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Tips for Filling the Template

This is one of the simplest United States Army forms in existence. Like every other defense form in the United States Army, boxes are provided to furnish details about the information required. While filling this form, it is important to note that information supplied on this form should be accurate in order to avoid any form of complexity in the near future. The following are instructions that should be followed in order to fill the fill the form properly.

1. The DA Form 1594 is a one page document, straightforward and is not divided into sections like other Army forms. The first thing that must be filled on this form is the page number and the number of pages at the top right area of the form.

2. In filling those boxes above, you should indicate page number 1 for the first sheet. However, you will have to leave the Number of pages blank till you complete the journal entry.

3. The next thing to fill is the organization and the location of where the journal entry is to be made. You are expected to fill it on their respective boxes.

4. There are boxes on the right side which expects you to indicate the time period of which the journal is actually covering. This can be seen on the area designated as “ Period Covered” in the DA Form 1594 form. It is important to state here that journals are actually designed to cover a period of 24 hours. However, you are at liberty to use longer or shorter durations which will be determined by the custom accepted in your organization and position.

5. What has been done so far is to fill out the general information on the top section of the form. After this is done, you are now ready to fill out the grid which will record information for journal entry.

6. The entry is listed on the left side and it is provided with a numeric value for each of the entry.

7. Next, you are expected to indicate a time period for each of the specific entry and the next box is expected to be used in indicating the event of the specific entry that is made.

8. It is important to note that specific events can cover a wide range of topics which can include messages, incidents, orders or some other events which may have occurred during the day. Immediately after the entry, is the action taken box. You are expected to fill out the action taken while responding to the event that you recorded that which has occurred in your entry.

9. Use this method to continue filling your entries until the form is filled out. However, it is important to note that you are at liberty to use additional space. That means that you can use additional boxes or have an addendum attached to the sheet to clarify the events.

10. Not that once the form is completed, it is expected that each of the DA Form 1594 must be certified in the bottom boxes with the name, rank of the officer and their corresponding signature captured on the form signature box.

11. Like it is been said earlier, the DA Form 1594 is easy to fill and should not pose any serious challenges.

What is DA Form 1594
The DA Form 1594 is a standard document of the United States Army known as the daily staff journal or duty officer’s log. It is your basic charge of quarter’s log which is used to document everything that happens while you are on charge of quarter’s duty. The DA Form 1594 is the Army form which is used to record the daily activities of military personnel. It is useful in recording information relating to daily trainings, historical research and operational reviews. The DA Form 1594 can be obtained from the Army documentation website of the United State or in some cases obtained through the Army chain of command.
Warning and Tips for DA Form 1594

1. It is important to ensure that the DA Form 1594 is kept in a very secure place for the purpose of recording and reference.

2. Due to the size of the boxes, your entry should be brief in order to fit in the appropriate boxes. Avoid unnecessary long entries.

3. Like every other Army form documents, you are to ensure that information supplied are current and accurate so as to ensure that there is no confusion in future.

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