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The Top Alternative to Snow License Manager

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Managing software licenses is an important task that hugely impacts any organization. There are many options for software license management tools available on the market, and it’s important to research the different types and find out which ones offer the functionalities you need.

One such top license management program is Snow License Manager. Read on to discover how to use the program, and why it might be the right tool for your organization.

What is Snow License Manager?

Snow License Manager is a software asset management solution for software, SaaS and IaaS that works on the cloud and also with on premise delivery options. This kind of software is designed to help you successfully manage your company’s software assets and the corresponding licenses to reduce costs, security risks, and the staff required to manage licenses and software. Snow license manager allows multiple staff to manage multiple software licenses and access usage, and other, reports to maintain control of the software.
As the main hub of Snow’s advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) platform, Snow License Manager provides a unified view of all the software, cloud and hardware assets, licenses and applications. Thousands of organizations use Snow to manage their licenses, which adds credibility to the benefits of this program.

Benefits of Using Snow License Manager

Snow License Manager has a range of features that are beneficial for successfully managing your software licenses:

  • Unified view across all platforms and sites: The program provides a unified, consolidated view of all software assets across your network and the cloud, all accessible from one interface. You can easily manage multiple software and cloud vendors, device types, and locations.
  • Automated compliance: Snow License Manager automatically calculates the compliance position for all software, allowing simplified management of software compliance.
  • Simple financial management of software: Snow’s simple reporting features let you view usage trends and patterns, and give you powerful support to forecast future costs, revise cloud subscriptions, and consider software allocations.
  • Built-in automation: With automatic import of audit data and the highest levels of automation across the program Snow License Manager cuts down on time-consuming and tedious manual tasks.
  • Management of software locations: Easily manage the active status and locations of your software licenses.
  • Software recognition guarantee: Snow’s unique Software Recognition Service recognizes commercial software from more than 79,500 software publishers and over 500,000 applications.
  • Tailored access: This program is designed to provide tailored access to different staff members, such as IT, Procurement, Finance and more to provide them with the right tools and reporting features specific to their role.
  • Automatic detection of unused software assets: If a software license is not being used on the cloud or on premise, it will automatically be identified. Snow also provides the ability to easily uninstall and re-use licenses via the Snow Automation Platform.
  • Monitoring usage and costs: Snow can help you discover where software is being used in your business and where it is not needed. This will help you identify and manage where software licenses are best attributed in your business so you don’t waste resources.

Instructions on How to Use Snow License Manager

If you feel this is the right tool for you, follow these steps to start using Snow License Manager:

  1. Prepare your systems and check compatibility: Check your systems and devices to ensure they are able to run Snow software. For full details, be sure to read Snow’s full documentation and user manual, which can be found online.
  2. Find and download the installation file: Locate and download the SnowLicenseManagerSetup.exe file.
  3. Start the software installation: Double click on the SnowLicenseManagerSetup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to run this process with administrative privileges.
  4. Add information: When prompted, add your company name and product license key to attribute and license the software to your organization.
  5. Complete web application set-up: In the Windows start up menu, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) and configure your website, on your servers, for use with Snow License Manager software.
  6. Add inventory source: Start the Snow Management and Configuration Center and select a connection to the Snow License Manager. Sign in with the administrator credentials. Now add inventory sources. You can find full details on this process in the Snow License Manager installation documentation found online.
  7. Synchronize the SRS database: Using the Snow Update Service (SUS) update the Software Recognition Service (SRS) database with the latest recognition rules for the latest Snow License Manager version. This should be done either with an online update or an offline update package.
  8. Add an inventory date to the Snow License Manager: This process will add the data pertaining to your software inventory to the Snow License Manager interface so you can view and manage it within the software.
  9. Get started with Snow License Manager: You can now start working with Snow License Manager’s license management functionalities. This will let you manage licenses, attribute licenses to the appropriate users, and generate different reports on software usage.

This article is meant only as a quick start-up guide. It is not intended as a comprehensive overview of the program and how to use it. Refer to the official Snow documentation found online for full instructions and guidance.

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