotiate technical and practical solutions. It was through these skills that helped me during my three months internship to persuade the South Dakota County Educators Commission to not only get involved in my research project but also implement a number of recommendations and findings.

I am very confident that my experience and expertise in technical health and its impact in care and health teaching, vast experience in government and academic research, strong people and influencing skills and multidisciplinary approach make me ideal for the open role.

I would appreciate a chance to discuss this role further and how my experience meets your requirements. I look forward to meeting you in person shortly.

Roger Bailey
(555) 098-09876

Tips for Writing Cover Letter for Research Position

Always send a cover letter for research position with your resume unless the position directly asks not to. Even if you've placed your CV or resume on an agency's database, submitting a cover letter is another chance to market your skills and improve your chances of getting the position.

Whether it's a research associate cover letter or any research job the write-up should be no more than a page. Be succinct to show the reader you can clearly and fluently explain yourself and your ideas. In-depth details can be offered later in an interview if you make it and through your resume/CV.

Ensures the paragraphs remains short and the typeface as easy and clear as possible to draw the brief attention span of the employer.

Salutation and address must be included. You need to address the research cover letter to an individual. Do a little research to establish who the hiring manager or the research group head is.

  • In the first paragraph explain introductorily the job you are interested in, where you read the posting or heard about the position and a short background about yourself in research matters and research background.
  • In the middle paragraphs use brief illustrations from your accomplishments and previous research to show how you meet the criteria of the research role.
  • In the final part of the cover letter for research job explain what draws you to the research role as advertised in the organization and how the position matches your career goals.
  • In the concluding paragraph conclude with a summary of what makes you perfect for the position and statement indicating your interest to meet in person or in an interview.

To effectively write a great cover letter pick the top 3-4 top requirements or criteria from the job posting and focus on them, giving evidence on each. In case the hiring manager or employer discovers you've fulfilled the top most criteria and you've exactly what they need in terms of skills, experience and credentials on sections that really matter, you definitely will be invited for an interview. The resume will explain other qualifications and competences and interview will conclude the rest.

Skills beyond research are also critical. The bulk of the cover letter for research paper will be displaying your expertise and depth in research and rationale for wanting to fill the role. However, don't make the mistake of many and forget to include other softer skills that the opening also requires. These include such skills as staff management, communication with individuals outside and within the company, writing winning funding proposals, project planning, use of certain research software and tools among others.

How to Edit Cover Letter for Research Position Template

Most research positions use PDF documents a lot in the daily work, so if you are applying for this kind of job, just submit your cover letter for research position as PDF. To edit your PDF cover letter, you need a powerful PDF editor, such as Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It is an all-in-one PDF solution to deal with any problems related to PDF files.

cover letter for research position

Step 1. Open the Cover Letter for Research Position Template

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Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

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Step 3. Complete and Save Your Cover Letter for Research Position

cover letter for research job
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