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Online Contract Signing Made Easy by Wondershare PDFelement

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Signature Tips • Proven solutions

The rapid evolution of technology has blessed us with more efficient methods of doing things. One thing it made much easier is contract signing, which can now be done online. Unlike the traditional way, online contract signing does not require participants to be in the same room. You do not even have to print the file, saving ink, paper, and money.

For a successful online signing, you need an online eSign tool. Your best choices are Wondershare Document Cloud and Wondershare PDFelement. In this article, we will explore how to use these tools.

Part 1. Benefits of Online Contract Signing

Here are the advantages of online contract signing:

Cut Costs

Online contract signing allows you to save resources. You do not have to print the document, so you don't need to use paper and ink. Furthermore, you do not have to mail the document to your partners. They or you also do not have to travel to meet to sign the contract.


You used to need to meet for contract signings. That means both of you must be available at the set time. That is no longer an issue. With online contract signing, signers can sign anywhere and anytime.


Online contract signing allows you to send signature requests to multiple people. You just need to assign signature fields to each signer, and then you wait for the agreement to be completed. You can do other tasks while waiting. That is more productive than spending your time meeting signers to get their signatures.

Part 2. How To Send Contracts to Others To Collect Signatures

Wondershare Document Cloud is not just a cloud storage system for your files. It includes functions that can help with document management. For example, you can use it to send contracts to others to get their signatures. It is one of the best online contract-signing tools right now.

Here are the steps to using this tool:

  1. Open Wondershare Document Cloud and sign in using your Wondershare ID.
  2. Click Sign > Initiate.
initiating signature request feature
  1. Drag and drop the file you want to get signed in the box in the new window. Alternatively, click Add File and open the file.
uploading the contract that needs signatures
  1. Check Digital Signature > click Next.
  2. If you want to sign the document, check the box for I want to sign the document. Choose between Sign first and Sign last to specify your place in the signing order.
  3. Add the email addresses of the signers and click Next.
setting up the signature request
  1. Drag and drop the signature fields to their position. Click Next.
adding the signature fields to contract
  1. Click Send to send the signature request.
sending the contract to request signatures

Part 3. How To Sign Contracts Using Wondershare PDFelement Cloud

Besides allowing you to collect signatures, Wondershare Document Cloud also lets you sign digital documents. The best thing is that it is so easy to use. Additionally, Wondershare's eSign tools adhere to legal and security standards like HIPAA and ISO 27001. Meaning the electronic signatures are secure.

In this section, we'll explain how to use Wondershare PDFelement Cloud to sign contracts online:

  1. Check your email notifications. There, you will find out if someone sent you a signature request. Open one and click Sign the Document.

signing the document button
  1. You will be directed to a webpage where you will be asked to agree with EULA and the Privacy Policy. Check the box > Click Continue.
agreeing to customer disclosure
  1. Click the signature field assigned to you. You then need to create a signature. You can type it or draw it. Alternatively, you can upload an image of your signature and use it.

creating the digital signature
  1. Click Save to apply the signature to the document and save it for future use.
  2. Click Detail to view the activity on the contract and ensure your signature was applied.
checking the contract activity history

Part 4. How To Check the Status of Sent Contracts and How To Append Signatures

Online contract signing does not end after you send the signature request. You need to check from time to time to see if all signers have signed the document. Also, depending on how you set it, it would not progress until you signed the document yourself.

Let us discuss how you can do that using the Wondershare Document Cloud.

A. Check the Status of Sent Contracts

  1. Under PDFelement Sign on Wondershare Document Cloud, and click Waiting for others.

waiting for others tab
  1. The new window will show you the documents that are still waiting for signatures from others. You can see how many have signed and how many are yet to sign.
  2. If you can't find the contract there, the contract may have been signed by everyone already. To confirm, click Completed and find the contract in the new window.
completed contracts tab

B. Append Your Signature in Wondershare Document Cloud to Progress the Contract

  1. Click Waiting for me under PDFelement Sign.
  2. Click the Sign button on a contract.

starting the signing process
  1. The contract will open, and a pop-up window will appear. Check the I agree to the Consumer Disclosure to use electronic records and signatures checkbox. Click Continue.
agreeing to the consumer disclosure
  1. Select your signature or create one by typing it, drawing it, or uploading an image. Click Save > Submit Signature when done.
signing and saving the signature

Part 5. How To Download the Signed Contract

Suppose the online contract signing is done; all of the signers have appended their signatures. You would want to save a copy of the completed contract. Thankfully, Wondershare Document Cloud also lets you do that easily. Follow the series of steps below to do it:

  1. Wondershare will inform all signers when the contract has been completed. Open the email notification and click View the Document.
viewing the completed contract
  1. Review the signature fields to double-check if all have been signed.
  2. Click Download.
downloading the completely signed contract

Part 6. How To Check the Signature Certificate in the PDF

How authentic are the signatures in the PDF? You should always be asking this question after an online contract signing. Fake signatures would cause big problems. Don't worry. Wondershare has made it a trivial task.

Here is how you can check signature certificates using Wondershare PDFelement.

  1. Open the contract in Wondershare PDFelement.
  2. At the notification bar at the top, click Signature Properties.

signature properties button on pdfelement
  1. In the popup window, click Show Certificate
show certificate option on wondershare pdfelement
  1. Examine the digital certificate used to sign the contract.
signature certificate details viewed on wondershare pdfelement

Part 7. Bonus: Contract Signing With Wondershare PDFelement Application

Wondershare PDFelement has built-in features that let you sign contracts or send contracts to others for their signatures. It makes things so much more convenient since you can sign or request eSign immediately after creating the contract in PDFelement.

Here are the steps to sending eSign requests with this tool:

  1. Click Protect > Request eSign.
wondershare pdfelement app request esign feature
  1. On the new window, add the email addresses of the signers. Also, enter your message to provide recipients with some context on what the file is about.
  2. Set the signing order and the frequency of reminders. Click Next.
setting up the contract for contract signing
  1. Drag the signature fields and drop them where they need to be.
adding the signature fields to the contract
  1. Click Send.

Part 7.1. How To Track Status of Sent Contracts With Wondershare PDFelement

Here is how to check the status of sent contracts:

  1. Go to the Agreement tab.
  2. Check the list of contracts and see the “Status” section. It will tell you how many signers have signed and how many are yet to sign. If all has been signed, the label will be “Completed.”
  3. Click the Update button to refresh the list.
checking status of signature contracts


Online contract signing, enabled by eSign tools, is a more convenient way to seal contracts. You can do it remotely, and it helps you save resources. Wondershare PDFelement and Wondershare Document Cloud are the best tools for this task. They let you do many things, including sending signature requests, signing documents digitally, verifying certificates, and more!

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