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DA 31 Form
Tips for Filling the Template

1. The Da 31 leave form contains four parts. Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Part I talks about your information both personal and leave information. Part II is for emergency leave transportation and travel, part III is the Dependent travel authorization while part IV is the authentication for travel authorization.

2. In the first part, you are required to fill in your control number, your full name from the first , last and middle initial in that order.

3. Fill in your social security number, your rank and the date the application is made.

4. Fill in your leave address starting from street, city, state, zip code and phone number. Please note that your leave address should be your address as at when your leave commences.

5. Check the box for the type of leave requested. It could be ordinary, emergency or others.

6. State your organization, station and phone number.

7. Request for the number of leave days and put the effective start date and end date.

8. Sign your signature.

9. The form is forwarded to the commanding supervisor who will look at the issue, approve or disapprove the application. He will do that by simply ticking the approval or disapproval box and signing his signature on the column provided.

10. On approval, the departure date and time, the number of extended days approved and that dates approved if any, the date and time of return will be filled with the authority involved for departure, extension and return respectively as seen on the form.

11. Part II is concerned about emergency leave and travels. At the beginning is a 7 line write up which talks about the conduct of personnel in an emergency leave situation. Read it carefully and understand what the system and process demand.

12. There is also an instruction for scheduling return transportation.

13. Part III of the Da 31 fillable form takes care of your dependents. For any travel you make with your dependent, you will need a dependent travel authorization. It could be a one way or round trip as the case may be.

14. Fill your dependent information which will include the last name, first name and middle name. Fill the relationship, the date of birth if they are children and their passport numbers.

15. Part IV will issue an authentication for travel authorization where your travel order number will be issued.

After you have completed the required Da 31 fillable word information listed above, you must submit the completed form to your commanding supervisor for approval and signatures if you must request leave at 29 days from the date in which you desire to travel. It is important to note that if your address or location in Da form 31 fillable is changed while you are on leave, it is required of you to immediately communicate these changes to your supervisor or the commander where applicable..

Note that sometimes, your commander may not bother to check your story before approving your application or sometimes may turn it down without reason. However, it is important to state that it is well within their right to do so.

What's Da Form 31
The Da Form 31 is an army document which is used when requesting vacation, extended pass, travel or an emergency leave. The form can be completed online or filled manually through a printed Da 31 fillable PDF. You will need to fill in your full information to complete the form. For example, the Da Form 31 request users to fill in their Social Security Number, Control Number, Name, Rank and the date you are filling the form. The form will also require your address. It is important to note that the address requested is the address where you will be when you are on leave. The Da Form 31 is simple and can be filled in a matter of minutes. It is important to ensure that the form is properly filled to avoid any delay in the commander’s approval.
Warning and Tips for Da Form 31

1. There are criteria for emergency leave. It is permitted for a serious illness or death of a soldier’s child, sibling, spouse, parents or step parents.

2. Kindly note that when you return from the approved leave, it is compulsory that you must report to your duty station no later than 24:00 on the final day of your leave.

3. In cases where you are in need of a medical attention while you are on leave, it is within your right to report to any of the military medical facility close to you.

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