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Top 5 Reasons to Go Paperless

One of technology’s biggest achievement in the 21st century is its ability to create cleaner energy and make the universe conducive for humans. In recent times, technology has helped reduced cost, spaces, time and most importantly, greenhouse effect and environmental devastation. A paperless world is one of technology’s numerous advantages that has come to stay in our universe.

PDFelement has created an infographic to highlight why you need to go paperless. Fortunately, the reason are clear and are supported by facts and statistics, you will find it interesting.For instance, going paperless saves trees and from the infographic, you can see that recycling just a ton of paper saves a lot of trees and time. In addition, going paperless also considers storage space savings. Other things considered in the infographic includes document safety as well as mobility which is because digital documents in this paperless arrangement can be accessed anywhere from multiple devices.

The infographic is very clear with facts and figures. It is designed with good graphics and symbols making it very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. With this, every doubt about going paperless will be eliminated and you go through the top reasons why you should go paperless. You can go through the infographic content below.

Here are 5 major reasons to go paperless in our ever evolving digitalized world.

infographic go paperless 

1. It Saves Trees:  With the lurking dangers of climate change all over the world, trees are major tools in saving our universe by limiting carbon footprints through the reduction of CO2 gases and increase and air oxygen. Studies reveal that 13 trees are saved from deforestation when one recycle 1 ton of paper.  Going paperless is helped by the increasing usage of various electronic document, saving us from pollution and global warming.

2. It Saves Time:  An average time spend to retrieve information on papers takes about 18 minutes, while it takes 2s to retrieve information on an electronic document like PDF.  Electronic documents are easily retrieved on devices through key index like “date, keyword” or any other defined content. It helps saves a lot of time and increase human productivity. You can also save time when dealing with clients or co-workers by sending documents digitally for revisions of agreements, purchase, legal etc.

3. It Saves Storage Space: Law firms and many other companies have had cause to lease storage space to store their sensitive documents every year as they continue to pile up. Some firms do not encourage productivity with hundreds of paper files lying everywhere with no hope of clearance in the near future. Electronic document has become a big alternative save documents, as it is less expensive, secured and do need physical space for storage.  An average of 10,000 documents takes 9FT2 of floor space, while electronic gives room to save on hard drive and cloud and do not require any floor space no matter amount of documents.

4. It is Safer: Paper document are very susceptible to threats from theft, fire, water or natural conditions. Electronic documents can be protected from theft through password and can be stored on cloud without worry for any immediate threat from human and natural conditions. An e-based storage system (cloud) protects your document secure location and allows you to search anywhere with internet.

5. It is Mobile: Electronic document can be accessed anywhere, unlike paper documents where you have to be physically present at the document location to access you files. With electronic documents, you can save your files on secured hosting services that lets you access document on the internet anywhere on desktop, tablets, and smartphones. 

Electronic documents like PDF needs excellent software tools like PDFelement that will lets you access, edit, convert and scan your PDF anywhere. 

4 tools are highly needed when transitioning from paper document to electronic documents;

i. Recycle Bin – To clear your office space of its excess papers.
ii. A Scanner – To scan important paper files and convert into PDF when necessary.
iii. OCR Software – Premium PDF software like PDFelement lets you edit scanned files with its excellent OCR features. It can also let you edit, export, and convert PDF to files of choice.
iv. A Storage System – Electronic documents needs a professional hosting platform that can stored document. Dropbox is one of the most secured hosting platforms you can always use.

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