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Top 8 Online Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: PDF Software • Proven solutions

Formative assessment has emerged as a cornerstone of effective teaching. Educators strive to cultivate deeper student understanding and foster continuous improvement. Because of this, online formative assessment tools have become prominent. These tools empower teachers to gauge student progress in real time. Additionally, they enable you to tailor their instructional approaches to meet individual needs.

Continue reading this article to find the 8 best online formative assessment tools.

Part 1. The Best Online Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers

Here are the top 8 online formative assessment tools.

1. Edulastic

answering an assessment in edulastic

Edulastic helps "put every student on the path to success." It allows you to identify gaps, measure students' growth, and help them learn. Edulastic offers over 10,000 pre-built assessments. Based on the results a student gets, you can assign them different assignments to help them catch up with their classmates or support their rapid growth. You can also use these assessments to craft a lesson plan.

Moreover, Edulastic offers a district-wide platform for sharing district-wide assessments. This feature is free for teachers.

User Review

A G2 user review says that Edulastic is a must for any classroom teacher. The user liked the ready-made state practice tests. Likewise, they loved how you can easily create an assessment by putting in the standard you would like to assess.

2. ASSISTments

the performance summary window on assistments

ASSISTments is a great online assessment tool because it is forever free. It is a math platform where you can set assignments for students. They will receive instant feedback once they have completed the assignment. You can then study these assignments to identify the areas your students are struggling with. Also, you can use it to determine who is lagging behind.

If you are from the USA, you are in luck. ASSISTments offer numerous math curricula from numerous states. Each one has its own complete set of assignments.

User Review:

A user review says that It is easy to personalize for various students when using ASSISTments. And the reports make it easy to see how and what they are doing. They said they highly recommend this tool to make teachers’ and students’ lives easier.

3. Mentimeter

an open ended question on mentimeter

Mentimeter allows you to create fun quizzes for your students. The gamified quizzes will make them excited for these. And the goal of reaching the top of the leaderboard will motivate them to study. If you wish, you can award additional points to the first person to answer a question correctly.

You can also use this platform to create feedback forms instead of quizzes. Ask them what they learned or what they find difficult to understand. That will give you actionable data that will help you create the perfect lesson plan.

User Review:

A G2 user review says that Mentimeter is a quick formative assessment to evaluate their students’ understanding. They also find the templates very useful.

4. Edpuzzle

an open ended question in edpuzzle

Edpuzzle is an online formative assessment tool that lets you create interactive video lessons. You can use videos already available on YouTube, Khan Academy, or Crash Course.

Alternatively, you can upload your own videos. You can select timestamps where you want questions to appear. Another option is to use the available lessons on Edpuzzle. The best part is you can prevent skipping to ensure students watch the whole thing.

You get instant analytics that will help you determine the needs of your students.

User Review:

“It is a very creative way to present information,” says a G2 review. The user loved how Edpuzzle lets you pose questions for comprehension and thought processing. The students then submit their answers, and you can see how they did.

5. Socrative

example of assessment library on socrative

Socrative is another online formative assessment tool that makes learning fun for students. You can launch quizzes or present your students with quick questions. Socrative allows you to create a library of assessments that you can save on your account. This allows you to use them whenever you need to. Besides that, Socrative has something called "Space Race", where students compete to see who gets the most correct answers.

Socrative provides you with a table that gets populated in real time as your students answer the quiz. This allows you to figure out your next steps while they are still taking the assessment.

User Review:

A G2 user reviewer said they use Socrative for tests and quizzes. They say the program is nice for them to go back and see a record of student progress. They also liked how you can control the pace of the test and how the students can instantly see the results.

6. Pear Deck

the user interface of pear deck

Pear Deck is an online formative assessment tool that is so easy to use because of its Google Suite integration. Using this tool, you can transform traditional slide decks into interactive lessons. It encourages real-time student interaction, feedback, and collaboration. You can embed multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, polls, and more in your slide presentations.

As students interact with the interactive slides, their responses are collected in real time. This allows you to gauge student understanding, identify misconceptions, and adapt your teaching strategies accordingly.

7. Seesaw

assigning activity on seesaw formative tool

Seesaw is a freemium online formative assessment tool. This means you can use this platform for free, but you need to pay for some features. Another great thing about it is you can access it using any device.

What does this tool offer? Seesaw allows you to set activities your students have to do. They will then do these activities and upload their output in their portfolio. You and the parents can view these portfolios to assess the students' learning.

One more good thing about this tool is its integration with Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink, and Canvas.

User Review:

A user review on G2 says that Pear Deck helps teachers know where the students are at. Seeing their answers in real-time allows you to see whether or not you need to explain something better before the period ends.

8. Google Forms

assigning activity on seesaw formative tool

 You don't have to go far to find an online formative assessment tool. Google Forms, which is a completely free tool, is a valid option. You can use it to create surveys or quizzes. Set it up so the answers go to a Google Sheet you can analyze for evaluation.

Admittedly, Google Forms is not as impressive as the other options. But both Google Forms and Google Sheets offer many add-ons you can use to improve its capabilities as a formative assessment tool for teachers. For a 100% free tool, it is exceptionally good.

Part 2. Bonus: Wondershare PDFelement: A PDF Solution You Can Use as a Formative Assessment Tool

Wondershare PDFelement is not an online tool. However, it is an excellent formative assessment tool that deserves a mention. It offers many features that can help make your job easier. Let's take a look at these features:

AI Tools

generating a quiz using wondershare pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement's integration with ChatGPT gave it very advanced capabilities. You can use the Chat feature to generate a quiz or worksheets for your students. It can create quizzes for any subject imaginable. Also, you can use the Rewrite feature to rewrite the questions if you want to.


creating an interactive form on pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement has tools for creating interactive forms. This allows you to make each quiz different. You can add fillable text boxes for open-ended questions. Or you can use radio buttons and checkboxes for multiple-choice questions. And that is not all. You can get creative with the number of options Wondershare PDFelement's Form feature offers.


using annotation tools of wondershare pdfelement

You can use Wondershare PDFelement to provide feedback on your students' submissions. You can add notes or callouts to write some information the student needs to know. Also, you can highlight text or draw shapes on the documents to pinpoint what the student got wrong or missed. These are great for helping students recall what they forgot.

Data Extraction

extracting a page in wondershare pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement also offers a Data Extraction feature. It allows you to take a page from the PDF and save it as a separate document. This can assist you in collecting and organizing valuable student data. You can merge it with similar documents to track the student's or the class' learning progress.


wondershare pdfelement for different devices

Wondershare PDFelement is on almost every platform. It is on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Thus, you and your students can access it easily. As a result, it is easy to engage them using this tool.


Online formative assessment tools are a huge help to teachers. They allow you to evaluate how much your students have learned or still need to learn. If you are not looking for an online tool very specifically, you can try Wondershare PDFelement. It can generate quizzes and worksheets using AI and extract data from your students' submissions. Additionally, its form features allow you to design your assessments the way you want them to be.

Wondershare is also available on different platforms, making it an excellent tool for you and your students to use.

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