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PDFelement Win the Satisfaction of An IT Director

When Auke Hoekstra was faced with the digital transformation of his company, his role as IT Director demanded that he find the right tools to manage heavy document workflows. PDF was among the most commonly used formats at his IT services firm, so he knew that he would have to find a PDF solution that was scalable, affordable, and provided a task-specific suite of tools. Auke was prepared to meet the challenge head-on with PDFelement at his side.

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Name: Auke Hoekstra
Age: 58
Location: Netherlands
Position: IT Director
I’ve used
PDFelement for Windows
for 2 years.


Auke was facing the initial waves of digital transformation, and he needed a viable document management system that was also affordable and easy to use. His daily tasks involved working with letters, contracts, bills, tax forms, technical manuals, program descriptions, and other diverse document types. He used MS Word whenever he could, but he was already dealing with a heavy PDF workflow and he needed a PDF editor that could search for information easily: “Searchable PDFs are key for my documentation.”

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After comparing PDFelement with other top products on the market, Auke was impressed enough to recommend it to peers in his industry sector. “My standard was high, and I found that PDFelement easily competes with this high standard”, says Auke.

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One-stop PDF solution simply the class workflow

Speaking of his experience with the industry’s most well-known PDF product, he notes: ”I was a heavy user of Adobe Acrobat, which was my reference when searching for an alternative.” Specifically, he noted that it was not the ideal tool for individuals because “the pricing of the tool was too expensive.” Auke needed a powerful PDF editor but his tasks were relatively simple: search PDFs, add watermarks, and so on. But nothing he tried - ABBYY Fine Reader PDF, Foxit PDF, PDFill PDF Editor - was suitable for his purpose. He recalls: “None of them was a fit for my exact requirement, even if it was for personal use.” After trying several tools, he found that PDFelement was able to help him with all of his daily tasks:

Perform OCR in English, German, French, and Dutch
● Watermark PDFs in batches
● Open and read PDFs
● Optimize document file sizes
● Merge or Split PDFs and reordering pages
Process forms and extract form data

it efficient upgrade better ui

Efficient Upgrade - Better UI

Auke talks about his initial reluctance to try the new PDFelement 8: “After using version 7 of PDFelement happily (easy to use, nice interface, does a good job), I hesitated to upgrade to version 8 as I did not like the user interface.”

But he quickly changed his mind after using PDFelement: “I was wrong; it turned out to be an excellent design.” Auke’s initial reluctance turned into delight when he saw how the new interface and clear iconography made it easier to quickly find the tools and features he needed to access.

productivity enhancement tools

Productivity Enhancement Tools

Talking about the ability to process documents in bulk, Auke says: “The new Batch Process in PDFelement has made it very efficient to perform repetitive tasks on multiple files. I have not seen this anywhere else.” He also notes the importance of being able to speed up his productivity when reading documents. In PDFelement, files open very fast, even large ones.

consistency of formatting

Consistency of Formatting

In his daily work, Auke needs a tool that is highly responsive when handling large documents such as contract agreements. It’s important that such files open quickly, which PDFelement does. “I’m very picky about the formatting,” he says, referring to scanned, optimized, and OCR-ed files. They need to be free of skewing and noise pixels, and the text must be clearly recognizable.

Tried several software tools and finally came to the conclusion that PDFelement is the winner for me.

Auke is now setting the bar even higher for the PDFelement team. Now that he’s an expert with PDFelement 8, he’s looking forward to more feature upgrades in the future. For now, it takes care of all his PDF needs, including file conversion, OCR, batch process, watermarking, file organizing, file size optimization, PDF sharing, PDF security, forms management, PDF annotations, and a full suite of text and image editing tools. PDFelement for Windows V8 is the most powerful version yet released, but the company is not stopping to sit on its laurels. Wondershare keeps pushing the envelope on product performance, document handling, and other aspects of its software, and users like Auke Hoekstra are daily benefitting from its rapid iterative development and release cycles and robust feature additions - all at an affordable price point for individuals as well as large teams.

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