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Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes and a social work cover letter can get you ahead of the line. Through a cover letter for social work you can easily improve your chances of an interview. With so many social work cover letter examples you can write the best document the screener wouldn't mind reading further. Find cover letter social work writing tips as well to help you throughout the process.

Free Social Work Cover Letter Template

social work cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for social work. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Social Work Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Priscilla Huckster
12 Third Avenue, Mainland, MD 85460
Cell: (555) 675-76890

May 26, 2018

Ms. Shanice Madden
Director Social Services Hawkins
32 Third Avenue, Mainland,
MD 82344

Dear Ms. Madden,

I came across your posting for a Social Worker on Hastingshr.com and I comfortably believe I have the ideal requisites for the job. My experience, qualification and expertise in supporting diverse social workgroups, programs and individuals have assured me that my abilities could benefit your institution.

I have provided transitional and transformative advice to various groups of people and families and established and developed critical social programs giving me a background that perfectly fits the open position. My interpersonal abilities to establish lasting and trusting interactions and relationships with patients as well as strong leadership and communication competencies poise me to flourish in this role.

Highlights of my qualifications and experience include but not limited to:

  • Offering critical support to affected and at-risk clients, coming up with treatment plans, needs assessment models, significant transitions and counseling modules, connecting and coordinating diverse ancillary caregivers and compiling needed case data and documentation
  • Providing crisis on-call counseling interventions 24/7 and interacting with patients from various social-economic and cultural backgrounds
  • Organizing support groups for specific illness patients such as diabetic, dementia, gynecological and cancer patients to promote support, open communication and healing
  • Using superior and in-depth interpersonal and organization competencies to offer support and effective solutions for patients in stressful and difficult circumstances
  • Possess Master's degree in Social Work and Psychology Sciences from Minneapolis County College, certified training in Adaptation and Management Therapies (AMTs), Cognitive and Trauma Intensive

Behavioral Therapy (CTIB), STIs education, substance abuse management and suicide preventive programs With my 10-year experience in social work, in-depth competencies in offering critical assistance and aid needed by diverse individuals, I believe I will help you transform your institution and change the lives of those who require care. An opportunity to discuss the position further in person at your earliest convenience would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Priscilla Huckster
(555) 675-76890

Tips for Writing Social Work Cover Letter

Everything appearing on the social work cover letter should convince the employer or hiring manager to read it that you deserve further evaluation or at least want to read your resume. Through the cover letter for social work, you must tell a compelling and engaging writ. It's possible social work and related duties have become almost natural and an ambition you hold dear. Through past events, you can explain your passion and experience in the industry.

Avoid the lure of focusing too much on exactly what you expect to attain from the position or joining the organization. Any screener would be more interested in exactly what you're bringing into their company.

You've various rare experiences, competencies or qualifications that have transformed you into a unique social worker. Mention these in the cover letter for social work, perhaps through indicating individuals you came across in your social work and completely left a mark on you. Perhaps you've received lots of awards from the government and other institutions for exemplary social work and effect in your organization or society. Mention these as well.

If the prospective employer has a website, take a few minutes to read and look through. You can then use the voice and tone of the company to craft the cover letter.

Stick to at least a page. Make your cover letter short, interesting, succinct and precise.

Use bullet points to make the document easier to read by listing the critical items while aligning the text preferably towards the left. Formatting this way especially with the help of social work cover letter examples help enhance the cover letter's organization.

Generic language should be avoided as much as possible in the cover letter for social work. For instance, "attentive to details" or "team player" can be avoided by indicating how this played out in your previous roles.

The cover letter is not a repetition of your resume but building on it by providing a unique narrative on how your qualifications are exactly what the employer is looking for. Certifications from courses, workshops and training attended should also be included.

Always highlight the most relevant skills and experience as it meets the top requirements of the position as advertised. It allows the hiring manager to immediately make up their mind you're perfect for the role.

Revise your work accordingly paying attention to grammar, spelling and coherence. Names of people and organizations should be properly captured.

How to Edit Social Work Cover Letter Template

If you want to edit the PDF cover letter templates in this page, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor, will help you. You can easily make any changes to the templates, including the texts, images and even the formatting. You can also create a unique PDF cover letter with this tool.

social work cover letter

Step 1. Open the Social Work Cover Letter Template

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Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

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Step 3. Complete and Save Your Social Work Cover Letter

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