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Employment Verification Letter Template
Tips for Filling the Template

Employers often previously verify employees to promote or hire them, to make sure that the employment history, education, and other details information is matched with what provided by the employee. Here are some tips on using an employment verification letter template to create an employment verification letter sample.

Employers usually verify the job title, the start dates and the end of each job, and sometimes will check wages and job responsibilities. The employer can also ask about the reason for the termination and if he or she is qualified for re-employment.

Some employers may conduct rough inspections. They may simply check some of the details on the resume or just call one of your references. Some other employers will not check any of your information at all nor call any of your references.

How much the employer will check depends on how much verification they have done during the recruitment process. Some employers will very thoroughly verify every details and call all your references. They may even ask you to provide a summary of your personality and/or professional ethics. The question they will ask you the most is whether they will hire you again if there is a chance.

What Is an Employment Verification
Employment Verification form is mainly used to verify the qualifications of current or potential employees and past work history by the employers. Employment verification letter to whom it may concern can make great sense for employee's hiring or promoting. Employers may use the employment history as part of an employee's background survey. On the one hand, they verify the honesty of the employees, to confirm the work experience, education history and other detailed information is in accordance with the information provided by the employees; on the other hand, they also want to make sure that the potential employees have the required professional background and work experience by the position.
Employment Verification Format
If you are request to write an employment verification letter for someone, you can refer to an employment verification form template before your writing, so that you can include all the required contents in your letter. The employment verification letter should follow the format of business letter. You must use official business letter format when writing your letter, Including your contact information at the top, the date, and the recipient’s contact information (if you haven't, please ignore). Besides, a salutation at the beginning and a handwritten signature at the end is also a must.

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