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Chances of blossoming in a lucrative architect career can be boosted by writing a powerful architect cover letter. Even a junior architect cover letter can help you get ahead of the queue and easily be summoned for a future in person interview. With the following tips and architectural cover letter sample set your skills and qualifications efficiently in a quality letter that will draw the attention of the recruiter right away.

Architect Cover Letter Template

cover letter for architect position

This is a free architect position cover letter template. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Architect Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Winston Levi
Knuckle Bridge, NY 43271
Phone: 555-009-1238
Email: winle@mqman.com

July 21, 2018

Mr. Jeb Harris
Hiring Manager,
YTD Architects
13 Beautyville Ave.
Knuckle Bridge, NY 93271

Re: Architect Position

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am delighted to submit my application for the advertised Architect Position appearing on archd.org for YTD Architects. As a result of my vast experience in architecture and management of diverse projects I believe I will contribute significant value to your esteemed team. For years in my career I have consistently worked in a leadership capacity to accomplish high standards and success.

Highlights of my career include, among others:

  • 12 years' experience with proven abilities and track record in diverse drawings review, clarification sketches preparation and construction managers coordination for the company
  • Ability to advise clients, especially construction lenders and equity investors in relation to risks in terms of costs, design, schedule, quality, completion and constructability
  • In conduction of site visits I am able to avoid unnecessary expenses through intense general compliance
  • Involved in over 6000 successful constructions from our design concepts

Enclosed do find my resume with more details on my background and qualifications. I am well inculcated in the diverse issues related to real estate and timely delivery and working with a company sharing this passion and unique growth approach to the construction field is an honor.

Do get in touch by email or phone to discuss your needs in person. Thank you for your time and reading this letter.

Winston Levi
Phone: 555-009-1238
Email: winle@mqman.com

Tips for Writing an Architect Cover Letter

  • Avoid summarizing your resume: For most people the architect cover letter is the same as the resume just a tad shorter. They end up doing themselves a huge disservice by almost copying the resume word for word. The cover letter need to be unique and different from what appears in the resume. Don't squander about a single page repeating the facts and info already appearing elsewhere. Ensure the letter actually adds something new and powerful to your architect job application.
  • Add unique details: It's critical to use even a junior architect cover letter to add that information probably not in your resume such as work habits and personal traits and reasons why excelling in the job is almost assured. For instance, if the architect position requires a person attentive to details and you're always reminded at work how meticulously attentive you're this information that would never appear in a resume is perfect for your cover letter.
  • Keep architectural cover letter conversational: The worst you can do is to appear all formal and highly uptight in your cover letter writing. Probably the hiring manager would have read dozen of such documents and something easy yet professional will work wonders for you. Keep the tone conversational in a warm way as if you're writing to a new acquaintance at work you just met and liked but don't know really well.
  • Customize cover letter: Avoid the mistake of so many where they send the same kind of senior architect cover letter to all the architect jobs they apply. Customize a letter for every job you apply considering the position might have the same title but very different job specifics. In fact, to write the most perfect cover letter take 3-5 requirements from the job description and customize the letter as an answer to those required skills by convincing the reader how your accomplishments and skills fit.
  • Reread the cover letter: Don't just submit your solution architect cover letter before you've reread or asked another person to read it through. Capture all grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, wrong format and other errors and rectify them for a powerful, error-free cover letter.
  • Use sample cover letter for architect position: To get all the details right including the format and what should be added to the letter make the most of a sample. It helps to keep you on the important parts ensuring you don't go overboard or ignore some requirements, such as ensuring everything fits within one page.

How to Edit Architect Cover Letter Template

If you want to edit the PDF cover letter template in this article, you can try the best PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This tool can help you edit and customize the template with the texts, images and even the styles. Just include your own personal information in the template, and you can have a unique cover letter for architect position.

architect cover letter

Step 1. Open the Architect Cover Letter Template

junior architect cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

architectural cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Architect Cover Letter

senior architect cover letter
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