How to Go Paperless - Build Paperless Office & Home
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Part 1: Paper Waste Facts You Need to Know

Why should we go paperless? You will have your answer after learning the environmental impact of paper waste.

Make up 50% of Waste

50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper.
paper uses

400 Millions Tons of Paper

The global consumption of paper and board has amounted to an estimated 400 million metric tons per year.
save 17 trees

Save 17 Trees

Save 1 ton of paper = Save 17 trees + 4000 kW of energy + 7,000 gallons of water.

Part 2: How Green You Are? Take a Paperless Quiz

Before going paperless, take this fun quiz to find out how paperless you are. Are you super green, bright green, or light green now?
paperless question
When you receive an email with an attached document that you need to sign, what do you do? (1/5)
How do you complete a form at office? (2/5)
How do you read books? Digital reading or paper reading? (3/5)
How do you organize files in the office/ at home? (4/5)
How do you pay and receive your bills? (5/5)
Done! Here is how green you are.
paper uses print out documents
Print the document out and sign it.
paperless solution esign documents
Create an electronic signature and eSign it.
cross icon paper form
Fill in a paper form.
check icon digital form
Fill in a digital form.
cross icon paper books
Paper books.
check icon ebook
cross icon filing cabinet
Use a filing cabinet.
check icon digitize paper document
Digitize paper documents and use cloud storage.
cross icon paper bills
Paper bills and statements.
check icon electronic bills
Receive electronic statements and pay bills online.
super green
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Part 3: How to Go Paperless - 5 Steps

Step 1

Purge all your old paper clutter

National Association of Professional Organizers estimates that we never look at 80% of the papers after seeing them for the first time. Sorting through the existing paper you have at home or in your office.
purge old paper clutter
Step 2

Digitize documents that you must keep

Digitize documents such as bills, receipt, tax records. Scan papers with a mobile or desktop scanner and store them as PDFs electronically on a computer hard drive or cloud storage.
play button digitalize documents with ocr
Step 3

Digitalize your signature

You may sometimes receive an email with an attached document you need to sign and then send back. Create an electronic signature with an E-signature tool. To collect signatures from yourself and others, consider signing up for a digital signature service.
electronic signature
Step 4

Reduce paper uses

Promote the use of easily shareable file formats like (PDFs), move to electronic banking and online invoicing, and replace paper forms with fillable electronic form, all of which make it easier to rely less on paper.
reduce paper uses
Step 5

Ditch paper for digital books

Do you know that producing one book consumes two kilowatt hours of fossil fuels and produce approximately 7.5 kg of CO2? Ebooks are greener, cheaper, and allow many books to be stored in one device.

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