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Most candidates do not take the consulting cover letter seriously. They underestimate the importance of a well-written letter. Think about this for a moment. Most companies will read your cover letter consulting before they read your resume. That means the cover letter is your first impression. A weak and not properly written consulting cover letter sample, chances are, the hiring manager will not read your resume. The employer will discard it as unread. A weak cover letter might get you a brief look at the resume but will not warrant an interview. Therefore, you need to leave a great impression with the cover letter. With that in mind, let's take a look at one sample, and discuss some tips.

Free Consulting Cover Letter Template

consulting cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for consulting. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Consulting Cover Letter Sample (Text)

[ Date ]
[ Company Address
Company City, State,
Hiring manager email]

Dear Mr., Mrs., or Ms. [ Hiring Manager's Name] / Respected

I am writing in response to your job posting at [website] for the consulting position. My projects at [former company], where I led a group of 3 analysts on implementation projects for 3+ years, have made me a strong candidate, providing me with great leadership and communication skills.

In my previous projects as a consultant, I have always shown initiative and creativity in problem-solving. My goal has always been to build a consensus within the team, and excellence throughout our community. But most importantly, I always strive to provide accurate, concise, and effective statistical data that will help your company excel on the market.

Being that I prefer to let my work speak for me, I would like to highlight a few of my achievements in previous stops:

  • During my time at [company], I managed to improve the working environment thanks to my communication skills and improve the efficiency and workflow by 10%. At my stop at [company], I managed to develop business solutions through effective analysis of effective processes, which translated to improved efficiency.
  • During interviews with senior executives and entrepreneurs of top media companies, I got a unique opportunity to engage in high-level business discussions, which has translated to better communication skills and a better understanding of how to manage the discussion.
  • As one of the leaders at [project], I managed to develop a China entry for our startup.
  • Most importantly, my five-plus years' experience in the field has helped me understand the value of integrity and persistence in working toward both short and long term institutional goals.

I am excited about the opportunity to join your team, and I firmly believe I can make huge contributions to your company, and your clients. But most importantly, I will fit your entrepreneurial and intellectual culture.

Your name

Tips for Writing Consulting Cover Letter


  • Always state in the first sentence you are applying for a specific job, many people forget to do it.
  • Provide the company with a well-structured and evidence-based argument about why they should interview you.
  • Make sure the closing paragraph is brief, and again restate why you would make a good fit.


  • Never use a form letter. Hiring managers and employers hate form letters. Always make a personalized cover letter. Yes, you can and should use a sample, but insert some info that signals you apply for that specific company.
  • Do not give hiring managers a reason to throw your resume. That includes typos, grammar errors, and poor writing in general.

Use a sample

No matter what position you are applying to, it is always a good idea to use a sample. Using a sample makes sure that you try something that is already proven as successful. However, make sure to build upon the sample, not use it 100%. Personalize it.


Think of writing a consulting cover letter like writing a sample test. If you cannot write a good and interesting cover letter with your career on the line, why should an employer trust you to write a memo with the reputation of the company on the line? If the company cannot trust you, they will not waste their time to look at your resume.


The first thing you need to highlight in your cover letter for a consulting position is your previous work and projects. Make sure to list them in bullet points, making your cover letter more organized and easier for reading. But you should also highlight your skills, mainly your problem solving, communication, leadership, and creativity skills.


Never write more than one page. If the cover letter doesn't fit with size 12 font and 1" margins, it is too long. This is not a set in stone rule, but more of a guiding principle. However, the practice has shown it is best for reading, and the length is more than enough. If you write in a font smaller than size 12, it hurts the reader's eyes, meaning he won't read it.

Double check

When you finish writing the cover letter, make sure that it is addressed to the right person and company. If you are applying in several positions, you might mess up. For example, a cover letter for Company A might end up in the email of the hiring manager for Company B. You do not like it. Double-check at the end to ensure the name, address, and the position you are applying for is correct.


No matter which company you are applying for, as cover letter for consulting should highlight 4 key skills. Those are problem-solving, achieving, personal impact, and leadership. These are the four keywords you should base your cover letter on.

How to Edit Consulting Cover Letter Template

To save efforts both for the employer and yourself, you should start your cover letter in PDF format. If you use a PDF cover letter template, you can try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor, to modify and make changes to the template. It is very easy.

consulting cover letter

Step 1. Open the Consulting Cover Letter Template

cover letter consulting

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

consulting cover letter sample

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Consulting Cover Letter

cover letter for consulting
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