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Top 6 Free Cloud Document Management Software You Must Try

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Cloud document management has grown to be very popular these days among individual and business. Well, it is all thanks to the fact that the software smoothens everything in the realm of document management where users can access and organize files from the cloud storage. With a lot of cloud document management software in the market, it can be hard to choose but this article has done all the research for you and we will introduce you to 6 of the best in the market.

Choose the Right Cloud Document Management Software

Product Features
System Support Browser-Based Browser-Based Browser-Based Windows, Mac, Android & iOS
Cloud Storage Maximum 1TB /User All-in-one PDF Solution
Mobile app
File Recovery Daily database backups
Send files to outside users
Security Features Active Directory integration
Analytics & Reporting

1. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs supports the management of data in the cloud. It also encourages the sharing of documents and photos, and it offers instant chat, which encourages discussions over a document across users. It works well with iCloud, SaaS, the web, Android, and iOS devices. It offers access controls to prevent unauthorized changes in documents and it supports document conversion, Forms management, and document indexing.


  • It has all the essential features of Google Docs, and you can integrate many platforms with it.


  • Even though it has the features of Google Docs, it does not work well like Google Docs thus making it unfavorable to users.

Download Zoho Docs>>

2. Adamero Content Central

Adamero is a user-friendly tool that helps in storing and organizing documents quickly in Cloud storage. It allows users to organize files in one location. For instance, you can organize receipts, contracts, and different types of digital documents with the help of Adamero's Content Central. The newly added files are tagged, converted to searchable PDFs, and sent to appropriate storage centers or folders. If you need to create files from scratch, the creation templates and editor are very easy to implement


  • You can easily organize files from web-supported devices.


  • The software does not support PDF manipulation inside the application
  • Though it saves files on the cloud, it does not support automatic backups or restore your data.

Download Adamero Content Central>>

3. Eisen Vault

Eisen Vault is cloud-based document management software that is employed by most industries to manage documents essential in daily operations. It helps store documents both in the digital and in the physical form. More features of this program include document assembly, document sharing or delivery, document conversion and document indexing. The application supports the manipulation of files inside the program where you can convert different PDF files or documents into PDF.


  • It is both a web-based or it can be accessed via an installed apps in mobile devices
  • It supports mobile devices making it easier to manage your data at any place.


  • It is only a web and mobile app, no version for desktop

Download Eisen Vault>>

Best Solution for Cloud Document Management Software

PDFelement for Business is one very powerful document management tool that supports the control and modification of files and fast gaining recognition as the best around. It comes with great features that are essential for business operations.

For instance, it can convert different files such as Excel and Word to PDF such that you do not have to recreate documents. The tool has an excellent OCR that makes it easy to convert scanned documents and search PDFs in more than 20 languages. It can merge different files into one document, and it can help split files into single documents. It offers document protection by allowing the use of digitally encrypted passwords. Lastly, it offers data editing features for you to highlight, add notes, stamps and other annotations to your document. Well, it’s time to make the choices. Just take your pick and enjoy the cloud revolution!

4. SharePoint

SharePoint Document Management is a tool that focuses on storage and organization of documents to support an ongoing progress including content creation and sharing within an institution. SharePoint Document Management meets the organization’s documents needs by offering various services. For instance, it helps in storing, organizing, and locating important business materials. It also ensures the consistency of records. Besides, it helps manage metadata for documents.

It also helps protect documents from unauthorized users, and it guarantees consistent business workflows by showing how documents are handled. It has reusable settings that describe the shared behaviors of a particular document thus giving the users the ability to manage, to organize and control content in a consistent way. Moreover, SharePoint helps create sites for creating, using, and storing scores of documents. The designed sites have specific document management features that help make and record changes in an existing document. This tool also allows you to track changes in a document or rather, you are able to tell who added or edited the content in a given document.

The following tips are essential in getting the most out of SharePoint document management.

  •   Develop a plan for an effective way of organizing your information. The plan should consider the culture of the company, how people collaborate, make decisions, and conduct business.
  •   Make sure that the employees are trained properly on how to use the software and the strategies keeping in mind that employee training is critical to any document management system.
  • Utilize all the features of your software. It is necessary to understand all the features and how they can simplify things in your organization.
  •    Ensure that content owners have responsibilities for managing their content. Know the people creating and working with information and determine their roles in document lifecycles.
  • Make sure that your employees or all the software users are on the same page as to how the departments collaborate and share documents.

Download SharePoint>>

5. PaperPort Pro

PaperPort Pro allows the user to achieve many cloud based document management tasks from inside the program. It offers secure cloud backup, and data can be managed from the cloud storage. It gives users the ability to convert documents to PDF, and one can choose a combination of OCR and PDF conversion while storing the documents in folders. It allows you to specify security permissions to employees thus ensuring the security of your documents.


  • You can use a phone camera to upload a document to the application
  • It provides tools to protect even the most sensitive files in your company


  • It does not have CRM integration

Download PaperPort Pro>>

6. FileCenter Pro

The FileCenter Pro is easy to use and install software that supports cloud document management by storing and tracking document in the cloud. It allows the user to tag, categorize and file the electronic data as well as prepare paper files correctly. When installing the program, the software guides you to transfer files to the library. Besides, cloud storage and backup are set at this time. It offers the ability to scan documents directly from the software thus saving time.


  • The built in OCR capabilities helps you scan documents


  • There are no workflow or version controls thus making it cumbersome to use the software

Download FileCenter Pro>>

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