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Top 6 Document Security Systems - Updated

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Every individual, every business company, every organization, every government agency, and organization in between have documents that they process on a daily basis. The question many ask is how secure those documents are? Document security can be defined as "ways that documents are filed, stored, backed up, delivered, processed and everything in between". It is a broad term, but the simple reality is that companies and organizations are finding ways to make their documents secure by encrypting them with passwords and saving them in a secure location.

We now live in a paperless office world, a trend that is catching up fire. In the past, companies hired document storage facilities to store their documents and improve their document security. Today, however, document security systems make sure that your data is safely secured in the cloud, protected by encryption and password.

Top 6 Document Security Systems

1. Symantec Endpoint Encryption

As mentioned, encryption is one of the ways to protect your documents and improve document security. Symantec makes that possible by protecting sensitive information. You can use Symantec to encrypt a full drive, sector by sector, or encrypting flash-drives. In any case, this software is designed for people encrypting a large number of documents.

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Some of the pros include 24/7 customer support, the ability to encrypt bulk documents, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and even email protection.

The downside of this document security system is that you cannot use it on your mobile, or on Linux operating system. Since mobile devices are becoming a large part of businesses, Symantec fails to deliver. Another complaint is that pop-ups appear almost all the time.

2. InvisibleSecrets

With the software, you can encrypt files directly from Windows Explorer and then transfer them by email. Additionally, you can hide files in places such as sound files and pictures.

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Strengths of InvisibleSecrets include easy to use interface, effective, versatile, intuitive and adaptive software. On the flip side, the software is fairly expensive, much more than similar document security systems. Additionally, your trial lasts only 15 days, after which you have to pay for the full version. And if you choose to uninstall the software, you will still have files residue. After uninstalling, you have to manually remove several files.

3. PDFelement for Business

The top line is the document security system that we think is much better than all of the below listed. And that is PDFelement for Business. For your business, it is a great solution for reading, opening, editing, digitally signing, and securing PDF documents. The software comes with a bevy of features, all of which make your life in a paperless office easier and more convenient. But let's stick to some of the most important ones in the area of document security.

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For starters, PDFelement offers two-factor encryption of documents. You can encrypt documents when you send them for signing, but you can also encrypt all your documents and restrict users from editing and copying files.

You can also redact a document. It is a very simple and useful tool to have. Just drag and select the text/image you want to redact, click on "Apply Redaction", and that is that. All the sensitive information you want to redact will be gone.

4. PDF Suite

You can open, create, edit, and convert PDF files with PDF Suite. In terms of document security systems, you can protect documents with 256-bit encryption and restriction.

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Some of the strengths of the software include rather a low price, an intuitive interface, and many key features that you can find in more expensive PDF software choices. The bottom line is that if you need a basic software for PDF encryption, this software will do the trick. In addition, PDF Suite Professional has its own benefits, mostly multimedia capability.

On the down side, you cannot use this software to redact documents. Similar advanced features are also non-existent.

Adobe5. Adobe®Adobe Acrobat® Pro DC

Adobe Pro DC, a document security system designed for users to work with sensitive information, is very popular. You can create and edit PDF documents, and then use passwords and restrictions to control access to data. Team protection is also part of the software. Some people find Adobe Pro DC to be a simple and easy way to control document security, while others dismiss it as a professional option.

document security systems inc

The main benefit is the new interface, as well as major improvements to OCR technology. In terms of document protection, not much has been changed from EchoSign.

The downside is the confusing subscription and purchase plans that nobody can understand. There is no undo function in the OCR correction feature. The interface has been under scrutiny as well, as users hate the large buttons. The custom bar at the top is also gone, which was a huge strength for EchoSign.

6. Foxit PDF Security Suite

The last one on the list is Foxit PDF Security Suite, important software that helps you with opening, organizing, and editing the text. Foxit integrates Microsoft Rights Management Services, combining two software solutions to result in one reliable sharing of confidential documents.

secure document management system

On the plus side, Foxit is lightweight and reliable, and thanks to Box integration, you can read PDF documents within Foxit. Safe reading mode is another benefit, and there is a share button for Facebook and Twitter. This makes Foxit a convenient option for reading PDFs, but not so much for security.

The downside is that being lightweight comes with a price. Users are constantly asking for more features. For example, there is no help for creating digital signatures. And Foxit cannot display complex PDF types.

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