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Are you looking for a security officer job? A security officer cover letter can help you get ahead of other candidates and attract the eye of the hiring manager. Security officer cover letter examples can help you craft the winning cover letter. Use the following cover letter for the security officer sample and tips to get started.

Free Security Officer Cover Letter Template

security officer cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for a security officers. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Security Officer Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Gregory Caddis
Mike Epson
132 Section Blvd.
Downtown, CA, 58120


March 28, 2018
Mr. Jackstone Memphis
Lagstone Stores Ltd
212 Downtown, CA, 54298

Dear Mr. Memphis,

This is in response to your advert for a Security Officer at your company posted on hrtoday.com. I am a dedicated and experienced security officer who has served in different large and small corporations since my first job eight years ago. I worked previously as a utility officer with the county police and handled my security and enforcement dexterously across the county as duty required.

I find my background, experience and competencies a great match to the requirements highlighted in your job requirements for a Security Officer with at least five years' experience.

Throughout my security and law enforcement career I have completed extensive security systems and surveillance programs training, personal protection, handling diverse weapons, tactical counter-terrorism maneuvers, patrol processes and has received commendations and diverse awards for exemplary service in different areas such as asset, property and lives protective duties.

Some of my highlights include:

  • Reinforcing undercover and patrol surveillance processes reducing risk by 20%
  • Secured top VIPs and their entourage in diverse tours across the country
  • Enhanced security measures through the implementation of CCTV and cutting edge security systems
  • Conducted anti-terrorism training and threat assessment to find security vulnerabilities and mitigation of threats
I am able to collaborate effectively with security personnel and law enforcement in my dedication to serving clients with distinction. I also hold certification from California Academy of Police and also a concealed handgun licensure.

Do give me a call or email to meet in-person and discuss your needs and the position. Thank you for your time and patience.

Mike Epson

Tips for Writing Security Officer Cover Letter

  • what you need to include, exclude and emphasize on the cover letter. Don't just send the example as it's though; customize the letter for every security officer job you apply.
  • Make the cover letter short, sweet and precise. One page is enough as any sample security officer cover letter would show. The idea is not to reproduce the CV or resume but to simply give the hiring manager a reason to call you for an interview.
  • Streamline the work with bullet points. It makes the cover letter interesting, easy and wonderful to read. See how it has been done in a cover letter sample for security officer.
  • Show trustworthiness in the cover letter. Every security officer must show discreetness and that they can be trusted just by reading the document. It means you must avoid even a hint of untrustworthiness. If you cannot depict confidentiality the screener will be very reluctant to peruse your resume further.
  • Emphasize areas of excellence. Cover letter offers you a chance to highlight things you excel and do well in. for instance, you might be comfortable and successful in security technologies such as patrol systems and surveillance programs. Ensure these competences are highlighted. First give a thought to what you do very well and find a way of adding it into the cover letter.
  • Target a glaring need. The cover letter is also an answer to the needs of the potential employer. Read the requirements and target a specific need. For instance, if the potential employer has indicated desire for nightshift security officers and it's an area you do well in, let it be clear in the cover letter. Research your target company as much as you can to know the areas of weakness the position is meant to fill and respond to it.
  • Revise and reread your work. Avoid sending the first draft of your cover letter. Have fresh eyes read it and rectify grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and misspelled names. Above all, use a cover letter sample for security officer to get the format, structure and tone right.

How to Edit Security Officer Cover Letter Template

To improve the chances of winning the jobs for security officer, you should prepare a strong PDF cover letter in the first place. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor, will help you create unique PDF cover letter to attract the attention of the hiring manager.

sample cover letter for security officer

Step 1. Open the Security Officer Cover Letter Template

cover letter for security officer

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

security officer cover letter examples

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Security Officer Cover Letter

security officer cover letter
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