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Architecture shapes our world in important ways, and those working the field come with a high level of training and skill. Because of this an architecture cover letter is very important in getting through to the next application stage. The below cover letter architecture sample is a good framework for writing your own cover letter for architecture firm.

Architecture Cover Letter Template

Architecture Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Phillip Govern

Address: xxxxxxxxx

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dear Larry,
I read your recent job posting for the new position at your architecture firm with great interest and I believe I would be the perfect candidate to take that position.
Having achieved a Bachelor of Architecture degree, I have been working for three years, hands on in this field. I am confident that my skills and experience are exactly what you are looking for.
Since graduation I have been employed with Reagon Architects working on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects largely in the healthcare and retail sectors. In this position I have worked on and managed projects from design stage through to successful completion.
I have an in-depth knowledge of building economics, structural design and material resolution and I am proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe, Auto CAD and all major graphics programs. I also have strong technical knowledge of all Building Regulations.
I can match my ambitions for create ground-breaking and quality projects with the skills and knowledge to back them up. I have the design and practical flair to plan, manage and work directly on all stages of an architectural project. On top of this I have excellent teamwork and communication skills.
I have been following your company’s projects and I am very excited about the prospect of working with such a dynamic, reputable and growing company, being able to progress my own work in such a valued professional setting.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the role with you further and I am available for a conversation at any time.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Kind regards,
Phillip Govern

Tips for writing an architecture cover letter

Writing an architecture job cover letter is the first opportunity you have in impressing an employer enough for them to consider hiring you. Even in the digital age a cover letter for architecture job is a very important thing to get right. The above architecture cover letter is a good starting template for writing your own letter. The below advice and tips will explain further what you need to write.

    • Architecture is an extremely professional field to work in and first impressions count. Ensure you letter is properly laid out and formatted with a formal letter template and a readable font.
    • Keep your cover letter short, one page is ideal.
    • Write in the active voice (I started the architecture project) instead of the passive voice (The architecture project I started). This will sell you more directly.
    • Make sure your cover letter is unique for the specific firm you are applying to. Avoid sending out a templated cover letter with the names and information changed on each. Write specific to that company’s requirements.
    • Keep a positive and direct tone throughout the letter. At this stage provide a summary of your skills and experience to date such as your academic qualifications and the length you have been working in the field.
    • Start to expand on this with some specific details of your experience. This candidate explains who they have been working for since graduation and the types of work they have been undertaking. Whilst being positive and selling yourself don’t provide too much information. You want to need a follow-up conversation to sell yourself further.
    • As well as your specific projects outline what skills you have such as skills and software you are proficient in for delivering architecture projects.
    • Start to apply all this practical skill and experience to your personality and how this all creates a package for you as a candidate. Sell yourself positively and illustrate how you as a person makes you stand out from other people applying.
    • Employers also want to see that you have considered what it would be like to work for them. Explain what it is you like about their company (use examples if possible) and relate that to how you would fit into their working culture.
    • Remind the employer that you are keen to get the job and would like the opportunity to discuss that matter further.
  • Don’t send off your architecture cover letter before properly proofreading it. Typos and mistakes are likely to get your cover letter rejected on a technicality and not based on your actual skills. If possible get another person to read it over as well.

How to Edit Architecture Cover Letter Template

If you are an architect and want your cover letter that can help you land the job, you'd better choose a professional PDF cover letter templates first. And then you need to edit it with a PDF editor, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, to make it fit your own experience.

sample cover letter for stay at home mom

Step 1. Open the Cover Letter for Architecture Template

cover letter for stay at home mom sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for stay at home mom returning to workm

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Cover Letter for Architecture

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