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The Ral color chart classifies colors by a system of numbers and letters. It is important to note that the Ral color chart is an independent system not affiliated to any company or brand. For example, using Ral numbers allow for nearly exact matches of colors across the different paint brands. However, because Ral is a propriety system, it becomes difficult to translate Ral colors to other systems exactly. The following steps show how the Ral color chart can be used.

1. First of all, you have to ensure that the lighting for your color matching comes as close to accurate as possible. For example, if you are matching wall paint, it is important to try to perform the tests in the actual room using both the light in the room and the natural light.

2. Let the Ral color chart be held together at the same angle as the original application. This will help to prevent reflection or shadows from distorting the color.

3. Sort through the color chart until you have visually identified the closest possible match.

4. Identify the Ral number for the identified match and use as appropriate.

What is Ral Color Chart
Ral color chart is simply a color matching system widely used in Europe. It contains over 200 colors and shades and tones where the diversity is ranging from white to black. It is widely believed that Ral colors could consist even up to 2000 colors but this is not used in architectural aluminum. It is important to note that the first digit of the Ral four digit color code is labeled the color group. There is a group known as Ral classic which are also commonly used in powder coating with Ral colors of approximately 200 shades which is just a small sub set of the entire Ral colors.
Ral Color Basic Format
The Ral color chart has a simple format in which all the shades of color is identified by a number. The Ral code consists of four digits and each color features a unique code. For example, the first color starts with an identification of “RAL 1000” with the range of number stretching up to “RAL 9000” which covers all the colors and shades in the RAL classic system. A look at the chart shows for example, the red color and other shades of red like the flame red, signal red, purple red, wine red, rugby red and a lot of other shades of red contained in the chart with their corresponding Ral numbers. This helps users identify their colors easily.
More Tips about Ral Color Chart

1. When converting Ral colors to RGB, it is important to Ral to RGB conversion website that has every Ral color listed and their corresponding RGB numbers.

2. Use the Ral color chart to communicate to the company that prints in RGB what colors you like especially if you have designed in Ral colors but your printer only accepts RGB.

3. It is important to note that Ral issues registers for each of the colors it defines. Therefore, note that Ral does not in any way use color tolerances to identify which applications are true Ral colors.

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