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With a lawyer cover letter you can improve your chances of landing the job you've been eyeing. If not explicitly indicated that you shouldn't submit one, always write a cover letter for lawyer position. With the following cover letter sample for lawyer and tips go ahead and write a winning one.

Free Lawyer Cover Letter Template

lawyer cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for lawyer. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Lawyer Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Mercy Perkins
Happy Valley, TX 65470 Phone: 555-014-5567

August 18, 2018

Mr. Happy Grave
Hiring Manager
Kenpo & Associates
33 Jalopy Ave.
Happy Valley, TX 44378

Re: Intellectual Property Lawyer Position

Dear Mr. Grave,

This is a response to your ad for an experienced Intellectual Property Lawyer in attorneyhr.com. I bring 12 years intellectual property legal expertise and experience that I believe will benefit your legal firm.

I earned my law degree from Yale Law School and passed the State of Texas Bar Exam 12 years ago. In the last decade I have worked for established law firms as a licensed attorney, two at Rasmussen & Sons Attorneys At Law, five years at Luigi & Berks Associates and five at Diana Cohen and Wayne Attorneys At Law. I have dealt with diverse legal and litigation matters and represented multi-faceted individual and corporate clientele on myriad complex legal matters, lawsuits, agreements and transactions.

In the last 6 years however I have been focusing on intellectual property legal matters mostly, which make me suitable for the open position in your legal firm.

In recent times I have accomplished:

  • $3 billion worth verdicts on patent infringement
  • Defeat of product liability types of class action cases against movie makers that could have potentially bankrupted them
  • Contributed to trademark infringement lawsuit wins in South Africa, Australia and Taiwan for a U.S. garment maker
  • Preservation of intellectual property rights of diverse companies through prevention of copyright, trademark and patent infringements with solid licensing agreements
  • Developed three amicus curiae presentations for the International Court of Justice

I seek to move into a law firm dealing in intellectual property law wholeheartedly and joining your top-notch team of attorneys will be a pleasure with the view of making lasting and immediate contributions to all cases on trade secrets, trademarks, patents, copyrights and more.

Do give me a call or email me to arrange for an in-person interview at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and the position.

Mercy Perkins

Tips for Writing a Lawyer Cover Letter

  • Remain as genuine as you can: Avoid the temptation of using over the top phrases in the lawyer cover letter to impress the recruiter who might not be an attorney. Overselling yourself could work against you. Remain honest even if your skills are impressive and use very personal language to show the recruiter you're real and sincere.
  • Careful with adverbs: Ensure adverbs are sparingly used if any. Writing things such as "highly overzealous and thrilled for this superb opportunity" could make you look annoying, unprofessional and insincere.
  • Never be generic in introduction: In greeting avoid being too general in the cover letter for lawyer position. Be personal and address the recruiter by name. Research the name of the person and even call the law firm if you've to and request their full name. Avoid going with ‘whom it may concern' or ‘senior recruiter' among others.
  • Length: Note that even the hiring manager doesn't expect you to submit 3 pages of cover letter for lawyer. The expectation is about one page in length. In case you've to write more than a page, ensure your experience and job history can justify it. There may be hundreds of applicants and the reader might just concentrate on the first few paragraphs and leave it at that, missing the best part.
  • Use sample cover letter for lawyer: At times writing a lawyer cover letter can be overburdening considering all the things that have to be redacted to craft a sharp, easy to read and impressive short cover letter. Use cover letter sample for lawyer to ensure you've captured all that's necessary, including the format and must have details.
  • Proofread: Crafting your cover letter lawyer document can take some time and you might be too tired that you just want to submit it the way it is. However, horrendous grammatical and spelling errors could spell doom to your cover letter for lawyer job application. Do read through, find a professional proofreader to revise and edit for you or ask another individual to look it through.

How to Edit Lawyer Cover Letter Template

To apply for a lawyer position, you'd better send your cover letter in PDF format, as Lawyers use PDF documents a lot. You can edit the PDF cover letter template in this page and turn it your own winning PDF cover letter. To do this, you need a professional PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor . It will help you edit and customize the texts, images, graphics, signatures etc. in the template.

sample cover letter for lawyer

Step 1. Open the Lawyer Cover Letter Template

cover letter sample for lawyer

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for lawyer position

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Lawyer Cover Letter

lawyer cover letter
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