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How to Edit Sales Order Template

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Sales Order Template

What is A Sales Order
The sales order form is a document which is sent to the customer for confirmation before delivering the goods or services. Note that the sales order can be created when the prospective customer accepts the quote and the customer sends the purchase order for further processing. After the PO is received, the customer can request for the sales order to know the exact date of the delivery of the goods or services. The sales order is important in the sense that it is use to declare that there will be no additional material cost or labor cost incurred by the sale except in situations where the sales order form is used to initiate a production process.
Tips for Filling A Sales Order Template

The sales order form can be created like any other form without much difficulty. As long as you understand the meaning and format of the sales order, a sales order form template could be created in a matter of minutes. The following steps below will help you on creating a basic sales order example.

1. You have the option of downloading and using any predesigned sales order template available on the internet. You can customize it to suit your requirements.

2. Select the sales order template that you can use, double click the template and get ready to edit it to your requirements.

3. Add a logo to your form. Although it is not entirely compulsory to add a logo to your sales order form, it is important if you are making your sales order sample for a registered business. Search your picture folder for your logo, locate the image file and drag the object to your work area. You can resize it to the appropriate size you desire.

4. Add the Sales order title to the form. Use appropriate font and make it bold and add a date column under it.

5. On the left side of the form, put company’s information. The information required includes the company name, address, city, zip code, phone number, fax and email address. Beside it, include the “Ship to “information like the company name, address city, zip code, phone number, fax and email address and customer ID if applicable.

6. Create a column for the sales order details. You can do this by creating a table and partitioning it into quantity, item number, discount, due date, description, unit price and total. Ensure that the table is well fitted to the document. Avoid very little or too large table designs. The table should contain enough rows to contain a sizeable number of sales order details. Add the tax field, shipping method if applicable, sales person and the total amount field in the form.

7. Preview your form and see how the created sales order looks in printed view and on screen. Make additional adjustments if not satisfied with the outcome.

Following these simple steps will surely help you create an acceptable basic sales order sample form which can be used in sales transactions.

Sales Order Basic Format
There are many available sales order template that can be used. However, it is important to understand that a standard sales order format must have the basic information required for the transaction. This information includes the company’s information, description of item, unit price, quantity, discount if applicable, sales tax and the total amount involved. It is important to also note that the inventory department looks at the sales order form to know what needs to be shipped out and the time of shipping. Therefore, a sales order must contain the sales order number, billing address, shipping address and also terms and conditions.
More tips about Sales Order

1. When creating the sales order form that requires you to customize a predesigned template, you have the option of renaming the dates, number, name, address and the ship to fields. You can also add or remove columns in the form and change the font used for different fields.

2. You have the option of adding special sections to the sales order. These special sections include the legal disclaimer, warranty information, contractual details or note to customers. Remember, the sales order document can serve as a legal document; therefore, it is important that all these special features be made clear to avoid an unwanted consequences.

3. Ensure that you are well informed about the difference between a sales order and a sales invoice as they are different.

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