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Top 6 Best Interactive PDF Creators

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Utilizing PDFs to produce anything from business content, promotional materials, or even personal items has been around for ages. The format's easy to share and opens on virtually any mobile or desktop device. This is why people prefer sharing presentations, portfolios, or catalogs in PDFs to any other medium.

As such, we're here to show you 6 of the best interactive PDF creators you can use today. We're going to talk about each interactive PDF form creator's features, price, ratings, and pros and cons for you to conclude. Read below to learn more.

6 best interactive pdf creators

Why Do You Need Interactive PDFs?

Unlike a basic PDF editor, interactive PDF creators allow you to include eye-catching content by adding fillable forms, clickable visuals, hotspots, and hyperlinks. These features in interactive PDF form creators are called "interactive elements." Their purpose is to grab your reader's attention to generate more engagement.

An interactive PDF creator gives you the advantage of having a more refined product than everyone else. People will gravitate towards your creation, and you'll likely get a more positive outcome.

Top 6 Best Tools To Create Interactive PDFs

Let's explore the top six best tools available to make visually appealing PDF files. We're going to start with our top pick as the best interactive PDF creator you can use today in Wondershare PDFelement.

1. PDFelement - Best All-in-One Interactive PDF creator

As far as interactive PDF creators are concerned, Wondershare PDFelement is simply the best of the bunch. PDFelement gives you the ability to not only make fillable forms but also make any PDFs interactive. You can create any interactive or non-interactive PDFs without using another tool, as it's an all-in-one app.

interactive pdf editor

Key Features

Here are Wondershare PDFelement's key features you can immediately take advantage of.

  • Create interactive and non-interactive PDFs from scratch

PDFelement allows you to start from scratch by creating a blank PDF page. You can then make a non-interactive PDF or an interactive one with fillable forms, clickable visuals, hyperlinks, and more, all in a few clicks.

  • OCR

PDFelement's powerful OCR lets you convert a scanned PDF into an editable and searchable file to add interactive elements.

  • Comprehensive PDF Editing

Your PDFs are fully-customizable with a wide range of editing tools. After editing, you can optimize and shrink single or multiple PDFs without losing the original quality. Lastly, the applications can convert PDFs into more than 300 different file formats to choose from and vice versa, adding to its versatility.

A Brief Introduction to Using PDFelement

Here are the steps to start forming interactive PDFs with PDFelement.

Step 1 Download and install PDFelement.

Run the app and click the + button or Open PDF to choose a PDF file you want to make into an interactive one. Alternatively, click Create a PDF to make an interactive PDF from scratch.


Step 2 Once the PDF file is uploaded, click Form on the toolbar section. From there, choose from the appropriate editing options you need to make your PDF fillable—these range from check boxes, text fields, list boxes, combo buttons, and more.

create interactive pdf form

Step 3 Once you've made a fillable PDF, it's time to make them interactive. Click Preview to start filling in the fields you created with interactive information. You can now enter text on text fields, choose an item from a drop-down list with a combo box, add an item from a radio button, or even select an element from the list box, among others.

fill out interactive pdf

2. pdfFiller

Next on our list is pdfFiller. It's a cloud-based interactive PDF creator to create fillable forms, including signing fields, annotating documents, and adding and removing texts.

pdffiller free interactive pdf creator

Key Features

Here are some of pdfFiller's key features.

  • PDF Editor and Converter - Similar to PDFelement, pdfFiller allows editing and conversion to make your PDFs interactive and optimized in file size.
  • Integration - pdfFiller is integrated into some cloud services, such as OneDrive and Google, for easy sharing options.
  • Transfer and Extract Data– Merge spreadsheet data with multiple documents in one click.

3. Canva

The third on our list of the best interactive PDF creators available today is Canva. Canva is a graphic-designing app to create highly interactive PDFs for presentations or visual content.

canva interactive pdf creator

Key Features

Here are Canva's key features.

