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To be seen and get the open volunteer position, a volunteer cover letter is a wonderful way of getting ahead of every other applicant. Through volunteer position cover letter and sample you can be sure of getting all the details and needed information right. The following cover letter volunteer position example and tips will help you get started right away.

Volunteer Cover Letter Template

volunteer position cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for volunteer position. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Volunteer Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Mary Marple
Jacksonville, CA 53271
Phone: 555-098-8921
Email: marmar@mojan.com

July 22, 2018

Mr. Tom Knitts
Chief Recruiter
County Victims Affairs
21 Jamestreet Ave.
Jacksonville, CA 53271

Re: Volunteer Position

Dear Mr. Knitts,

I read in the County website about your search for volunteers in the County Victims Affairs Department. I have been a social worker for over 25 years and an accomplished victim counselor and advocate. I have 10 years' experience as a part-time counselor with the Jameson Police Authorities helping rape and domestic victims in diverse ways.

For the last five years I have worked as victim advocate with the Jameson Police Authorities where I have worked with violent homicide affected families. My tasks included offering grief counseling, trauma help and kept contact out of my own volition of every person the Authorities referred my way. I seek to give help to individuals and families to surmount their worst nightmares and challenges at their most hour of need. I had to retire for a while to take care of my ill husband and had ample time volunteering at the Jackson Senior Care Center and the Hulbrest Hospital offering counseling to all types of people on enhancing their lives, finances, health and surmounting terrible moments in their history.

With my husband well again I am ready to continue helping clients who need counseling to broaden my volunteer and care giving range. I now understand my purpose and main desire is helping other people in diverse ways and volunteering with the County Victims Affairs department even at the slightest will be a dream come true. Attached is my resume and can't wait for your call or email to discuss about your needs and the position.

Mary Marple
Phone: 555-098-8921
Email: marmar@mojan.com

Tips for Writing a Volunteer Cover Letter

  • Regurgitate not the resume: Once you're through with the resume ensure the volunteer cover letter isn't a regurgitation of the resume or CV. The cover letter is a perfect chance of adding those highly impactful and striking details that couldn't be added in the resume. Expand the resume bullet points by showing how the facts about you meet the needs of your potential employer.
  • Make it about the company/potential employer: Avoid the mistake of many who only write about how the open position will be great for them and meet the criteria of their resume. It makes the volunteer cover letter all about themselves, facts recruiters will see and feel immediately and give it a wide berth. Make volunteer position cover letter all about the company and how your skills will transform it by using the job description to answer to what they're looking for. It's all about what you're bringing on the table not what the company means to you.
  • Skills need to be showcased in cover letter for a volunteer position: A volunteer opportunity might be exactly what you've been looking for and great for you but your past experience could be either lacking or unrelated. In such a scenario do focus on the skills you have relating it to the open position.
  • Volunteer cover letter example and templates: Getting the cover letter from the word go is critical. All the required details and information need to be added. Using a sample cover letter for a volunteer position actually helps you capture all these right from the beginning. Customize it to meet the needs of the open volunteer job and make it as striking as you can.
  • Be truthful: Be truthful throughout the cover letter for a volunteer position and avoid the lure of using false information to score quick points to be called for a future interview.
  • Don't apologize for skills not gained yet: Particularly for fresh graduates, the temptation to mention a lack of critical skills can be overwhelming. Avoid apologizing for skills and experience you don't have yet and focus on what you indeed have in the volunteer cover letter.
  • Reread and revise your work: It goes without saying that you cannot just submit your volunteer position cover letter without having reread it. Read the cover letter to volunteer loud or have another set of eyes look at it. Rectify ungrammatical sentence constructions and misspellings as much as you can.

How to Edit Volunteer Cover Letter Template

A successful PDF cover letter can help you launch a desirable job efficiently. Try our specially designed PDF cover letter template and make it your own with a robust PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It is the best PDF tool to edit, convert, create, sign and protect PDF files.

volunteer cover letter example

Step 1. Open the Volunteer Cover Letter Template

cover letter volunteer position

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

volunteer position cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Volunteer Cover Letter

volunteer cover letter
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