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When it comes to notarizing your important documents, the biggest challenge is the need to deal with a series of cumbersome documents to get them legally validated. That means several trips to the lawyer’s office or having a mobile notary at the location of your choice.

This is traditionally called “wet” signing and requires in-person involvement. However, with electronic signatures becoming legal, the preferred modality of completing a notarization has gradually transitioned to Remote Online Notarization: Notarizing your documents online.

legal charcter Suzanne


Name: Suzanne Feinberg
Age: 66
Location: United States
Position: Remote Online Notary
I’ve used
PDFelement for Windows
for 5 months.


Struggling with Multiple File Formats and Layered PDFs

Suzanne Feinberg is a remote online notary from Arizona and started her company, AZ Roving Notary, in January of 2019 after 30 years of being in the business.

In less than 2 years, the company has grown to include 8 independently contracted notaries, but there was one major challenge that her team had to overcome.

Says Suzanne: “My clients send us documents in various formats and I have to upload these documents to a specific platform approved by the AZ Secretary of State. Sometimes I have to make corrections to the notarial certificates or add text for the client to fill in at the signing. And, to make it compatible with the platform we use, it is necessary to have a FLATTENED PDF. I need an efficient and easy-to-use PDF solution to complete the process.”

legal brand

PDF is Great...But...

As commissioned remote online notaries, almost 95% of the business is conducted over the internet according to Arizona laws. And none of this would have been possible without the PDF format, which keeps transactions consistent and efficient. From quoting a price to sending client invoices to uploading documents to the signing platform; from document processing to document downloading, printing or distribution, PDF is the format used in the daily workflow.

legal sign file

Due to Adobe's popularity, Suzanne had used all Adobe products in her line of work. However, if users can't perform common tasks quickly and easily, it's not very useful to have advanced features.

She says, "Acrobat has many functions, but there is no set procedure to flatten the document, and this is the most important thing for me." Plus, Suzanne Feinberg also faced many difficulties when using Acrobat to edit documents, such as matching up fonts and making some files changes. There was no doubt that Suzanne needed to find a new solution.


Flatten and Convert PDF- A Key Connection to Standardize Documents for Remote Online Notarization

Through the recommendation of Google and other platform vendors, Suzanne tried using PDFelement. She says that the main reasons for choosing PDFelement were the great user experience with the Flatten PDF feature and the fast customer service response.

mac pic

PDFelement is easy to install. I find the user experience to be well planned and the support is excellent.

Three aspects of PDFelement clearly helped Suzanne wade through the sea of legal documentation she was responsible for:

legal flatten pdf

Reliable Flatten PDF

Through the flattening function, Suzanne can flatten various PDF documents, document annotations, and multi-layer PDFs from clients, ensuring that the documents become a format that can be read by the printer for printing or saving. This is very useful for her to deal with the secondary editing of clients' PDF files, adding or marking documents for user signatures. Suzanne was able to bring her all documents in line with her system’s requirements in terms of compatibility, which greatly guarantees the smooth development of the entire notarization workflow.

As Suzanne commented: "your software actually has a menu item to FLATTEN".

legal convert pdf

Powerful Conversion Capabilities

When clients did not present documents in their proper format, Suzanne needed PDFelement to convert into standardizing documents. Because the conversion feature from PDFelement has a high conversion quality, she can handle all varieties of format types which is from the clients with safety and speed. The convert format includes Microsoft Office, PDF to image, PDF to Text, PDF to ePub, PDF to PDF/A and so forth.

legal good customer service pdfelement

Excellent Customer Service

Most of all Suzanne was impressed with the responsiveness of the customer service team. She says, "The software is easy to move around and is very intuitive. The few times I have needed support, my email was returned with a relevant answer within minutes."

There are many segments in the legal service. The different segment has the corresponding usability of PDFelement. Here you will learn about a practicing lawyer named Ilaria Baisi on how PDFelement enables her to synchronize her efficient practice.

While engaging in legal work, Ilaria also participates in legal journal cooperation and legal training courses. She often needs to deal with a large number of legal documents, so she really needs comprehensive and easy-to-use PDF Processing tools, by finding PDFelement tool, Ilaria was able to solve all her problems responsibly. Now PDFelement has already become an indispensable tool for her daily work, as well as for the updating study.

legal character


Name: Ilaria Baisi
Age: 26
Location: Italy
Position: Lawyer
I’ve used
PDFelement for Mac
for 2 years and
PDFelement for iOS
for 1 year.

