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With a hospitality cover letter you can get ahead of every other applicant. If the employer hasn't explicitly indicated a cover letter hospitality document isn't needed, always painstakingly craft one for every application. The following are tips and a hospitality cover letter example to help you write a winning one to catch the interest of the hiring manager right away.

Free Hospitality Cover Letter Template

Hospitality Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jane Mathews
10 Walden Place,
Scotville NSW 3422
Cell: (555) 333 34567
Email: jmathews@hymail.com

13 February 2018

Carlton Thomas
Carl Bar & Grill
32 Dictum Road
Scotville NSW 333

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am writing in response to your job posting on hrexecutives.com in search of an experienced Manager at the newly established Jackton Carl Hotel. With five years' experience in hospitality and hotel management, I would bring more than a hardworking, service-focused and competent attitude to the position.

In my current position I manage an efficient, busy and results-oriented hotel environment as the Manager for Cityscape's Joyvita Hotel on Third Avenue, Scotville. In my role I work superbly well independently and have a penchant for solving problems. As a service leader I have learned to be a team player as well amidst my vast experience in administrative competences, training, bookkeeping, marketing and revenue generation.

As a self-starter motivating my staff is at the top of my mind including excellence in scheduling, customer service and service fineness. I am also well-versed with employee security, safety, oversight and learn new procedures and guidelines fast. In my current position I was able to increase revenue by 70% and improve staff efficiency and customer satisfaction considerably. As a part of the staff at Jackton Carl Hotel, I hope to effectively keep improving and increasing your revenue, maintain high standards and customer satisfaction every single day.

Enclosed is my resume including a list of references. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your needs and the position in detail.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Jane Mathews
Cell: (555) 333 34567
Email: jmathews@hymail.com

Tips for Writing Hospitality Cover Letter

You've about 40 seconds to catch the attention of the screener through a cover letter. Make the most of hospitality cover letter samples to get things right from the beginning.

  • Do your research first before crafting the hospitality cover letter. Know the company very well by researching it online. Read every job requirement indicated so that in the letter you can demonstrate everything you've learned about both the position and the organization. It means you must avoid using a similar cover letter for all your applications. Customize each one of them by thoroughly following the job specifications.
  • First paragraph is where you introduce yourself. Don't make the paragraph too long but precise and short. State your position and the reason for the application, where you came across the posting and your current occupation and position. In a concise sentence or two, impress upon the reader why the position suits you in the cover letter hospitality document.
  • Second paragraph is where you show your experience. It's a very critical part of the cover letter for hospitality where you list your experience in years, training or qualification relevant to the job as advertised, skills and traits that make you the best for the position. For entry level applications you can focus a bit more on education level attained and what you're bringing on the table. Those who've been working should focus on their previous experience since the employer would be more interested in experience than academic qualifications. In case you're changing your career think about transferrable skills you can include in the second paragraph. While you don't have to brag about your achievements highlight specific accomplishments and back each with figures or facts as much as you can.
  • On the third paragraph convince the reader why you want to join their company. You need to indicate your keenness to integrate yourself with the company. Approach this in any direction such as values the company has you really impressed by, the company uniqueness in contrast with its competitors, why it's good in what it does, perhaps in search of new and fulfilling challenge or taking the next step and direction in your career. Most importantly, be as genuine as you can and let it show while using hospitality cover letter examples to help you do it right.
  • The fourth paragraph is your conclusion. Keeping it precise, sweet and short as possible is very important. Avoid the typical 'I look forward to your response or hearing from you'. Rather, opt for something such as 'I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss the position/my application at your earliest convenience'. Do you know the name of the hiring manager or the name of the recipient? Use 'Yours Sincerely' to sign off or 'Yours Faithfully' if you don't really know the name of the recipient.
  • Revise your work. Even if you believe you've written a quality cover letter for hospitality job look at it with fresh eyes. Find a friend, editor or family member to read it through for you and point out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Bad grammar and lots of typos will do you in. Use a hospitality cover letter example to get the structure and important details right.

How to Edit Hospitality Cover Letter Template

To edit a PDF cover letter for hospitality, you need a smart PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This PDF editing tool can help you make modifications and customize the PDF templates quickly without destroying the style and formatting.

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Step 1. Open the Hospitality Cover Letter Template

cover letter hospitality

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

hospitality cover letter example

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Hospitality Cover Letter

hospitality cover letter
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