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Meeting Memo Template

  • Meeting Memo Template

Meeting Memo Template

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Meeting Memo Template

Tips for Filling the Template

The staff meeting memo is simple and easy to made especially when there is someone who knows what are the essential details to include and what is the first thing to do. The staff meeting memo sample should be informative enough for everyone to easily pick up the message in it. So, here is a step by step procedure on how to create a basic type of office meeting memo sample:

1. Make a rough plan of the meeting. Clarify the objective and purpose of the meeting to be able to come up with the correct and brief filler for the Subject section of the memo and make a full list of the details. As well as plan the things that the staff or person intended to attend are expected to do during the meeting.

2. Proceed on making the memo. A meeting memo template always starts by writing down the name of the company on the topmost, central part of the page, if there is a logo it is much better, followed by its address and contact information. This part is important for the memo’s confidentiality.

3. Next is to put the word Meeting Memo aligned with the company details but in a much readable font and size for the readers to know what the document is about. It may be customized into Business Meeting Memo or Staff Meeting Memo depending on the purpose of it.

4. The fourth step is to write down the sub-headers To pertaining to the audience intended to invite which can be a long list naming each staff, From which is the person who made the memo or the person who called out for a meeting, Subject wherein a brief and summarized description of the meeting topic is going to be written and then Date that the memo was made.

5. Proceed on writing down the message of the memo, start by making a statement informing every addressed reader that there would be a meeting followed by the objective and purpose of the meeting and then the information about the sample notice of meeting memo, this part could be in a billeting format enlisting the accurate date, time and venue of the meeting. Continue doing so until all the necessary details have been listed.

6. This step is optional, wherein the arranger of the memo may include a closing message requesting for a confirmation of the addressed audience regarding the receipt of the memo.

7. The last step is to sign the memo.

What is Meeting Memo Template
A Meeting Memo is a type of documentation which announces and informs about an upcoming meeting. This may be a business meeting which may be between two or three-person and a group of people or staff meeting. It is a great way of communicating and reminding every relevant person without the verbal efforts, instead every hard and soft copy of the memo is being sent to the audience or being posted on bulletin boards wherein everyone may have a chance to see and read it. Meeting memos are being made by an organization’s arranger or a company’s facilitator enlisting all the essential details that are needed to be informed. Its purpose is to simply invite everyone to attend the said meeting on the said date and time.
Meeting Memo Template Basic Format
Meeting Memos are meant to be simple and concise and yet informative and relevant. There are several formats that can be seen on the internet but a basic Meeting Memo consists of the company logo or name, a title, a header respectively To, From, Subject and Date, and the message itself conveying the date and time of the meeting, the main objective or the subject of the meeting, the venue or place of the meeting, a confirmation request from the audience to the arranger and sometimes some attachments are included. It is also important for a Meeting Memo to indicate a signature from the one who made or call for the said meeting for authorization purposes and a way of saying that the said event is approved and necessarily needed.
More tips about Meeting Memo Template

1. Ask the third party to proofread the bill of sale. If it is possible, let them check out the papers for the details on the property, to get rid of probabilities for errors.

2. It’s a good idea to print out at least 3 copies of the bill of sale, for the buyer, seller, and the transfer.

3. Provide the bill of sale to the buyer so that the buyer can review it. Necessary changes have to be done.

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