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Patricia Jones is a book publisher with a Master's degree in Criminal Justice and the co-founder of 105 Publishing LLC. Her one constant pursuit is how to make the author's book come to life.

According to Patricia, there's no such thing as a typical day for a professional in the publishing industry. One day, the job requires speaking to authors about bringing their characters to life; the next day, it could be working on a book cover with the designer. That's why Patricia comes to work each day full of enthusiasm and the knowledge that the work she does touches so many lives.

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Name: Patricia Jones
Age: 25
Location: United States
Position: Business Owner
Company Name:


As a full-time publisher, Patricia Jones needs to put together various kinds of books such as novels, children's books, and journals. Watermarking is a very important part of this operation to ensure the copyright security of books before publication. She says, "I use PDF software whenever I have an illustration that is not fully paid for by an author that I need to distribute. If I have to show an example to anyone, I will use PDF software to watermark or edit a PDF."

Patricia's biggest appeal is to have a proper tool to edit PDFs so that they can be ready to present to authors. This includes being able to reorder pages quickly and efficiently. She recalls, "Sometimes, the illustrator may send us the illustrations in PDF but they are in the wrong order."

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Finding the Perfect PDF Editor for the publisher

PDFelement for Mac allows her to compile these illustrations in the right order so they are available in the correct sequence for review, printing, etc. But that’s only a small part of how PDFelement helped Patricia.

Before PDFelement, it was difficult for Patricia to find the right program that could add watermarks to her documents and allow her to freely edit them as required. According to her, cost was the number one deciding factor for purchasing software or apps, followed by website reviews and how user-friendly they were.


PDFelement Provides Everything a Publisher Needs

PDFelement helped Patricia Jones centralize all communications with authors and streamline her workflow to generate more sales through content.

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Greater Efficiency with Batch Watermarking

Normally, Patricia works with a large number of illustration drafts. Using the batch process feature of PDFelement, Patricia was able to work much faster when watermarking these illustrations for the author to review.

In fact, the batch processes feature can perform more than that. It includes batch create, batch compress, batch OCR, batch convert, bates number and print, and more. Says Patricia, "they are amazing and all of these are accelerators of my job."

High-quality File Conversion

"PDFelement enables to convert files easily to other formats in a lossless manner, I like it". In Patricia’s daily work, the conversion feature is another essential component. She needs to convert documents into various formats (PDF to image, RTF to PDF, Image to PDF, etc.), and these were handled capably by PDFelement’s powerful conversion engine, which is accurate and fast.

Plus, the bulk operation for file conversion made it easy to process large documents in a short amount of time, allowing her to reduce turnaround times within the publishing workflow.

Powerful OCR to Extract Image-based Text

To help with the publisher’s foreign language projects and for editing purposes, Patricia usually needs to convert large sections of image-based text into an editable format so they can be copy-pasted elsewhere. It's a piece of cake with the OCR function of PDFelement, which supports over 20 languages.

Organize PDF the Easy Way

”The best feature in PDFelement is the organize page tool.“ This feedback was from Patricia.

This tool is so user-friendly. It allows me to move pages around and delete pages without changing any of the contents in the PDF. I don't know of any other software that allows you to do this.
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For publishers, the tools they use are not merely for publishing books but also to develop rich content, nurture fruitful relationships with creative people, and serve their customers in the most efficient way possible. The most important part, however, is to ensure that the communication between the publisher, author, and illustrator is efficient and the workflow for publication be as friction-free as possible. "I will always continue using it!" was Patricia's final verdict about PDFelement.

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