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It is commonplace for companies to hire for positions from within their existing employee base and there are many opportunities to progress within your career internally. Writing a cover letter for internal position roles is a special kind of cover letter that is different from applying to other job. The below cover letter for internal job roles provides a good framework for writing your own cover letter for internal promotion within your company.

Internal Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter for Internal Position Sample (Text)

Corrine Jones

Address: xxxxxxxxx

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear David,

I am writing to you at the recommendation of Christopher Davis, to apply for the role of Marketing Specialist.

I have been working under Christopher's leadership for two years as Marketing Trainee and he is an advocate for my ability to manage marketing campaigns and come up with creative solutions for clients and work effectively with the team. I am excited at the prospect of taking my responsibilities to the next level to help the company develop even more successful internal and client-based marketing activities.

Since obtaining my First-Class honors degree in Marketing from university this has been my first full-time position, but I have excelled within the department and been highly commended for my work and quick learning of the aspects of the company needed to succeed. I have developed meaningful relationships both with the team in-house and with clients who have often commented on my professionalism and solutions-based approach to helping them achieve their goals.

With more responsibility within the department, I feel I can offer more in terms of relationship management and creative solutions. Given the chance to be in control of campaigns I feel I could make a bigger impact on our company.

I am driven to turn my creative ideas into reality and I am always looking to build on current processes and discover new ways of delivering our campaigns. This opportunity would allow me to further cultivate the relationships I have already developed to the benefit of us all.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to discussing further how I can contribute more to the company's success.

Please find enclosed my resume and a print-out of testimonials from some of our clients for your perusal.

Thanks for your time,

Kind regards,
Corrine Jones

Tips for Writing Cover Letter for Internal Position

An internal job cover letter is a different type of cover letter to other jobs because you are selling yourself from within an organization. The above internal cover letter sample is a good starting point for your own cover letter internal position writing.

  • As this is an internal application it is safe to say that the reader has a good idea of who you are, so you need to focus mainly on how you can apply what they already know about you to the new role and inform them of anything they didn't know about you. Sell these new revelations.
  • Keep the letter to the point. One page of information is enough.
  • One key part of an internal position cover letter is to highlight the member of staff who is an advocate for your application.
  • Focus heavily on the work that you have been undertaking within the organization with details of your current position, the work you have been doing, and who you have been working for. Explain why it is you want to move into another position in the company and outline how this will be good for all concerned.
  • Expand on the above with some detail on your formal qualifications and how this has contributed to your success in the company. Outline how your work has been a success and the benefits your work has had for your employer – if you have stats and figures to back this up, use them here.
  • Add more information about why you want more, or different, responsibilities within the company and how this fits in with your career goals as well as the goals of the company.
  • Cement what it is you bring to the table and how you are excited to bring your skills and enthusiasm to the new role.
  • State that you appreciate the consideration for the role and that you are available to discuss how you can do the role successfully in more detail.
  • Inform the employer of what you have included for their perusal. For example, your resume and any supporting documentation.
  • Show your skills for presenting professional documentation by properly proofreading your cover letter to get rid of any typos and mistakes.

How to Edit Cover Letter for Internal Position Template

To edit the PDF cover letter for internal position, you need a professional PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This is a robust, beautiful and all-in-one PDF solution. It can help you create and edit PDF cover letter with top-notch tools. It can also help you solve other problems with PDF documents.

cover letter for internal position

Step 1. Open the Cover Letter for Internal Position Template

cover letter for internal job

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for internal promotion

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Cover Letter for Internal Position

internal job cover letter
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