  • Wide range of templates– Canva is home to millions of design templates and stock images to choose from to kick-start your interactive PDF.
  • PDF Editing– You can create interactive PDFs without switching between different tools.
  • Share and collaboration– You can continue editing interactive PDFs from any device once the PDF is imported to Canva.

4. Foxit

Foxit is another PDF solution to design interactive PDFs that are entirely fillable for sharing in bulk. You can even add an eSigning field to make your PDFs more engaging, particularly when used for business purposes.

foxit interactive pdf creator

Key Features

Here are some of Foxit's key features.

  • All-in-One app– Foxit allows you to create, edit, fill, and sign documents all-in-one app without needing another third-party tool.
  • Collaboration– You can connect teammates to initiate shared reviews to provide and manage feedback.
  • Export options– Easily export whole interactive PDFs or just a selected area to other file formats.

5. PDFescape

PDFescape is for people looking for a free and simple app to create interactive PDFs in minutes.

pdfsecape interactive pdf creator

Key Features

Here are the key features of PDFescape.

  • Password-protection – You can password-protect your interactive PDFs to keep confidential information safe.
  • Share documents online – You can easily share interactive PDFs with team members and clients.

6. Flipsnack

Similar to PDFelement, Flipsnack is specially designed to make interactive PDFs for digital catalogs and promotional materials.

flipsnack interactive pdf creator

Key Features

Here are the key features of Flipsnack.

  • Interactive digital publications – Add internal and external links to make your PDFs more appealing.
  • Spotlight effect – You can highlight any image on your PDFs to make it more attractive with Flipsnack's spotlight effect.

A Comparison Table of Introduced PDF Tools

Here's a table comparing the pros and cons as well as the pricing of all 6 PDF creators.


· It has a free interactive PDF creator trial version and a cost-effective pro version.

· The key features are designed for both business and personal use.

· The simple but elegant interface makes it highly beginner-friendly.

· The trial period of the pro version lasts only up to 14 days.

· PDFelement's Pro Version is $79.99/year. The perpetual license, meanwhile, costs a fee of $129.99.


· You can link your mobile number for two-factor authentication.

· It has several security features to keep your PDFs confidential.

· It has a 30-day free trial period to explore the app fully.

· Most advanced features, such as eSigning and creating workflows, are locked behind the Premium version.

· pdfFiller's Basic version is $8.00/month, and the Premium version is $30.00/month for up to 5 users if billed yearly.


· Canva allows adding interactive elements from videos, audio, and graphics to make your PDF more visually appealing.

· There are multiple sharing and download formats to choose from, including a website launch.

· The individual plan is completely free to use.

· The free version should be enough for casual users, but you can't download the raw file on your computer.

· Canva has a free version, while the Pro version for one person is charged $12.99/month or $119.99/year.


· The application's file size is very minimal, and installation is quick, so you can start immediately.

· The user interface is highly user-friendly and is very accessible to most people

· Most of the advanced features are only available for the Pro + version.

· The Premium version of Foxit starts at $79.00/year and can go as high as $149.00/year for the Pro + version.


· PDFescape has a free version to make interactive PDFs in minutes.

· The free version allows static pages to be converted into fillable forms.

· The free version is filled with ad-laden content.

PDFescape is entirely free to use, but you can upgrade to premium for $2.99/month and ultimate for 5.99/month.


· Its comprehensive design library is an excellent tool for creating online catalogs.

· Flipsnack is generally easy-to-use so that you can get started right away.

· Most of the extra features you'd expect on an interactive PDF creator are locked on the premium version.

· Flipsnack price plans start at $14.00/month and $35/month for the professional version if billed yearly.


Having a reliable interactive PDF creator is a must. These tools are a great way to increase engagement due to the fillable forms you can make to receive quick feedback. Most of the solutions we provided on this list are cost-effective and shouldn't hurt your wallet.

With all these in mind, Wondershare PDFelement is our top pick for the best interactive PDF creator you can use now. PDFelement is an all-in-one solution to make fillable and interactive PDFs in minutes. The features are best for interactive questionnaires, official content, and even customer surveys.

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