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Policy Memo Template

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More Information about Policy Memo Template

What is Policy Memo

A Policy Memo is a written document providing analysis and recommendations or maybe even an advice for a certain issue. This is often addressed into a limited reader or audience for example a political head, a supervisor, or a manager. This type of memo is made based on fact and discussion of certain issue including informative content in a professional manner, it provides background of the issue, a solution, and what made the maker of the memo come up with the recommendation or advice. A Policy Memo should be clear enough and concise to capture attention and understanding and is well-organized, even the first and second sentences of the memo should be clear enough for the reader to have an idea on what the memo is about.

Policy Memo Basic Format

A basic Policy Memo follows some basic structure or format. It includes header and/or sub headers, brief introduction, background of the issue, analysis of the issue and the conclusion or the recommendation. It may not need a lengthy explanation for it must always be concise and understandable. It is normally divided in paragraphs or sections which regards the right content in the right order and must be in a logical method. Policy Memos should be professionally written and informative to help the audience achieve the maker’s objective. This type of memo should not really be commanding the decision maker on what to do but to help the reader implicate an order or decision.

How to Create a Policy Memo

A Policy should be a quick access of information in order to make a notified decision. There are several formats on how to do it and here is one of them:

Step 1: Make a draft of an organized outline on how to deliver the memo regarding informations and statement. After doing so, try to choose the right and simplest words to use.

Step 2: Start by writing down the word Memo or Policy Memo on the top most of the page and in center. By doing this, the reader would easily distinguish what the document’s purpose is.

Step 3:Next is by doing the sub header contents which are To, From, Date and the subject of the memo. By correctly addressing the reader or the audience of the memo, it helps on the legibility and professionalism of it.

Step 4:Proceed now on the Introduction of the memo in which defining the issue should be seen and the summarization or stating the recommendation as well as the conclusion of the entirety of the memo is written.

Step 5: The next is section is the discussion or breakdown of the background of the issue. Enlist or state all the needed information logically. In this part the maker should also explain how the issue has become a concern.

Step 6: After that, proceed into writing down the supporting arguments or analysis. Enlist all the possible options regarding the issue. This part should also discuss any pros and cons of any points.

Step 7 :The last part of the memo should be the recommendation that the maker of the memo has come up to. It is also required that the maker of the memo should elaborate in this part the reasons why he or she is recommending such idea.

More Tips about Policy Memo

Consider bulleting or numbering when enumerating options or ideas to reflect choices.

Use fact-based ideas. It helps the clarity and legibility of the memo. Remember that this type of memo is more on recommendation and not on telling the decision maker what to do. It is also best to use correct usage of words.

Know the purpose of the memo to help you come up with ideas that may be included in the memo. Always make a draft first to easily choose things to include or what not.

Proofread again and again to know if there are any committed errors. Check the format and content that is written.

If supporting documents are necessary to present make sure to attach them together with memo and attach with a staple. The same thing applies if there are any other pages as a continuation of the memo.

Explain every recommendation and emphasize efficiently and logically.

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