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When applying for a job in Human Resources (HR) you are applying to experts in the field of employment and hiring, so your HR cover letter needs to be more professional than when applying for other job roles. As well as displaying your skills and experience you need display an understanding of what employers are looking for. The below HR consultant cover letter sample provides a good framework for writing your own cover letter for HR position openings.

Free HR Cover Letter Template

hr position cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for hr position. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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HR Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jeremy Black

Address: xxxxxxxxx

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mr. Morgan,

I am writing to you to offer my application for the HR consultant position listed on your website. I believe I have the right skill set and experience to be the perfect hire for this position.

Following my degree, I became a Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional and have been working at a mid-sized IT management company as their HR officer dealing with staff and HR issues across all departments.

My training and work to date has provided me with the right combination of staffing experience, organizational skills and communication skills that has seen me regularly commended by both management and colleagues on my handling of issues and disputes, as well as day-to-day HR management.

I can bring a range of skills to the position including:

  • Recruiting the best talent while meeting all department hiring criteria.
  • Writing and running recruitment campaigns.
  • Improving application forms and internal feedback documents to get the most out of the working environment.
  • Dealing with labor disputes, working with the internal and any external legal teams.
  • Increasing employee retention through creating a positive working environment.

As well as the above I consider myself to have excellent written and verbal communication skills that I believe are both essential in any HR role.

Joining your company would be a new challenge for me, but I believe that joining your dynamic working culture would be beneficially to me reaching my career goals and progressing personally. I am sure after reading my resume you will agree that my educational background, HR experience and personal approach to the job would be a valuable addition to your team.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this position with you further, and I am available for a follow-up conversation at any time.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Black

Tips for Writing a HR Cover Letter

Writing a HR coordinator cover letter (or any other HR cover letter) you need to get it right, as you are applying to employment experts. The above cover letter for HR coordinator/consultant is a good starting point (it can also be used for a range of other HR cover letter types including cover letter for hr fresher). The advice and tips below will give you more detail on what you need to write.

  • Be very formal and professional with the language you use for an HR cover letter. This is a job role where colloquial and chatty language is not welcome in documentation. Keep everything formal.
  • Employers read a cover letter for just eight seconds before deciding where to pursue or reject the candidate. If the letter is not addressed directly to them, the letter is likely to make its way onto the rejection pile.
  • Use bullet-points to highlight the most important aspects of your cover letter.
  • Briefly outline your education, qualifications and work experience to date, to display they level of experience and skill you can bring to the position. Don’t give away too much information at this point. You want the employer to have positive questions forcing them to give you a call.
  • Provide some context on what all the above qualifications and experience means in a practical sense for the position in question. Be positive and sell how your current colleagues have reacted to this.
  • Expand further on the positivity with some specific examples of the kind of work you can complete for the employer. Presenting these in a bullet-point list is an effective strategy. This will draw the employers eye to this list directly, so it is best to include all your major selling points in this section.
  • Also mention any soft skills you have that would be of benefit to the position.
  • Employers will also want to see if you have considered how you will fit into their company culture. Explain what it is you like about the company and state how you see yourself fitting in there. This will show you are serious about the role and have properly considered the company before applying.
  • Close your HR cover letter by showing you are open to discussing the position further and that you are available to do so.
  • Attention to detail will be a big part of your HR role, so sending a letter with typos and mistakes is likely to get your application rejected. Properly proof-read your letter before sending it off, and if possible, get a third-party to read over it as well.

How to Edit HR Cover Letter Template

To send your cover letter for HR positions in PDF format will more likely get the attention of the hiring manager. You can download the free PDF cover letter templates in this post and then edit it with a professional PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor . This ultimate tool will enable you create, edit, convert, sign, comment, print and share PDF documents with ease.

hr consultant cover letter sample

Step 1. Open the HR Cover Letter Template

hr coordinator cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for hr fresher

Step 3. Complete and Save Your HR Cover Letter

cover letter for hr coordinator
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