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Businesses nowadays are up for new challenges, and one of those challenges is transferring from the world of hard-copy printed documents, to a digital world of PDF files. Technology has a huge influence on our lifestyle, and businesses nowadays are adapting to it. Paper is becoming excessive, wasteful, and frankly, too expensive. That being said, document management systems are the new trend in business. Simply put, document management system is a "software tool that allows you to store and keep track of digital documents". That is the basic and most simple explanation. But there are much more things you need to know.

What Is Document Management and Its Benefits

A more complex explanation to the term document management is "the processes and procedures your organization uses as it pertains to capturing, storing, securing, and retrieving information on a daily basis". Thanks DMS, businesses can use digital files with ease. Here are some benefits of using document management systems.

project management document templates
  • Reduced storage space, as your entire data is now stored digitally. There is no need to pay commercial properties for storing your documents. File cabinets, boxes, and storage bins are thing of the past
  • Document management also improves the security of the company by providing better control over your documents. Access to the document can be easily controlled for different groups or individuals
  • Retrieving documents is also easier. A simple search will bring up all the documents you need. Instead of going through file cabinets with hours, you can find the document you need in a matter of minutes
  • Document management systems nowadays offer great integration with third-party software, eliminating redundant data. Some DMS software tools support email integration
  • As a result of all previously mentioned benefits, you can get better collaboration with your clients and employees
  • And the most important benefit is you save time and money in a number of ways

Top 5 Systems for Document Management

1. GRM Document Management

This software focuses mostly on providing more storage space, locations, and extension of the product line. GRM comes with some great features like global transparency, consolidated structured and unstructured data, automated workflow management thanks to eForms design application, and much more. One of the best features is the ability to archive legacy data.

cloud document management


  • Can capture documents from many different sources
  • Specialized solutions for different industries
  • Training and implementation included in the initial price


  • No on-premise hosting option available
  • Designed mostly for enterprises, not small and medium companies

2. Alfresco Document Management

Alfresco is an open source alternative for document management systems. Similar as GRM, Alfresco has enterprises in mind as its clients. And while there are great features for enterprises like web content management, image management, document management, and content repository, small and medium businesses are left outside.

alfresco document management


  • The software provides you with revision from every step of the process
  • Every change in the document is recorded, and you can get the version
  • The software is easy to customize


  • Changes in the security system settings require an administrator control
  • The APIs are incoherent
  • While customization is easy, the whole software is more complex and requires a steep learning curve

3. PDFelement for Business

One of the best software tools for document management is PDFelement for Business. It becomes the most popular and best software tools thanks to the robust set of features. And in the same time, the price of the software makes it affordable and easily attainable by everyone. The price is much lower than similar competitors, and there are even more features. Here are some:

open source document management
  • Editing PDF documents with ease
  • Convert any type of document into a PDF document
  • World class OCR technology that recognizes 20 languages and searches body, title, and tags of documents
  • Merging several PDF documents into a single file
  • Manage documents with annotations, highlights, sticky notes, and comments
  • Multiple platform support, app available for iOS
  • Protect your documents with redaction tool, black out sensitive text and images

4. Xerox DocuShare

Xerox has been in the printing business forever. And now it seems like the company is entering the world of digital and paperless office as well. Their relatively new product is DocuShare, a document management tool that allows review and approval of documents. The strength of DocuShare is that it vastly improves collaboration and workflow, and if you have Xerox printer/scanner, things go as smooth as possible.

document management


  • You can index documents, and easily find them for retrieval later
  • Content is accessible from anywhere and at anytime
  • DocuShare can manage several documents at the same time


  • The price is too high for small and medium businesses
  • There is no good search feature, the software relies on indexing
  • There is no support for different languages
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