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What is a W2 Form

The W2 Form is a tax form for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States. It is used to report wages paid to employees and taxes withheld from them.So the formal expression of the W 2 form is the "Wage and Tax Statement". As part of the employment relationship, the employer must fill out the W 2 form for each employee who is paid wages, salaries, or other compensation. The Social Security Administration will report the relevant amounts on Form W-2 to the Internal Revenue Service.

Tips You Need to Know on W2 form 2022

The W-2 form is typically sent out by mail from the employers. You can order it straight from the IRS to get W-2 online. Here are some tips you need to know on your W-2 Form 2022:

1. Your W-2 form shows you how much you have owed in the whole past year and how much you have paid in taxes on those wages. You should fill in a lot of the information into the W 2 form when you do your taxes.

2. W-2 forms not only shows how much you have earned in wages and tips, but also tell other stuff, such as how much you've received in dependent care benefits, the amount of your health insurance that your employer paid, or even the amount you contributed to your retirement plan during the year.

3. Employers are required legally to send your W 2 copies to the Social Security Administration (“Copy A”) and local tax authorities and your state (“Copy 1”).

4. Your employer must send you a W-2 form by the end of January due to the IRS requires employers to provide their W-2s to the government and employees by Jan. 31 or will be punished.

5. If your employer made a mistake, even if just miss out on a decimal point, get your name wrong or a dollar amount incorrect, or check the wrong box, etc. if any happens, just point out and ask for a corrected form W-2.

6. It is very important to make sure your address is correct. If you don't get your W-2 until Valentine’s Day, please ask your employer for a copy and make sure the W 2 gets the right address.

IRS W-2 Format
The Form W-2 is divided into several boxes for reporting various items related to your income. In Box 1 of W-2 form, you will find your annual salary and wage payments and the federal tax amount deducted in box 2. Not all of your income is subject to a social insurance tax, but only part of it, so you may find in box 3 that the amount reported is lower than your total salary for that year. Your wages subject to Medicare tax, Social Security taxes that are withheld, and information on your state income tax withholding are included in the other boxes of the w 2 form.
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