THE Problem

Being a practicing lawyer, Ilaria has daily interaction with a lot of documents and basic paperwork, including Books/Articles,Contracts/Agreements,Manuals,Proposal,Reports/Essay,Statements,Study Material/Course Content etc. “my profession requires to study , annotate and then share with colleagues many sentences whose personal data must remain permanently hidden." Ilaria needs a PDF tool that can meet her diverse needs at the same time. Before using PDFelement, she also tried other PDF tools, "in the past I have used several applications to read and edit PDFs, But all not concise and convenient enough for me. "

legal image


"It is only with PDFelement that I found a single app that allows me to annotate, compile, sign and convert files at the same time and from a single device, also saving a lot of memory. However, I find it very intuitive and less complicated.”

laria discovered PDFelement in the last year of college. Now PDFelement is an integral part of her daily routine as she uses it not only for the legal profession but also for documents relating to home, bills, invoices, purchases, travel, and medical examinations.

legal work with pdfelement

Cross-platform Use in Different Occasions

PDFelement has been a great addition to Ilaria's portfolio. She has realized the availability of the platform across multiple devices and adopted its use accordingly.

At the beginning, she purchased a Mac subscription as she was taking notes and working only on the laptop. After that she needed more practicality and prefer to use devices like Ipad and Iphone. As a result, she believe that the PDFelement experience on iOS will also be even more flexible and fluid, so she also bought an iOS subscription.

"Specifically, I use PDFelement on the Mac for more formal occasions, such as official meetings or customer interviews” is what Ilaria had to share when inquired how she deals with her clientele on duty.

PDFelement for iOS has proved to be extremely handy for her in remote work. “I use iOS version on iPad when I am in the law firm or at home and I have to read and annotate documents, or maybe work on a project and discuss with my colleagues” is what she said over her use of PDFelement for iOS.

legal redact with pdfelement

Redaction Sensitive Information

Ever since Ilaria got hold of PDFelement, she has been able to hide important information through information redaction. Hiding sensitive information is one of the major requirements of her professional career.

"I have always found the function of Censorship very convenient on Mac." Ilaria mentions when she deals with some customer information, in order to ensure privacy and security, some personal data must remain permanently hidden, so the redact function on PDFelement for Mac is her one of the most commonly used functions.

legal sign with pdfelement

Sign Among Lawyer and Clients

Another impressive practical application Ilaria was able to induce in her professional work was the use of electronic and digital signatures. “My colleagues and I have to use PDFelement on a daily basis, since nowadays in Italy the legal procedures are telematic,” was what Ilaria shared when asked how often does she require the signature feature of PDFelement. they need to compile and sign all the trial acts by PDFelements, not only that, Ilaria and her colleagues will also let customers sign contracts through PDFelements.

The work efficiency promoted with the help of this feature was out of bounds. Signing documents that were digitally sent across the devices became manageable. The complete process of signing documents among Ilaria and her clients actually became digitized, thanks to PDFelement.

legal ocr with pdfelement

Scan to Realize Paperless Office

This digital era is all about going paperless. Many companies and people have successfully adopted this ideology and shifted their work into a completely paperless environment. Ilaria wished to proceed to a similar situation, as she was particularly tired with the daily routine of using printers and scanners for her work. She wished to use the minimum amount of paper books and PDFelement help her to realize it.

"I no longer use printers and scanners, I buy fewer paper books and have more space for other items. Last but not least, I make my contribution to safeguarding the planet." She commented on the scanning function of PDFelement.


"PDFELEMENT has greatly improved my working techniques and halved my study time. " Ilaria said.

Ilaria is a very typical user using cross-platform PDFelement. One of the most prominent factors that she highlights is the autonomy and diversity that is being offered by PDFelement. As she has the support of the tool across different devices, she is actually able to use it as per her liking. For her, PDFelement is the perfect tool. Meanwhile, she comes up with her valuable suggestions where she exclaims that "I would like to get an enhancement of the tools for annotating documents and bring more for her and all valuable customers in the near future. "

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