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What Is Credit Report

Credit report is the summery of an individual’s financial history. It contains credit accounts and loans, bankruptcies, late payment etc. This report mainly shows whether the person is able to repay borrowed money or not. Experian, Equifax, Transunion are three major credit report bureau. They make credit report on individual’s credit ability. Individuals can demand to see "my free credit report" and ask for correction. Also it shows the name of individuals and companies who had asked for his sample credit report for inquiry.

Credit report is like a financial status of a person. This helps him to get loan easily. Plus he himself can have a clear knowledge of his financial ability. Poor credit reports are barrier to get loan.

Tips for Filling A Credit Report

Credit reports don’t have any international format. You can use the credit report template to fill or edit into your own free credit report.

More information about credit report:

Poor credit report is a barrier to get loan. So it is a necessary job of an individual to keep his credit report clean. The following credit report examples could help you to do so.

1. Late payment creates bad impression. So a payee must clear his payment on time. Using time remainder can be helpful.

2. Check credit report. Poor credit score is a risk.

3. Use a payment plan. Check credit card balance and also the amount of debt. Reduce using credit cards too much.

4. Do not use too many credit cards.

5. Keep low balance on credit card to avoid.

6. Open new credit card only if it is very necessary.

7. Do not move around debt, pay off them.

8. If you find any mistakes in your credit report correct it immediately.

9. Huge existed debt can decrease the lender’s interest.

10. Lenders often use electoral register to verify borrower’s identity. It reduce the chance to be cheated. So one should get himself registered on electoral register.

11. Use a credit-building credit card, if you can. They improves credit score.

12. Some company offers to repair poor credit. Do not fall for their invitation. They do it in a illegal way which may cause you problem.

credit report template
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